How Twilight Real Estate Photos Can Help Sell Homes Faster

twilight real estate photos

How sweet is life during a sunset?! It’s one of those moments in which everything looks its finest, including your home.  

The numbers agree, too. In a recent A/B test, HomeJab found that the same real estate listing generated 3X the number of clicks when the featured image showed the home in a twilight setting as opposed to a daylight setting.  

In other words, twilight real estate photos do a better job of attracting prospective homebuyers, driving more traffic to the listing, and generating more leads.

Twilight Real Estate Photos At A Glance

We all know that sunsets are fleeting, gone an instant. So capturing that right angle or image of your home can be a difficult task as the sun dips below the horizon.

The good news? Real estate photographers don’t have to rush to the home in a race against the setting sun, nor wait patiently for that right moment when the sky’s bursting in hues of blue, orange, and lavender.

Luckily, there’s another way to come up with great twilight real estate photos that properly capture that special moment in time.

It’s called “virtual twilight photography” and we’d love to tell you all about it!

virtual twilight photography

What is Virtual Twilight Photography?

Virtual twilight photography is achieved in post-production by using Photoshop or other virtualization software to emulate the beauty of sunset lighting. The end product conveys the same effects as if the sun were actually setting, making your home look its absolute best without the hassle of capturing the photo in an uncontrolled environment.

With twilight real estate photography, shadows are cast just as they would in real life. This allows viewers to see what the home’s surroundings look like at sunset, providing them with an accurate portrayal of the home before nightfall.

While virtual staging showcases the home’s interior features, twilight real estate photos grab the viewer’s attention by bathing the exterior home in warm rays of light, complete with “natural” shadows to make it look uber authentic.

You can pick and choose among your favorite daytime photos of the home’s exterior captured by one of our professional real estate photographers. From there, let us take it away and create breathtaking twilight real estate photos without the headache or expense of another photo session.

In short, with virtual twilight photography, you’ll never miss a sunset again.

twilight real estate photography

Benefits of Twilight Real Estate Photos

With most listings, you’d hire a real estate photographer to capture the home during the daytime when there’s ample sunlight. That window to shoot is vast, from morning to late afternoon.

But when it’s time for your real estate photographer to capture that perfect sunset image, they have to wait patiently for the right moment when the sun is setting.

When that moment arrives, the real estate photographer will then have to race frantically to capture multiple shots of the home while the sky is painted in warm colors.

With virtual twilight photography, there’s no need for real estate photographers to rush. In fact, they don’t have to wait around for the sun to set at all.

HomeJab can take the daytime images shot by real estate photographers and create flawless twilight real estate photos in post-production. These images will capture the viewer’s imagination and boost your listing’s click rate!

virtual twilight photography

Twilight Real Estate Photos At Their Best

Virtual twilight photography is at its best when the featured image of a real estate listing depicts the home at dusk:

  • The sky will appear as it would during the actual sunset, filling your virtual space with rich colors and producing the best twilight real estate photos of your home.
  • Outside lighting will be at its finest, showing off the amazing detail of your home exterior and surrounding areas. It makes any part of your yard that much more appealing.
  • The sky turns into a deep purple or blue, which contrasts perfectly with the lit windows in the home.
  • The sun appears to be setting right at the horizon line, creating a warm hue through the glass panes or windows of the home. This is very similar to the actual sunset, creating that remarkable feeling of wonderment.
  • Your real estate photographer doesn’t have to wait for the sun to set, which can save you a whole lot of time and money! Remember, daytime photos can be edited to depict a virtual twilight setting, which can boost your real estate marketing efforts exponentially.

Be sure to include twilight real estate photos in your listing to showcase the home in its best possible light.

twilight real estate photos

Virtual Twilight Photography Services

Now, you might wonder if twilight real estate photos are misleading to potential buyers.

The answer is no.

Twilight real estate photography renders the daytime shots that the real estate photographer captures to emulate what the home will look like at dusk. So while there is some amount of post-production involved, twilight real estate photos reimagine the real thing.

HomeJab includes virtual twilight photos for free with all our “Luxury” photography packages.  To learn more about our twilight real estate photos and virtual twilight photography services offered nationwide, visit our homepage.

HomeJabHow Twilight Real Estate Photos Can Help Sell Homes Faster

Real Estate Photography Survey: 5 Surprising Stats

real estate photo survey

In a real estate photography survey conducted nationwide, HomeJab found five interesting stats about real estate agents and their listing habits.

Stat 1) Professional Real Estate Photographers Are Key Players In The Market

According to our real estate photography survey, 74% of agents hire a professional real estate photographer on every listing. In other words, three out of four agents agree that it’s well worth the investment in real estate photography to drive more traffic to their listings and generate more qualified leads. 

But this stat is the least surprising: Hiring a dedicated real estate photographer on every listing speaks to the overall service agents provide to their clients. Top agents know the importance of conveying a brand image that’s anything but ho-hum. To enhance their brands, they invest in high-quality real estate photography that makes their listings stand out from the pack. 

survey of real estate agents

Stat 2) Real Estate Video Content Is Still On The Rise

The real estate industry is certainly moving forward with new marketing trends. Case in point: Independent agents and brokerage platforms are embracing video content to sell properties at a much faster rate.

HomeJab’s nationwide survey found that 39% of real estate agents preferred video over 3D/360 tours, which is double the number of agents who preferred 3D/360 over video. Additionally, Wyzowl’s 2021 Video Marketing Statistics showed that 86% of all businesses used video marketing as a growth tool — an 85% increase over the past year.

Why has video marketing exploded in popularity? Consider the convenience it offers to both real estate agents and prospective homebuyers.

For starters, video is more transferable and relatable compared to other visual forms. It can play anywhere, on all kinds of devices. Most importantly, real estate listing videos offer an immersive and effortless experience of the home that leaves viewers wanting more.

Stat 3) Virtual Staging Is Outperforming Traditional Staging

Thirty-one percent of real estate agents prefer to stage an empty home virtually rather than traditionally with furniture.

