Top 4 Extra Room Ideas

massage room

There are some homes out there that are made of dreams. They are more than bedrooms and bathrooms. These homes have rooms in it we only dream of! Our photographers have experience with all kinds of real estate from extreme fixer-uppers to luxury real estate. We gathered a list of some of the most impressive luxury rooms we had the pleasure of shooting.

1) Theater Room

Seeing a movie is a classic date night, but with raising ticket prices sometimes staying home and browsing Netflix is a better option. Well, what if you could do that but feel like you were at the movies? A theater room is the perfect way to combine the two. Enjoy the comfort of your own sofa or armchairs, without the gum stuck under it! Watch a movie on the projector, but without the rude talkers. If you’re a movie buff, a theater room is luxury worth having.

2) Private Gym

There are too many excuses that keep us from going to the gym. Such as, too far of a drive, don’t want to go when it’s busy, you hate working out in front of people, and so many more. If a gym were in your house, what excuse would you have then? Imagine throwing on some work out clothes and simply walking downstairs. You would never have to worry about embarrassing yourself and the best part is nobody will ever know if you want to take that extra long break.

home gym

home gym

3) Wine Cellar or Bar Room

With all that working out, you won’t have to worry about those extra calories in a few drinks. What better way to wind down from a long day in the comfort of your home? What an even better way to wind down from a long day in the comfort of your own bar. Skip the lines and ditch any rude bartenders! Invite over a few friends and enjoy your private bar space. Into wine? Then why not have your own wine cellar? Imagine never ending and perfectly aged wine whenever you want. Check out the great choices these homeowners made.

wine cellar

bar room

wine cellar

4) Game Room

Game night is always a fun family night of bonding or can be a great way for adults to unwind. Everyone enjoys different games, but what if you could have a full room of selections to choose from? What games would you choose? A game room is a major stress escape! If you prefer outdoor games, then opt for some lawn games or fully commit and install some rounds of mini golf.

game room

mini golf

game room

What would you build in your home? Tell us in the comments!

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HomeJabTop 4 Extra Room Ideas

Best Time to Photograph a House: Sunset

Sunset by the Bay

A perfect picture of the sunset hitting your property can be incomparable to any other photo. It can be the difference between catching the eyes of potential buyers or getting scrolled by on real estate apps and social media. Any home can benefit from a twilight shoot and deeply enhance the listing appeal. Check out below and see how this can change your business!

1) Highlight your best features

Not every listing features what is truly special about the home. Properties with a pool or view of the water, should consider having drone photos taken at twilight to highlight these special features. There is nothing more luxurious and relaxing than taking a dip in the pool at dusk or watching the sunset over a waterfront view.

The dusk light can also have a mesmerizing effect on a home with interesting architecture, truly highlighting the uniqueness of a listing. Our favorite twilight shoots are of homes surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Some buyers are more interested in the land than the home itself, and a twilight shoot can give your property some serious curb appeal, especially when taken at the right angle by drone imaging. If your listing has any of these features, do not miss the opportunity to showcase them!

2) #NoFilter

You may have an Instagram, but are you catching everyone’s eye with your photos? According to Instagram Business, 80% of users follow a business, and posts with a location get 79% more engagement ( Stats like that should mean your listing photos are getting the most clicks and likes possible, but unless you have an attention grabbing image your listing may be scrolled right by. On HomeJab’s Instagram account, our sunset photos are some our most popular posts, generating a higher average of likes and more engagement from followers.

3) Feel at Home

Photos and Video taken at sunset add something special to a listing that is hard to put into words. When a buyer begins their search, they are looking to find a place to call their own. Twilight shots allow a buyer to see what it could be like to live at the property during dusk. This is an opportunity they won’t get at an open house. They can picture putting the kids to bed or enjoying the sunset with loved ones in their possible new home! Consider taking advantage of HomeJab’s twilight package to get the best photos possible for your property and catch the eyes of potential buyers. 