Why is virtual staging trumping the real thing? Three words: quality, flexibility, and affordability.

These three aspects make virtual staging a lucrative trend, so much so that real estate agents can easily incorporate it in their marketing efforts. By contrast, the grand production scale of traditionally-staged homes pales in comparison, making virtual staging a no-brainer.

It’s amazing to see how far staging a home has come that virtual options are preferred over the real thing. We expected virtual staging to be popular, but not more than real furniture, so this is definitely a surprise! 

virtual staging in survey

Stat 4) Real Estate Photography At Twilight Is A Growing Trend

It’s crystal clear that agents value capturing property images at twilight as much as in the normal daytime. In our survey, 74% of real estate agents said that they were interested in or already use photography depicting homes in a sunset/twilight setting.

Perhaps this has something to do with the fuzzy feeling viewers get when the home is canvassed in warm hues of orange and lavender at sunset.

Fuzzy feelings aside, we were surprised to discover that the interest in real estate photography at twilight was this high. If only more agents knew that this can be done virtually! (But no worries, they’ll soon catch on.)

As awareness of virtual twilight spreads, we can only imagine that real estate photography depicting sunsets will become the new normal. After all, just like virtual staging, virtual twilight services are flexible, reliable, and easy on the pocket.

Twilight photography

Stat 5) Aerial Photography Is A Must-Have On Every Listing

Eighty-three percent of real estate agents are interested in or already use aerial photography to their advantage.

This makes sense. Every home is a part of a community, and what shows that better than a view from above?

So while we aren’t surprised that aerial photography is a standout metric in our survey, we’re surprised that the number of interest in real estate drone videos isn’t much higher than reported!

This is because sticking with what’s safe or traditional in real estate marketing isn’t the best idea if agents want to stay competitive, beat the iBuyer model, and grow their real estate businesses.

aerial photography

HomeJab’s Real Estate Photography Services

Ready to step up your real estate marketing game? It doesn’t matter where you live in the U.S. We’ve got your back!

Embrace the latest tools and trends and experience impeccable real estate photography like never before. 

Visit our homepage and schedule your photo shoot.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

HomeJabReal Estate Photography Survey: 5 Surprising Stats

What’s More Important, the Broker Platform or the Individual Agent Selling Your Home?


Are you a homeowner looking to sell your property or an agent working on a brand new listing? If so, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy to ensure that the home stands out in today’s competitive real estate market.

So how do you begin? Do you hire a successful brokerage platform with a reputable name that can boost your home’s visibility? Or do you go with a top real estate agent whether or not they’re sponsored by a brokerage?

Well, arguments can be made for both.

On one hand, an impressive brokerage platform can create a position of power and optionality for the seller. It can also drive more traffic to the listing and entice potential buyers to make an offer.

On the other hand, a superior real estate agent will know exactly how to price the home, which could unleash a bidding war among interested parties. Plus, an experienced agent will know how to negotiate inbound offers like a pro.

These two roles — the brokerage platform and the individual agent — often feel like the starting-off points of the typical real estate journey.

But when it comes to a foolproof marketing strategy, who or what is more important: the brokerage platform with the big “For Sale” sign staked into your front lawn? Or the individual agent whose face is plastered over benches at the bus stop in your neighborhood?

At HomeJab, we believe that either one of these options can position your home for a quick and successful sale, which is great news. The key, however, is to hire a talented real estate photographer who can showcase your home in its best possible light. 

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photographers In Numbers

A professional real estate photographer can be the difference between a stale listing and a quick sale.

The National Association of Realtors agrees. In their recent study, the NAR found that homes with one photo spent an average of 70 days on the market while homes with 20 photos or more were listed for 32 fewer days.

They also found that homes with high-quality real estate photos raked in an extra $5,000 compared to those that didn’t feature professional photos on the listing.

These numbers speak volumes: Working with an experienced real estate photographer can boost the home’s visibility, generate more leads, and close the deal sooner than later.

What’s more, a listing that features high-quality photos taken by a talented real estate photographer is beneficial to the brokerage platform and the individual agent. After all, stunning property images lend credibility and professionalism to the property page. They can also boost the broker platform’s or the agent’s spheres of influence, which is a big win for both!


How To Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

A successful brokerage platform comes fully equipped with countless resources, stellar training programs, and the support of experienced managing members. It also boasts a large number of sales agents within its circle. So you figure that listing agents who are part of this platform have a better chance at closing the deal by working with agents they’re already familiar with.

Similarly, rockstar real estate agents whose faces are featured on billboards above traffic have a lot of clout in their communities. They’ve procured the best deals for their clients time and again. In short, top brokerage platforms and bigwig agents can position the home for a quick and successful sale.

But despite their proven track records of success, it’s good to remember that brokerage platforms and agents will ultimately depend on a professional real estate photographer to make sure that the listing leaps off the screen and attracts potential buyers.

Real estate photography is the home’s first impression. As the NAR reported, amazing real estate photos will draw in more viewers, whereas mediocre ones will polarize them.

In other words, impeccable real estate photography can either make or break the listing, which is why hiring an experienced real estate photographer is crucial to the home’s marketing strategy.

That said, below are some tips on how to boost your marketing efforts with the help of a vetted real estate photographer. 

1. Hire a professional real estate photographer

Today’s human attention span is shorter than ever, lasting mere seconds. This means that if you’re not already working with a professional real estate photographer, your listing may be susceptible to a low view count, or it could commit the cardinal sin of real estate by remaining on the market for more than 30 days.

To grab the prospective homebuyer’s attention, you’ll need exquisite real estate photography that leaps off the screen. At HomeJab, we’ve curated a network of the best real estate photographers to elevate your home’s marketing strategy. Our real estate photographers are personable and professional. They’re also vetted to ensure that they have the right equipment to get the job done, including full-frame DSLR cameras, wide-angle lenses, and aerial drones for capturing all angles of your property in a short time period.