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HomeJabBest Time to Photograph a House: Sunset

Fixer-Upper Before and After Photos

fixer upper

Here at HomeJab we love viewing the listings we get the pleasure to photograph. We really enjoy seeing the hard work our customers put into each listing, especially when the home is a fixer-upper. We cannot stress enough what an eye for style most of our customers have and we have the photographic evidence! Check out some of our absolute favorite before and after photos of seriously desirable listings. We’re honored to get to be a part of the process and document the amazing transformation. Contact us if you have a before and after coming up!

1) Red Rowhome

Philadelphia rowhomes are near and dear to our heart so we could not help but swoon over this red rowhome rehab. It went from unlivable to enviable. The home features 4 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. We’re crazy over the new hardwood floors and the new doors. There is a serious attention to detail in this rehab and we’re all for it. Philadelphia is a rapidly growing market and with rehabs like this, it becomes very clear why these homes are quick to sell.

Listing Agent: Lorenzo Jackson

2) Exposed Beam Dream

This fixer-upper transformed from outdated to trendy in a flash. This home clearly had potential from the start and becomes obvious when you first see the exposed beams. This house is also spacious and inviting, just begging to become your family’s home. With some elbow grease and an eye for design this quickly became one of the most desirable homes on the block. Personally, we adore this and are ready to move in anytime!

Listing Agents: Barbara and Bud Silcox

3) Transformation Goals

This might be one of the biggest transformations on this list. From the before pictures, you would never think this home is fixable, but this agent certainly proved us wrong! Not only was this home completely redone, but it turned out gorgeous! Our favorite transformation is the kitchen. The before photo shows a shell of what used to be a place for cooking and conversation. The after photo shows it has become the warm and inviting spot we call a kitchen again. Just incredible!

Listing Agent: Takeisha Jones

4) Texas Charmer

This home it’s easy to see the potential, but there sure is a lot of of work left to be done. We’re especially happy a decision was made to cover all the brightly painted walls in most of the rooms. We’re all for a great accent wall, or a beautiful color to compliment a room, but these walls were especially unattractive to the eye. The entrance shot is an exciting side by side comparison to see. You can tell right from the start that this house has been created into a stunning and warm home.

Listing Agent: Takeisha Jones

Share your rehab photos with us! #homejab

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HomeJabFixer-Upper Before and After Photos

Introducing: Virtual Dusk Interior

Here at HomeJab we have always included a free exterior virtual dusk into all our luxury packages. This is for being a great customer, but also because we believe in the appeal of using a virtual dusk photo for your advertising. We even conducted a test to measure the difference a virtual dusk can make when marketing your listing. When we tested this, we took a standard exterior photo and a virtual dusk then ran two ads. The two ads were identical except for the photo used. The virtual dusk came back with a result of 3x more clicks for half the cost. 

A virtual dusk is when our editing team edits in the effect and look of twilight into the photo. This not only more cost effective, but it’s fast too. It’s a very simple and easy way to get your listing noticed.

Since this test, we have been big supporters of this simple photo improving the curb appeal of listings. So we thought, what else can we do with our editing team‘s talent?

Introducing, Virtual Dusk Interiors!



Interior at Night

Virtual Dusk

Virtual Dusk Interiors are only $40 or order any luxury package and request your free virtual dusk to be an interior shot!

What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

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HomeJabIntroducing: Virtual Dusk Interior

Top Summer Vacation Ideas


Summer officially begins on June 21st.

Are you ready for trips to the beach, dips in the pool, and backyard parties? Here are HomeJab’s top four summer vacation ideas to start the season off right with plenty of HomeJab photos to inspire those summer vibes!

#1 – The Vacation Home

One look at these images and you are instantly transported to the ultimate beach vacation. The HDR photos make you feel as if you are standing in the room and enjoying amazing beach views through the floor to ceiling windows. Never mind the deck view overlooking an untouched beach and clear sky; it’s a splendid way to watch the sunrise with your morning coffee.HDR Photo of ocean view in beach home


HDR Photo of ocean view in beach home   HDR Photo of ocean view in beach homeBright Blue Sky and ocean view   Bright Blue Sky and Ocean View


#2 – Fun in the Sun

A rooftop deck is made for sunny days! The photo below captures the ideal outdoor setup: comfortable chairs, a table for the whole family, and a bright blue sky. This is great for having lunch, getting that pre-tan going or throwing a late night party!