2. Create unique real estate videos

With video content on the rise, real estate videos are effective tools to increase the chance of offers and requests to view the home from potential buyers. Studies have shown that agents who use this marketing strategy see a 30% increase in sales. Additionally, real estate videos help consumers put a face to the brand, making it more relatable. This, in turn, increases sales and boosts the agent’s sphere of influence.

At HomeJab, our network of real estate photographers and videographers can make your home stand out rather than blend in. Our list of the best videos of 2017 provides some of the most creative examples of real estate videos that rise above the competition. Check them out! 

3. Market to millennials

A report by the NAR found that millennials were once again the largest group of homebuyers for the fourth year in a row. So if you aren’t already searching for ways to attract millennial buyers, now’s the time to start.

Marketing to millennial buyers can scale your real estate business more than you think. To jump on the bandwagon, check out our list of suggested ways to target your marketing to millennial homebuyers and sellers, and don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity.

4. Use property pages

HomeJab offers a free property page with each package. These are valuable as they let you edit all the listing information, like contacts and pictures of the home. It also allows you to track analytics by seeing how long visitors stayed on the site, where they’re searching from, and more. A property page can also be featured across your social media channels to reach a larger audience.

5. Post on social media

How are you going to get your listing in front of potential homebuyers while competing in today’s digital age? One way is to use social media to your advantage by posting a teaser video of the property that’ll capture your audience’s imagination. A teaser is a quick video that highlights the best features of the home, and our real estate photographers can get this done in no time.

6. Neighborhood tours

Showing off the neighborhood can boost your real estate marketing efforts. For starters, a desirable neighborhood is as important as the home itself. (Location, location, location.) Second, this can help with the agent’s personal branding. Working with the local, friendly, neighborhood realtor appeals to prospective homebuyers. Third, if the home is located in a sought-after neighborhood, and you’re not using this key selling point to your advantage, then the listing is incomplete.

Our professional real estate photographers can help you take advantage of all aspects of your home, including the neighborhood where it’s located. Check out HomeJab’s neighborhood packages to help boost your listings!

Brokerage Platform or Individual Agent? Answer: Real Estate Photographer

However you choose to market the home — whether you hire an impressive brokerage platform or an all-star agent with an influential name — keep in mind that a professional real estate photographer can offer a great first impression of the property with high-quality real estate photography.

In turn, this increases visibility for the listing, generates more qualified leads, and speeds up the sales process while procuring the highest price for your home.

Ready to get started? Visit our homepage, schedule a shoot, and let our network of talented real estate photographers get your home one step closer to “Sold.”

HomeJabWhat’s More Important, the Broker Platform or the Individual Agent Selling Your Home?

Book A Professional Real Estate Photographer In Austin, TX

real estate photographer in austin, tx

Spotlight on Austin, Texas

Perhaps you’ve heard the news: with its low cost of living, generous tax rates, and inclusive atmosphere, Austin, Texas continues to top the list of best places to live in the Lone Star State.

As the capital of the largest state in the continental U.S. by land mass, Austin is steeped in rich history since its founding in 1839. Over the past decade, its population has grown to just shy of one million in the city proper. Many have flocked to this urban oasis to pursue job opportunities in Austin’s booming tech industry. Apple, Facebook, and Canva are a few of the heavy tech-hitters that have set up shop in this vibrant city.

Austinites are proud of their unofficial slogan, “Keep Austin Weird” — a vibe reflected in the city’s smattering of quirky murals that explode in color. It’s easy to get lost among the street art in Austin, only to be found later at a Tex-Mex food truck that serves the best breakfast tacos outside of Mexico.

But Austin is perhaps best known for its suite of festivals that attract both a domestic and global audience of music lovers, film heads, and rodeo enthusiasts. And while Austin City Limits and South by Southwest are among the most buzzworthy festivals, they’re certainly not the most unique. That prize goes to Bat Fest on the Colorado River where 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats emerge at dusk from under the Congress Avenue Bridge to the sound of live music and the scent of mouth-watering food wafting in the air.

Austin real estate photography

Austin Real Estate Photography

Downtown Austin’s cityscape is fronted by the Colorado River and Lady Bird Lake, a man-made reservoir that has long been tipped as the heart and soul of Austin.

Other mainstays include Zilker Park, Barton Springs, and the Texas Capitol Building with its architectural grandeur of marble and local red granite.

All of these picturesque elements add to the allure of Austin real estate photography.

Venturing out to surrounding neighborhoods and subdivisions, such as Round Rock, Cedar Park, and San Marcos, Austin real estate photographers capture images of an eclectic mix of home styles nestled among lush greenery and peaceful waterways.

Austin home photography showcases large, custom brick houses with exposed wooden beams, bespoke fireplaces, and sparkling pools in the backyard. Real estate photography in Austin also spotlights the ubiquitous two-story home built in a contemporary style that boasts ample square footage, modern interior appointments, and the occasional pergola off the back deck. 

Mediterranean-style houses with terracotta roofs also make a splash in Austin real estate photography. These property gems are outfitted with vaulted ceilings, arched columns, and main bedrooms the size of 1-bedroom apartments in Manhattan, New York.

real estate photographer in Austin

HomeJab’s Network Of Real Estate Photographers In Austin

HomeJab’s professional real estate photographers in Austin benefit from the pleasant aesthetics that this spirited Texan city has to offer.

Whether your home is waterside or curbside, its featured image should leap off the screen like this one. Our premier real estate photographers in Austin can get the job done, ensuring that each image in your listing presents your home in its best possible light.

So you needn’t worry about the nuances of professional real estate photography in Austin. If you have no idea where to start, visit our homepage, schedule a shoot, and let us take care of the rest!

HomeJab’s Real Estate Photography Services

HomeJab’s on-demand services for premium real estate photography in Austin are fast and affordable. More importantly, our vetted Austin real estate photographers are local professionals who take flawless property images and stabilized footage of your home within 24 hours of your order.

HomeJab’s photo and video packages can also be tailored to optimize marketing for your home and help you scale your real estate business. This includes next-day scheduling of standard or luxury HDR photography, walkthrough videos, 3D and 360 virtual tours, floor plans, virtual staging, aerial drone videos, and real estate videography by licensed, FAA-compliant drone pilots.

To schedule a photoshoot or chat with one of our industry experts, visit our homepage.

austin real estate photographer

Austin Real Estate Photographers At A Glance

Skilled Austin real estate photographers understand what attracts prospective homebuyers visually to the listing, what makes a property image “pop,” and what kind of photos will make the property stand out from other homes for sale in the Austin market.

That said, HomeJab’s network of talented real estate photographers in Austin are skilled at what they do. Not only do our Austin real estate photographers have the wherewithal to capture exquisite photos of the property — ones that’ll excite potential buyers and make them want to view the home right away.

Our real estate photographers in Austin can also produce high-grade real estate video listings that offer a seamless experience for the viewer. In turn, this quality content will generate more leads for the listing agent and drive more traffic to the home, whether it’s an in-person tour or a virtual open house.

Need drone photography in Austin? We’ve got you covered! At HomeJab, real estate videography in Austin is a piece of cake. Our pro photographers capture stunning property aerials that lend a unique perspective of your home to prospective homebuyers. Schedule your photoshoot today and let HomeJab take the legwork out of marketing your home with our premier Austin real estate photography services.

HomeJabBook A Professional Real Estate Photographer In Austin, TX

4 Essential Components Of A Real Estate Photography Company

real estate photography company

A reliable real estate photography company can save independent agents and brokers a whole lot of time to grow their businesses.

At HomeJab, we strive for a seamless customer experience from the second our clients schedule a photoshoot to the moment they close their deals.

To run the gamut of a full-service real estate photography business and deliver high-quality real estate photography within 24 hours, HomeJab relies on four main ingredients: 

  • A full-time scheduling staff
  • A network of talented real estate photographers
  • A skilled post-production department
  • An exceptional customer service team

Together, these ingredients create the special sauce for impeccable real estate photography and videography that our clients keep raving about.

In this behind-the-scenes look, we’ll show you what it takes to run a professional real estate photography company that can help you beat the iBuyer model and win more listings.

real estate photographers

4 Benefits Of Working With A Real Estate Photography Company

1. A Full-time Scheduling Staff

A full-time scheduling department is an important component of any real estate photography company.

At HomeJab, we rely on cutting-edge technology to handle a high volume of on-demand online orders. More importantly, our full-time staff nurtures each scheduling request with speed, motivation, and care to ensure that orders are processed with ease and delivered within 24 hours.

Without a dedicated scheduling team, running a real estate photography business can get tricky. After all, a responsive scheduling department can attend to custom orders swiftly, as well as handle reschedules and cancellations requests should “Life” happen.

What’s more, a proper scheduling team can provide quick follow-up and confirmation of scheduled photoshoots so that the customer can breathe-easy and focus their efforts on closing the deal.

As you’ll soon find out, scheduling is just one aspect of running a well-oiled real estate photography company. At the core of this business, a network of professional real estate photographers is ready to capture that million-dollar photo and elevate your real estate marketing to new heights.

real estate photography company

2. A Talented Network of Real Estate Photographers

At HomeJab, we’re thankful to our talented network of professional real estate photographers, videographers, photo editors, and drone pilots who rise to the occasion daily.

These talented individuals are the beating heart of our real estate photography business. They’re experienced creatives with a proclivity for snapping stunning images of a property that showcases the home in its best possible light.

We work with photographers that are personable, professional, and respectful of their client’s time. They’re vetted to ensure that they have the right equipment to highlight your property’s best features. This includes:

  • Full-frame DSLR cameras
  • Wide-angle lens 
  • A fast and reliable internet connection

And while it’s true that this network is at the core of our real estate photography company, our special sauce would be incomplete without a skilled post-production team that offers the best real estate photo editing services in town.

real estate photography business

3. A Skilled Post-Production Team

The third component of a reliable real estate photography company is to employ a detail-oriented post-production team.

At HomeJab, we invest in a team of skilled editors that puts the final award-winning touches on the property’s photo album.

By offering real estate photo editing services to our customers, our photographers can move on to their next orders and focus on taking professional real estate images in their respective locations.

This collaborative workflow is a gamechanger for any real estate photography business that wishes to operate at maximum efficiency.

That said, our high-tech software system can transfer files automatically from photographer to editor. Once the photos have been spiffed in the post-production process, our system automatically delivers the files back to the customer for optimal turnaround.

Want more efficiency? Our system can even create property pages for our customers automatically, especially real estate agents who are looking to fine-tune their marketing games. One property page is branded with the agent’s contact information and one is unbranded for extra customization. The agent could then decide to publish the listing on the MLS and share it with other buyers’ agents.

This step further proves that there are several floating parts to running a streamlined real estate photography company. In the next and last section, we’ll take a closer look at the customer service team responsible for quality assurance.

real estate photo editing services

4. A Dedicated Customer Service Team

The last component of our real estate photography business is a dedicated customer service team. This team monitors the customer journey from start to finish and provides internal feedback on how HomeJab can reinforce or improve its efforts as a premier real estate photography company in the industry.

A client-centric service team that actively handles customer requests for optimal quality assurance is a no-brainer for any real estate photography business. And when it comes to our customer service agents, no request is too extravagant.

Need virtual staging or custom photo touch-ups on the fly? No worries! Our customer agents are standing by. Need help posting content on MLS or marketing on social media? No sweat! Our responsive tech support team can get it done.

And hey, in a perfect world there would be no coffee cups left on the kitchen table (we’re looking at you, Game of Thrones!) But alas, some unsightly objects may end up photobombing the best real estate images ever captured.

To omit them, our customer service team can review inbound requests for real estate photo editing services and get them in the right department’s hands at HomeJab. 

best real estate photography company

Running a reliable real estate photography company takes grit.

If real estate photographers took on each component mentioned above singlehandedly, from lead management and scheduling to real estate photo editing services and customer support, it could take days (even weeks!) to make the real estate listing go live. 