Roof Deck with a Bright Blue Sky


If you enjoy quiet gatherings and need to relax this summer then check out these images for your backyard staycation. Imagine enjoying Piña Coladas with friends in the cool shade or reading a new book under magnificent Palm trees — you don’t need to book a plane ticket to do all of that! Take a look at the HomeJab photos of this Tropical Getaway for ideas to create your own personal oasis.

Palm tree backyardPalm tree backyard


#3 – Boat Life

Is the Nautical life more your style? Aerial shots like these will make you wish you were a sailor. You can see each and every boat dock in the community and the view of the bay goes out for miles! Just imagine sitting on the dock or cruising down the bay with the sea breeze blowing by all day long. It’s a sailor’s dream.

Aerial View of a BayAerial view of Boat Dock


#4 – Hanging by the Pool

An Aerial Photo is an excellent way to show off a property’s best feature, and this one is begging you to jump into the pool! Sitting poolside can be a great way to enjoy the summer sun, take some inspiration from this natural beauty. The stacked boulders on the side of this pool make it feel as if you are swimming in a secluded pond, just maybe without the company of the fish.

Aerial photo of poolBackyard Pool    Backyard Coy Pond


HomeJab’s top pick for Summer Inspiration is pictured here, in a Twilight Shoot of a gorgeous Arizona home. Whether you need a romantic getaway or time to decompress, a location like this will have you covered! Complete with aerial views of the stunning mountains and terrain, there is no better time of day to take a dip in the pool. The light hits a home perfectly at sunset, capturing the utter beauty of the property and its surroundings.

Sunset photo of Arizona HomeTwilight Shoot of Arizona Home


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HomeJabTop Summer Vacation Ideas

HomeJab Introduces Neighborhood Packages

neighborhood photo

HomeJab is proud to announce new packages that help real estate professionals highlight the listing’s neighborhood. In an NAR survey, 78% of people responded that neighborhood quality was more important than the size of the home. Additionally, in a survey completed by Trulia, 84% of millennials are willing to forgo key home features to live in their ideal neighborhood. It became essential to help real estate professionals market all the best features of their listing, and this means the community too. The solution was clear: offer neighborhood photos and video.

Make Your Listing Unique

When potential homebuyers are searching for a home it can become an overwhelming amount of identical photos and videos. A difficult task when selling a home is ensuring it stands out among the rest. Including not only the listing, but the neighborhood as well, is a way to guarantee this. There are only so many close-ups of hardwood floors a person can look at. Make yours the more desirable listing that stands out among the rest, stays on the minds of potential buyers, and excites them all at the same time. There are so many different ways you can customize what to show off. The possibilities are endless.

neighborhood photo

Show Off Outdoor Activities

Everyone will have separate hopes for what they see in a neighborhood, which is what makes these packages so diverse. Showing off the community can work anywhere. Perhaps, your listing is in an area where outdoor activities are most popular. Well, show it off then! Some people will strive to find an area that has nearby parks, hiking trails, dog parks, and more. Knowing that there is a great trail nearby might be the difference of a potential buyer requesting to see the home or simply passing over it online. Pair the hiking trails with some shots of a park for their dog or a fun nearby children’s playground and you have a recipe to win.

community photos

Win Listings and Gain Leads

There are a lot of different ways to show you are the best choice to list a potential sellers home, and using neighborhood footage and photos is a great one. This not only shows you are extremely familiar with the area, but that you are up on savvy ways to attract buyers. Anyone can offer the standard listing pitch, but show you are a community local. You live here and you understand exactly how to sell a home in your personal neighborhood. This not only will help win listings, but you will quickly become the local realtor. This can help build your brand and spread your name to others in the area looking to sell. Word of mouth can be the biggest way to gain clients. Become that ‘local agent’.

community photo

Highlight Desirable Entertainment

Is the neighborhood home to some top rated restaurants? Maybe the neighborhood is known for the best breweries around. Either way, things like this are too huge to not mention and feature. Showing off all the fun and entertaining things to do can really help a homebuyer envision themselves settling into the neighborhood. It suddenly makes your listing that much more desirable and better than the rest. It can help stir excitement in the buyer and get things moving. How can a home around all these great things last long?

community photos

Feature Nearby Schools

Restaurants and bars are fun for adults, but what about families and couples looking for a community that is best for their future or current family? Featuring the nearby schools, especially if they are highly recommended, will help homeowners see the listing as a home they can start or continue their lives in. As we stated above, the combination of what to feature is entirely yours. Make it family friendly and feature the nearby school, but also show off that restaurant they have just been dying to get into.

community photos

Check out our packages by clicking here!