By that time, prospective homebuyers have already flocked to other listings, or worse, they’ve closed on other homes. This is why HomeJab’s streamlined and collaborative approach to high-quality real estate photography is hard to beat. It’s designed to save our customers time and money so they can focus on growing their businesses or closing their deals quickly.

Our collaborative workflow model also ensures speed, quality, and customer satisfaction rivaled by few in the industry. These are the ingredients of a trustworthy real estate photography company that invests in their teams so that they can invest in you: the busy real estate agent, seller, investor, or developer from all walks of life.

So, if you’re ready for some top-notch property photos and videos, let a professional real estate photography company take the legwork out of it. Visit our homepage, schedule your photoshoot, and enjoy our special sauce for high-quality real estate photos delivered to you in record time!

HomeJab4 Essential Components Of A Real Estate Photography Company

Book a Professional Real Estate Photographer In Orlando, FL

real estate photographer in Orlando

Spotlight on Orlando, Florida

With over a dozen theme parks to choose from, including Disney’s Epcot and Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL is a mecca for the amusement park junkie.

But local Orlandoans will tell you that their city’s more than just a massive playground for thrillseekers. 

Set amid a patchwork of lakes and springs, the Orlando metro area is home to over 2.5 million residents who enjoy close proximity to sparkling wetlands and waterways. In addition to watersports, this Floridian metropolis offers a thriving arts & culture scene, with access to world-class entertainment at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and the Orlando Fringe Festival.

Besides its plethora of museums, theatres, and parks, Orlando has plenty of shopping and dining options, too. For a bit of retail therapy, Orlandoans brandish their wallets at the International Premium Outlets, the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores, or The Mall at Millenia to name just a few of the twelvefold shopping centers available in the metro area.

Not least of all, Orlando’s cost of living is roughly 3% lower than the Florida average. And best of all? Orlandoans benefit from this low cost of living while basking in its warm, year-round weather. (You may now release a happy sigh.) 

Orlando Real Estate Photography

Nicknamed “the City Beautiful,” Orlando’s always ready for her closeup thanks to over 100 lakes and parks spread across 4,000 square miles. In other words, plenty of scenic backdrops add to the allure of Orlando home photography.

Here, single-family homes dominate the real estate market. While browsing homes for sale in Florida’s fourth-largest city, you can find an eclectic and photogenic mix of house styles, from Mediterranean-inspired villas with sloping terracotta roofs to Palladian homes with neoclassical columns that greet you at the entrance. 

What’s more, Orlando’s generously sized properties often feature spacious front lawns and backyard lakes, so compelling exterior images are expected of a solid Orlando real estate listing. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to show off your home’s lush curb appeal — the one your neighbors are secretly jealous of?

real estate photographer in Orlando

Find a Great Real Estate Photographer In Orlando

HomeJab’s professional real estate photographers in Orlando benefit from the pleasant aesthetics that this vibrant Floridian city has to offer.

Whether your home is lakeside or curbside, its featured image should leap off the screen like this one. Alternatively, your home’s featured image pane can be substituted with a short video tour of the property as shown in this example.

Whatever shape your listing takes, a premier real estate photographers in Orlando will ensure that all images are eye-grabbing.  You needn’t worry about the nuances of impeccable real estate photography in Orlando. If you have no idea where to start, visit our homepage, schedule a shoot, and let us take care of the rest! 

Orlando real estate photographer

HomeJab’s Orlando Real Estate Photography Services

HomeJab’s on-demand services for premium real estate photography in Orlando are fast and affordable. More importantly, our vetted Orlando real estate photographers are local professionals who capture flawless images and stabilized footage of your home within 24 hours of your order.

HomeJab’s photo and video packages can also be tailored to optimize marketing for your home. This includes next-day scheduling of standard or luxury HDR photography, walkthrough videos, 3D and 360 virtual tours, floor plans, virtual staging, aerial shots, and real estate videography by licensed, FAA-compliant drone pilots.

To schedule a photoshoot or chat with one of our industry experts, visit our homepage. 

Orlando Real Estate Photographers At A Glance

Skilled Orlando real estate photographers understand what attracts prospective homebuyers visually to the listing, what makes a property image “pop,” and what kind of photos will make the property stand out from other homes for sale in the Orlando market.

That said, HomeJab’s network of talented real estate photographers in Orlando can get the job done! Not only do our Orlando real estate photographers have the wherewithal to capture exquisite photos of the property — ones that’ll excite potential buyers and make them want to view the home right away. Our real estate photographers in Orlando can also produce high-grade real estate video listings that offer a seamless experience for the viewer. In turn, this quality content will generate more leads for the listing agent and drive more traffic to the home, whether it’s an in-person tour or a virtual open house. 

Need drone photography in Orlando? We’ve got you covered! At HomeJab, real estate videography in Orlando is a piece of cake. Our pro photographers capture stunning property aerials that lend a unique perspective of your home to potential homebuyers. Schedule your photoshoot today and let HomeJab take the legwork out of marketing your home with our premier Orlando real estate photography services.

HomeJabBook a Professional Real Estate Photographer In Orlando, FL

5 Tips For Great Vacation Rental Photos

vacation rental photos

Vacation rental photos are different compared to photography of homes listed for sale.  However, a good real estate photographer can easily learn to navigate the vacation rental market. 

In finding the right place to stay, homebuyers and vacationers have different ideals, mindsets, and approaches to the task at hand. Plus, there’s not just one type of person who enjoys traveling. Getting away for a vacation means conquering a bucket-list goal for some people, and simply breaking away from the daily grind for others.

Despite the differences of vacation rentals and long-term homes, they each have one awesome thing in common: Photography makes a world of a difference in the number of successful and high-quality bookings and sales. To demystify some of the techniques behind vacation rental photography, we explored the professional photography styles of booking websites like AirBnB, VRBO and RedAwning.

Read on to learn more about the elements of all great vacation rental real estate photography.

Break the Real Estate Photography Rules (And Get Away With It)

Like the spontaneous nature of travel, vacation rental photographs are free to break a few rules of typical real estate photography.

For these special home listings, people are looking for a break in the everyday. On top of plans for seasonal travel, lots of people are busy daydreaming about the vacations they would take if money were no object. In that way, unique vacation rental photos can help your wildest dreams feel within reach.

Half the charm of vacation rental listings is in the quirky characteristics of the property, and all of the novelty experiences that will be at hand throughout the vacation. The other half is having a safe and secure place to live temporarily, whether it’s for a long weekend or an extended stay. Vacation rental photography is as much about breaking and bending the rules as it is about inspiring new lifestyles and philosophies.

Keep the top 5 defining characteristics of good vacation rental photography top in mind for your next shoot:

Include People of All Abilities

No one should be hesitant to take a vacation due to a fear of missing out on some of the best experiences, like having a unique place to stay. Accessibility can be the defining factor in why you choose to book a hotel that follows accessibility code over a unique stay at a private vacation home.  

To be more inclusive of people with disabilities, get to know the features of an accessible home and how to best show them through photographs. Take care to avoid any ‘visual blockers’ like too much furniture, and show each room from multiple angles. Accessibility in a vacation rental might look like any of the following:

  • Wider Spaces: For people with wheelchairs, space is important for navigating a vacation home comfortably. There should be room to move around the house and turn around without bumping into anything inside of the house, through doorways and on the sidewalks and streets surrounding the property. Photos can show adequate spacing between furniture and room layouts, as well as wide-open hallways, doorways and walkways.
  • Appliances and Utilities: Lowered sinks and appliances aren’t standard in all homes, but they can make a massive difference in vacation expectations for someone with a disability. Bathrooms and showers might have specially adjusted plumbing, or a shower stall without a tub and with supportive bars or benches.
  • Other Accessible Features: This could include anything that makes normal use of the house easier for people who are not typically able-bodied. Light switches, ramps, beds, elevators could be the deciding factor in someone’s dream vacation.

vacation rental photos accessibility

Fill Rooms With Natural Light

Reassure potential guests that there is no pressure to be ‘on’ while they’re vacationing. Use natural light to welcome vacationers into the home as they are. In most cases, this means skipping the use of artificial light and external flash entirely — unless there are no natural light sources. Draw the shades and blinds of every room open, and shoot at a time when sunlight sets a particular mood in the home. 

A vacation rental photographed on an overcast day might fill every room with a pure white glow, while photographs of a home at golden hour in a room with a view says something entirely different. In either case, the natural lighting should complement the best features of the architecture, style, and overall design of the home.

In typical real estate photography, relying on natural lighting can limit the view of a home’s interior design, and other important structural features of the house. For vacation rental photography, the stakes for a comfortable stay are much lower. Natural lighting creates an organic invitation to an effortlessly stylish getaway.

natural light in vacation rental photos

Promote Relaxation

It’s no secret that most people want to relax and unwind on vacation. You can communicate the relaxing qualities of a home through photos of a space that’s visually balanced. For real estate photographers used to stitching together multiple photos, take note! 

The lens you shoot with shouldn’t be too wide — A full frame 16mm lens is the widest recommended for vacation rental photoshoots. Otherwise, you risk making some unnatural-looking lines in the photo composition that aren’t ideal for vacation listings.

You should shoot and edit vacation rental photos with the goal of making space look as naturally serene and inviting as possible. Try shooting at a lower angle than the standard chest-level MLS photos — AirBnB recommends about 4 feet high — to capture the feeling of cozying up in a warm cabin, luxurious bathtub, or enjoying breakfast in a happy little breakfast nook. 

vacation rental photos relaxation

Highlight the Amenities

When people look for the perfect vacation rental properties, they are usually weighing the pros and cons of the included amenities. In a big-city, that can be anything from a nearby playground, day spa, or a nighttime cityscape view. In a more rural setting, vacation amenities might include a well-curated garden, gym or recreational area. There’s no one-size-fits-all list of amenities for a vacation rental. That’s part of the excitement in the vacation home search.

Another important distinction of vacation rentals from real estate photography is the use of vertical photos. While verticals should be used sparingly, you can use them to effectively show off the unique interior design features of the vacation rentals. In a vacation rental setting, it’s easy to appreciate the novelty details, like themed figurines, plants and other signs of a well-traveled life. Small features like this give an exciting glimpse of how staying there might feel. 

vacation rental amenities

Carry a Shot List 

In traditional real estate photography, you might aim to get a simple set of photos that covers every inch of the property. It’s not always necessary to carry a shot list.

For great vacation rental photos, quality over quantity is what matters. That’s why we recommend carrying a list of the most important amenities in the home before you arrive, and capturing a few styled angles of each room. 

Below is an example of a shot list you might use to prioritize your next vacation rental shoot.

Main Rooms
Take 2 to 3 photos of each key room or amenity:

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen and Dining
  • Common Areas
  • Outdoor or Recreational Spaces

Additional Rooms and Details

Take 1 to 2 photos of each key room, detail or amenity:

  • Bathrooms
  • Balconies, patios, and gardens
  • Hot tubs
  • Gym
  • Rooftop
  • Exterior view

Accessibility Features:

Take 1 to 2 photos of each, when available:

  • Wide-open entryways are visible in all Main Rooms
  • Ramps, stairways, elevators, safety bars
  • Handicap parking
  • Shower stalls, plumbing, appliances, light switches

With this list in mind, you can showcase the potential of a space in the way it functions, and the way it might make you feel on vacation. 

vacation rental photos made easy

Vacation Rental Photos Made Easy

The key to great vacation rental photography is showing how one rental is the ideal place to relax, get away from the everyday, and still feel perfectly at home. Ultimately, your vacation rental photos should be inviting, exciting, and maybe even a little bit unusual — in a good way. 

There’s not just one type of vacation rental that works for everyone, so keep the unique features, style, accommodations and amenities front of mind when shooting. Helping vacationers find their next home away from home can be that simple.

HomeJab5 Tips For Great Vacation Rental Photos

3 Massive Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Photographer

real estate photographer

The best real estate agents know when it’s time to call in an expert. Done right, a good real estate photographer makes your business more efficient, so you can focus on what you do best.