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HomeJabHomeJab Introduces Neighborhood Packages

Why 360 Interactive Video?

360 video

HomeJab consistently stays on top of the newest technology available. We are always brewing up new ideas to help your listings stand out among the rest. That is why we are now offering 360 interactive videos. 360 video combines the best of both worlds. It is the baby of 3D and a standard walk-through. Our 360 videos give you the ability to click play and take the tour of the home free of interaction. Though, for those that prefer the video to be interactive and like to study each nook and cranny of the home, it provides this ability as well. Click and look around the room while the tour plays or pause it and take a peek at everything. The best part? It’s way affordable.

Multiple Viewing Choices

First, the most obvious benefit of a 360 tour is the ability to fit multiple needs of potential homebuyers. This widens the amount of potential views and interested homebuyers. Our 360 tour can be played without any interaction whatsoever. If the viewer prefers to let a video play, then they can simply hit play and watch. No interaction is required. Though, a viewer also has the choice to stop the video at any time to pan around the room. That’s not the only time you can interact though, the viewer can pan around the room as the video plays. The 360 video is giving you two different options, but for only one price.

Watch the user experience below:

User Friendly

Since the person viewing has two choices, it makes it a lot easier for less technology inclined viewers to watch. The interaction is not required and a viewer can simply press play. This differs from tours that are made for VR or require interaction. VR can be hard for some people, as it requires a headset most of the time. Headsets are not widely used in homes yet. Additionally, if a tour is only interactive it may become confusing and overwhelming. Choosing an interactive video can please a much larger audience than only one of the counterparts and more people viewing your listing is always beneficial.

real estate listings

Newest Technology

Staying on top of the newest technology out there not only gives you leverage on your competition, but helps build your brand as well. Potential clients will notice your listings and can see who stands out. This would make your name memorable and lead to more clients. Your homeowners will be impressed when they see their home in 360 views and will know they are in expert hands. Additionally, this would look great during a listing presentation. It would be something other agents have not shown them yet.

listing presentation

Quick Appointment

Asking a homeowner to clear their entire schedule can be both tricky and inconvenient. The homeowner already has to find time to prep their home, so when the appointment time comes the last thing you want to do is make it long and stressful. There may be certain situations where leaving the house is close to impossible or they can only for a very short amount of time. 360 video is one of the quickest appointments you can have. A 360 scan can take minutes as opposed to a 3D scan, which takes several hours. You can have the photographer in and out with barely any bother to you and the homeowner. We understand that life is still going on when someone is selling their home, and want to make your appointment quick, professional, friendly, and of course easy.

Save Time


3D scans are based on the square footage of the listing. The larger the property, the more money you have to pay for a 3D scan. When it comes to 360, it is one flat price. The price never changes based on the size of the home. This can help you manage your budget and always stay on top of it. No listing will ever put you in a position where you have to choose between your wallet and listing the home properly. Don’t change the fantastic way you list because of pricing. Choosing 360 guarantees to put your listing in the best light possible.


Try our 360 interactive video below: 

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HomeJabWhy 360 Interactive Video?

3D Virtual Tour or 360 Interactive Video?

360 video

The real estate industry has seen some big changes over the past few years.  New technology including aerial drones, 3D virtual tours and most recently, 360 Interactive Video, has made the home buying process more efficient.  Today, one out of three buyers in the Unite States places an offer without even seeing the home in person.

The key to bringing real estate transactions completely online is making the production method cost effective for sellers and user-friendly for buyers.

Right now, the two leading technologies for presenting homes online are 3D virtual tours and 360 video.  Please check out the examples below and cast your vote!