Property listing photos are almost always better handled by a professional. Why? It makes a difference to buyers: More than 9 out of 10 buyers in 2020 ranked photos as the most valuable feature of websites in the search for a home, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Keep reading to learn more about the 3 best perks of working with a real estate photographer.

You save loads of time and money

Maybe you’ve already thought about investing in your photography equipment. If you want to take this approach, you should know what to expect.

The cost of doing it yourself is more than the dollar amount you might pay for equipment. All photographers have to learn that taking good photos is a skill that takes time to build. 

You have to dig into complicated photography techniques to achieve a professional look. As the technology improves—and it always does—the uphill battle to keep up with trends and learning curves only gets steeper.

If you think there’s nothing a little Photoshop can’t fix, remember that editing photos requires an entirely different set of skills. There is no magical piece of technology that replaces the input and decision-making skills of a trained real estate photographer. 

You could spend hours of your time fussing over which buttons to press and when. Would doing any of that make you a better real estate agent? Probably not—Your time is most efficiently spent elsewhere.

HomeJab real estate photo packages are priced at a fraction of what it might cost you to purchase your own equipment. 

Our team of photographers can be at the property within 24-48 hours of the moment you send us a request. You can expect optimized photos for use online and in print just 24 hours after the shoot is done. 

You get spectacular images of the property, and more freedom to improve your business right away.

homejab real estate photographer

You attract more high-value buyers

Professional quality photos make the difference in how quickly a home receives bids, and how close—or how much higher—offers are to the original listing price. Professional photography adds more value than repairing, painting, and landscaping a property: 73% of real estate agents ranked it as a top home improvement item.

In virtual real estate, you’re often communicating without ever saying a word.

Fine-tuning how your online listing looks is like dressing the part in real estate: It influences the way people feel about you and think about your business. Most impressively, photos can be the deciding factor in someone buying a house ‘sight unseen.

The team at HomeJab knows that no two properties are the same, so we offer different photography packages: Standard & Luxury. What’s the difference? 

In a Standard photo package, viewers have all of the information they need to get a basic sense of what the house is like. This is an effective way to list a property when you’re on a budget, or the property has few to no natural light features. 

However, Standard photo packages aren’t the best choice for properties with large windows, skylights and tall ceilings with natural light. That’s because cameras only capture one subject and its light source at a time. Our Luxury photo packages address this problem with a different approach.

In a Luxury photo package, we use a technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR) bracketing. To put it simply, HDR bracketing blends multiple takes of the same image into one. This creates one photo that’s as true-to-life as possible, with all of the vivid colors that the naked eye can see. It’s the perfect choice for capturing the inside and outside of a room—especially one with a view.

As an added bonus, all Luxury packages include a virtual dusk shot, which is always an instant favorite for clients. A virtual dusk photograph shows the glow and warmth you can see from the outside of a home, blanketed by a dazzling twilight sky. This can make the difference between a property that sits and one that sells.

Looking at your photos is as close as some buyers will get to a viewing without actually being there. Not only will you get more prospective buyers—their offers will be more competitive. 

real estate photographers on demand

You age-proof your business for the long run

People contact real estate agents for guidance and representation in a busy market that’s full of surprises—for better or worse. One of the only things that has not changed about this industry is high trust in a real estate agent

Your level of professionalism, experience, and tech-savvy real estate resources will resonate with new buyers and sellers for years to come. 

Effective communication as a real estate agent means understanding the housing market and guiding hopeful people through it. The preferences of buyers and sellers may change, but for now—and the foreseeable future—people want to work with people. 

Your real estate clients need you for a lot more than taking photos of a property and listing it. When you can provide a good experience as a real estate agent, referrals to the local “proactive agent with a great photographer” can expand limitlessly. 

You may even re-write the handbook for successful real estate agents.

Work With a HomeJab Real Estate Photographer

Forget what you think you can save doing it all yourself, because you have so much more to gain as a real estate agent. With the help of a trusted real estate photographer, you may never run into a lack of opportunities and leads again. 

It’s better to work with a real estate photographer whose priority is to deliver you high-quality photos at the most reasonable price. Contact HomeJab now for real estate photography expertise as soon as you need it.

HomeJab3 Massive Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Photographer

How Agents And Photographers Can Resist Zillow’s Latest Threat To Monopolize Real Estate

Zillow Group, Inc., is currently pursuing a patent that would drastically change the way in which real estate content is shared and distributed online.

This move is the latest in a series of patent grabs that highlights Zillow’s relentless campaign to monopolize the real estate marketplace, not to mention stifle independent agents and brokerages that wish to run their businesses unencumbered by larger corporations.

To be clear, Zillow’s recent grab for power isn’t the first of its kind. Since the company’s inception in 2006, Zillow has acquired more than 20 patents that govern how real estate content can be presented to users searching on mobile and desktop.

But it doesn’t end there. Zillow’s tactical approach to controlling real estate search has been so far-reaching, in fact, that they’ve even procured a Blackberry Application patent and one for the Apple TV in 2011 and 2015 respectively.

What is a Patent?

To better understand Zillow’s latest patent application, it’s important to know what patents are and to consider the legal ramifications behind them.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a patent is “an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem.”

Over the past few decades, numerous landmark patents have been filed to protect their intellectual properties. These innovative technologies have changed the world arguably for the better. And as the WIPO put it, they offered new technical solutions to a problem and new ways of doing something.

By contrast, Zillow’s latest patent application offers no groundbreaking technologies to speak of and no innovation that would merit the government’s approval. Be that as it may, the government has already granted Zillow a swath of generic patents time and again, doing so in a manner that feels reckless and unchecked.

What is Zillow’s Latest Patent Application?

The abstract for Zillow’s latest patent application describes “techniques for generating and presenting a GUI (graphical user interface) [i.e. a visual way of interacting with a computer using windows, icons, and menus] on a client device that includes a computer model of the building’s interior with one or more first types of information.”

One example of “first types of information” is a featured, large pane generated from a search query with additional, smaller panes complementing the information displayed in the featured pane.