3D Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are produced by stitching together panoramic photos in various locations throughout the home.  The user then points and clicks to the next location and is able to explore in all directions.

360 Interactive Video

The newest method for presenting homes online is 360 interactive video which can be played as a standard video, but offers the viewer the option to interact by clicking and moving around to view the entire room.

Do You Prefer 3D Virtual Tours or 360 Interactive Video?

View Results

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HomeJab3D Virtual Tour or 360 Interactive Video?

HomeJab Photographers Gone Wild

Haunted House

Working as a real estate photographer can certainly lead you into some strange situations. I mean, what could possibly go wrong when walking into an unfamiliar home? We asked our HomeJab photographers for their best stories. Some stories are cringeworthy, creepy, or just plain weird. If you’re a real estate photographer, perhaps there are some you can relate to.

Powerful Enemies

“It was a really nice neighborhood with it’s own private airport. I was getting drone footage of the private airport and I had the airfield manager right next to me monitoring my flight. One of the residents of the neighborhood noticed my drone and pulled up on us in a really aggressive manner. He was driving fast straight at us, slamming on breaks right before he reaches us and revving his engine before getting out. He went straight at me after getting out of his car and his face was as red as his car. He demanded that I land the drone immediately and that’s when the airfield manager stepped up to him.

He didn’t care that it was a monitored flight and that we took all the safety precautions, he wanted me to land it anyways. The angry resident and the airfield manager were face to face noses almost touching yelling at each other. It reminded me of a weigh-in for a boxing match. Eventually the angry resident leaves and that’s when he told me “you’ve made a powerful enemy today.” I never saw him again after that.”

Maybe he is busy making more enemies?

awkward story

Bao Nguyen, Tucson AZ

Awkward Affair

“While photographing a house in which the tenants were present, the lady of the house decided to show me nude and semi-nude modeling pictures of herself on her cell phone while her husband cleaned dog poop out of the backyard.”

The dog wants it to be known he had nothing to do with it.


Mickey Newman, Philadelphia PA

The Jackhammer Fiasco

“I met up with my agent and started taking photos inside for a while and I thought I heard some construction happening outside (like a jack hammer or something). I didn’t remember seeing anyone doing construction outside as I came in, but I didn’t think much of it. I went outside for a moment and saw the agent working hard on something like hammering on something that sounded like metal. I went back inside to continue shooting photos and eventually made my way to the beautiful balcony view that the house had to offer. I began framing up my balcony shot that overlooked the touristy village and noticed a large stream of water flowing down the street way out there in front of me and it was kind of breaking my concentration.

I tilted my eye line down, followed the stream back all the way up to just below the balcony I was standing on. I saw the agent working really hard with the water as it was flowing out of the ground and he was attempting to open the a sewer lid on the side walk. To me it look like he was doing some really good important work fixing part of the house. I go back inside for more shooting and curiously look back out as two cop cars are showing up, two plumbers and a man from the local water district. Now I was really wondering what the heck was going on. So I tried to finish up quick inside and when I came out, I realized the agent was attempting to hammer the listing sign into the ground and had broken a water pipe. Can’t blame him though! How could he have known that? What a crazy situation”


David Leys, San Jose CA

Hot Pants

“I had a lady offer to sew my pants that I had just ripped loading my truck. Literally said oh just take em off. Sewing is a hobby of mine. Her husband had just relocated to North Carolina and she didn’t want to move.”

Well, at least your pants would have been fixed.


Dave Apple, Philadelphia PA

Parkour Skills 

“I was on a lockbox shoot. I was photographing one of the bedrooms when I went out on a tiny balcony to see if there were any notable shots worth taking from it, but before I realized it, the door had shut behind me…and locked. The front door key I had with me wouldn’t open the door and so I thought I was stuck. A few minutes later, along came an old man walking toward the house. I called out to him, hoping he could come through the front door and let me back in, but there was a slight language barrier. He attempted to explain from the street that it was his son’s house and proceeded to walk around the corner to the front door and out of sight. I wasn’t quite sure what he was doing, but I thought he was going to let me in.

Instead, about a minute later, he came back around the corner and told me he planned on selling his house next year and asked if I could help photograph it. I told him the company I worked for, HomeJab, and with that he continued walking before I could get his attention. At that point, I realized my best opportunity was gone and decided I would need to get down myself. Luckily, I had a background in parkour and was familiar with scaling walls and climbing, so I was able to drop down from the balcony onto the pavement with relative ease and re-enter the house through the front door to grab my camera from the balcony and continue shooting.”

Does your resume include parkour skills?

Parkour Skills

Sam Howells, Chicago IL

Less Parkour Skills

“While out on a recent shoot in which the homeowner and the agent were not present, I got trapped on the 2nd floor porch balcony when a wooden bar attached to the porch’s sliding door fell and held the door shut from inside. After speaking to the agent on the phone and learning that both she and the homeowner would not be able to assist me for at least an hour, I decided to jump off the porch. Or rather, I climbed down the side and hung onto the floor of the porch before dropping a good seven feet down onto the ground below.”

Maybe some parkour can be learned from the photographer above.


Mickey Newman, Philadelphia PA

Where’s the House?

“When I arrived at the property I had to shoot, the house was burned down. Seemed like it had been for a while, but they didn’t know.”

Maybe they can market it as a ‘hot’ new listing?

Burned Down


Faith in Humanity Restored

“I had my drone fly off on a shoot and it never came back. I purchased a new drone and went back to the property and re shot for the agent and all was good. About a week or two later the agent called me and said someone found my drone to give them a call. I met with the guy and he found the drone. At the time I didn’t have any contact info on the drone and didn’t know how he knew who to call. He said he downloaded the SD card and saw the footage of the house I was shooting and drove over to the house and got the agents # off the realty sign and called them. Needless to say I got the drone back and it was crashed and worthless but the GoPro and SD card were in working condition and they sat out in the rain and weather for a couple weeks. I was mad at the time I lost my drone but when I got the new drone glad it had crashed and made me upgrade because the new one is so much better.”

How could we not include this feel-good story?

Jump for Joy

Dan Dennis, Orlando FL


“This was a dilapidated old house in Morrisville that had apparently been on the market for a couple of years and gone through many different realtors. I show up to a broken lock box. I call the realtor to let them know…no answer…I leave a message. The door is open so I go in a start the shoot. As I finish up the second floor I hear a bit of commotion out front so I go and check it out. As I’m making my way down the steps half a dozen cops start screaming at me to freeze and get on the floor. I did while explaining the situation in a panic. Everything worked out”

It’s just photos, not a robbery!


Party Down

“I think it was an old house outside New Hope that got subdivided into apartments so a weird shoot to begin with. As I made my way through it just got worse and worse and worse. Trash everywhere, cat litter everywhere, dirty dishes piled in the sink, boxes of random crap blocking the stairs….the works. But the kicker was the master bedroom with a guy passed out, face down, naked in the bed and a little pile of, what I’m assuming, was cocaine on the nightstand. I didn’t take pictures of that room”

Well, maybe they just needed a nap?


Federico Ferreri, New Hope PA

Leatherface Fixer Upper

“Had a job out in the countryside in Plantersville, TX. Thinking might be a quaint country estate.. as I drive through the piney woods I arrive at a property that looks clearly abandoned.. overgrown super long grass/weeds.. vines connecting the trees.. the house was probably very nice when first built, cute style with large front porch.. but now the paint was peeling away, screen door hanging off it’s hinges, all power was cut off as it was ‘winterized’.. inside was musty, creaky stairs, mismatched peeling wall paper, BULLET HOLES IN KITCHEN WINDOWS.. and a strong sense that Leatherface was about to pop out at any minute with his handy chainsaw…”

No HomeJab photographers were harmed in the making of this photo.

leatherface house

DeAnna Villalobos, Houston TX
Have a horror story? Tell us about it in the comments!