In graphic design, this technique is called “visual hierarchy” and has been around since the early 1900s.

It’s hardly avant-garde, and yet Zillow’s generic argument over “first types of information,” namely how search results are presented in the large pane + smaller complementary panes GUI, suggests that they’re the ones to have invented it. When in reality, GUIs that feature a large pane + smaller complimentary panes, as well as “multiple user-selectable controls” (verbiage imported from one of Zillow’s recently approved patents), have been commonplace in mobile, app, and desktop searches for some time now.

Zillow’s patent abstract goes on to say that this GUI “may be a 3D or 2.5D representation generated after the house is built and showing the actual house’s interior (e.g., walls, furniture, etc.), and may be displayed to a user of a client computing device in a displayed GUI with various user-selectable controls.”

In other words, any 3D or 2.5D models that denote progression through the home (e.g., front door, entryway, living area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and so forth) are subject to a potential lawsuit by Zillow if they are uploaded, distributed, or marketed outside of the Zillow interface.

How to Keep Control of Your Real Estate Content

If you’re a real estate professional, it’s important to keep exclusive control of your content. This is key to broadening your audience reach, expanding your sphere of influence, and growing your real estate business. More importantly, maintaining ownership and flexibility over your content can help you sell the home faster and win more listings.

To encourage free enterprise in real estate, it’s good to remember that Zillow won’t offer you exclusive ownership and control of your content. As we pointed out in our review of the Zillow 3D app, uploading content to an independent platform that guarantees source files is in the real estate agent’s and brokerage firm’s best interests.


Because independent platforms keep your content malleable. That’s to say, you get to control where the 3D real estate tour is hosted and viewed. Not only will this maximize your potential to generate more leads. But you’ll also avoid a patent debacle and potential lawsuit from Zillow if the content is shared elsewhere.

Sadly, real estate agents and photographers are too tempted to use Zillow’s 3D app because it’s free and gives the property a free promotion when listed. But in the long run, both agents and photographers will end up losing big if they keep handing key visual assets of the property (videos & virtual tours) to Zillow. 

The way to stop this brash takeover of the real estate marketplace is to avoid using Zillow’s 3D app and opt instead for a free web app that will allow real estate agents and photographers to save their properties to the Blockchain (Ethereum network.)

This way, the listing agent’s name will always be attached to the property and publicly verifiable — the same goes for photographers who take pictures of the property. With their work saved to the Blockchain, credits are given to the photographers responsible for the photos.

At HomeJab, we’re excited to announce that we’re currently developing this app!

This is good news for real estate professionals who wish to break free of the restrictive Zillow model. After all, Zillow presents properties with no mention of the previous listing agent. Worse still, it sells leads to other agents. This is why the blockchain method of recording property is crucial: it will always keep the listing agent’s info linked to the property.

Lastly, unlike Zillow, Blockchain is decentralized. This keeps the real estate industry independent — not dependent on a company whose ultimate goal is to monopolize the real estate marketplace.

HomeJabHow Agents And Photographers Can Resist Zillow’s Latest Threat To Monopolize Real Estate

5 Things to Highlight When Photographing Home Offices

Home offices have become more important than ever due to the shift to work from home arrangements. In fact, some companies have even started subsidizing employees’ home offices to make the transition between working environments smoother.

Since it’s where most of the day is spent, many employees have begun investing their own time and money to make home office spaces comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to photographing this office space, there are certain guidelines you can follow to showcase its best features and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Here are five things to highlight when photographing home offices:

1. A clean space

The best photographs of rooms are those that have been decluttered and streamlined. Look at the room from a distance and assess if there are objects that are distracting to the eye.

For home offices, it’s best to do away with tangled cords and cables, stacks of paper, and accessories. The desk, in particular, should be cleared of any mess, and the floor should be spotless. To keep the space looking lively, add some tastefully positioned accent pieces, such as a vase of flowers or a painting that will add dimension to the photograph.

2. Good lighting

When possible, photograph office spaces using natural light. However, avoid the harsh light that is present during midday because it may overexpose your photograph and wash out certain areas. Soft light is ideal for highlighting the best parts of your office space. Try taking photographs in the office at different times of the day to get a good variety, and then simply eliminate the images that don’t capture the space beautifully.

A good rule of thumb is to shoot east-facing rooms in the morning and west-facing offices in the afternoon. If you have to photograph the room without enough light, then use an adjustable flash and bounce light off the ceiling to diffuse its harshness.

3. The entire room

Office spaces are areas that are dedicated for work and productivity, so it’s important to show that it is separate from the rest of the house or at least the room. For example, if you have a small desk next to the living room that is designated for work, this can be highlighted as a separate ‘work zone’ in your photographs. Having a designated work zone is one of the key things that has been helping people cope with working from home. A separate work zone can be highlighted by physical cues like furniture.

By photographing the entire room, you’re displaying these physical cues that differentiate the work zone from the rest of the space. For example, you can show how you’re using a different chair or different lighting. Little nuances like these let viewers see that you’ve taken conscious steps to make working from home a more pleasant experience.

4. Have a focal point

Good photographs will have focal points that draw the viewer’s gaze. While offices are open spaces, it’s still important to have a subject, which you can achieve by changing your angle or rearranging the furniture.

Once you’ve determined your focal point, remove any unnecessary clutter surrounding it. Have just enough detail to add accents to the photo, but ensure that there’s always a main focal point, whether it’s the desk, the fireplace, or the coffee table.

5. A lived-in space

Make sure the office space doesn’t look too perfect. It should look clean but also exude a lived-in quality.

Try imagining what type of person would use this office and add the appropriate details, such as a pen and an open notebook or a few paperclips. The photograph should tell a story that invites the viewer to appreciate the home office space.

Having a functional and beautiful home office space is important for many professionals today. Ideally, it should be an ideal space where one can be their most productive and escape other distractions. Making it look beautiful both in pictures and in real life will make it even more pleasant to spend time in.


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by Roxanne June

HomeJab5 Things to Highlight When Photographing Home Offices