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HomeJabHomeJab Photographers Gone Wild

February’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

real estate photography

Check out the best of the best from February! We had some seriously impressive listings this month and it would have been hard to choose ourselves. We let the likes on social media talk and here are the top listings:

1)  The French Romantic

This Clementon, New Jersey home is all about the staging. Every room is perfected to a tee to fit right into a French style decor dream. The subtle pink hues, the multiple chandeliers, the French style furniture, and the delicately placed details leaves no interior designer wanting more. This townhome has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and proves decor can go a long way. All our previous months, the top listing was a larger than life home with luxurious amenities. This is the first townhome to take the lead and we credit it’s dedication to design. This listing has an oversized kitchen and features dark espresso cabinets to suit all your cooking desires. The top floor has a master bedroom with an attached upgraded bathroom. This townhome also has a garage and plenty of room for entertaining. Lastly, there is an attached deck large enough to fit plenty of guests. It’s the townhome of our dreams.

Listing Agent: JoAnne Paxson

2) Loft Life

Lofts were created for photo shoots. They somehow are always camera ready and oh so charming. This one in Orlando Florida is especially photogenic. From it’s unbelievably large windows to the mid-century decor, this loft is not something you want to miss out on seeing. This particular unit is located on the 12th floor and is a two level 1-bedroom loft. The windows look out to Lake Eola and certainly don’t leave anything to imagine. Really, check out the size of the windows! The ceilings are an impressive 20′ high and, if for any reason, you ever need to step out of this gorgeous place a large balcony is attached. This loft also has power solar shades, a generous walk-in closet and a full bathroom with a garden tub. Additionally, this unit is made to ensure it produces minimal sound transfer. Can we change our mind from the listing above to this outrageously dreamy loft?

Listing Agent:Brad Fletcher

3) Pennsylvania Paradise

This custom built beauty can be found in Schwenksville, PA. It features 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and certainly offers a ton of space. This listing has no shortage of large window views and skylights. When you step inside this enviable listing, you are warmly greeted by a massive 2-story foyer entry. This home has a spacious study, a kitchen that has two pantry cabinets and a ton of counter space. Get this, one pantry in the kitchen is a walk-in! This listing was made for entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, there is a second level deck and a lower patio. This is perfect for warm summer nights with friends and family. The family room has a gorgeous floor to ceiling stone fireplace and is a must-see! What’s better than a fireplace? Two fireplaces. Walk down to the finished basement and you will find another fireplace. What’s better than two fireplaces? Three fireplaces. Check out the master bedroom and you will find a double sided fireplace and a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. This really is a slice of home paradise.

Listing Agent: Nicole Bauder

4) Lake Life

This New Jersey home is just steps away from Newtown Lake. That means, you can wake up every single day to a view of the lake. Enjoy the views even more outside with a cup of your morning coffee on the patio, or on the wrap around deck. This home screams ‘relaxation’. The listing features an open floor plan with a large kitchen. The kitchen has an oversized island and glass doors leading to the deck. This makes enjoying a meal outside effortless! The lower level also has a spacious pantry, powder room, and an office. Check out the upstairs and you will find a master bedroom that includes a giant walk-in closet, spa quality bathroom, and of course access to the balcony. The second level also offers two more bedrooms and another full bathroom. This is a great home for a family! Check out the pictures and see what your future lake life could look like.

Listing Agent: Donna McHugh

5) A Diamond on Diamond Drive

The more listings we see in Arizona, the more we contemplate moving there. The views are impossible to compete with and so is the unique aesthetic of the real estate. This 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom is absolutely stunning. This listing sits on a private cul-de-sac and features mountain and city views. Seriously, wait until you see these mountain views. You will be itching to move too. When it comes to the home, we don’t even know where to start. It is wall-to-wall perfection. Actually, let’s just start with the spectacular outside. Step out into the courtyard and immediately be impressed by the artfully structured pool with heated spa, fountain, double sided fireplace, outdoor BBQ with cooking area AND an outdoor shower area. I mean, you could just live in the backyard. The inside of the home is extremely spacious and full of classic design details. Each room leaves you speechless! The master bathroom is fit for royalty and the walk-in closet is large enough to be another room. We’re not sure words do this listing any justice, so just check out these pictures!

Listing Agent: Jeannie Olsen
Post your HomeJab photos on social media with #homejab!

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HomeJabFebruary’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes