Video is winning the war for real estate SEO.

HomeJab videos now rank on the first page of a Google search for property addresses.  This is a big win for real estate agents who can now achieve a top online ranking simply by producing a video for their listing.

It is evident that Google has declared “video” the preferred content for search engine rankings.  HomeJab, only 2 years old, is competing with national portals like Zillow & Trulia with hundreds of millions of dollars in financing.

HomeJab on 1st page of Google

How does HomeJab compete (and win) against national websites like Zillow?

Online videos are viewed more than photos and shared more often on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Video is also original and unique content that very few agents are producing professionally today.  Therefore, when a HomeJab video is produced by an agent, it instantly ranks extremely high on Google.  No other websites have this video.

On the other hand, every major real estate website shows the same facts & figures syndicated to them by the MLS.  There is no original content on these types of sites.   New video sites like HomeJab have a good chance of winning the search engine wars in the long run because they produce more engaging content that is original and unique.

Watch this video from the #1 agent in Florida…

How do real estate agents benefit?

Unlike traditional real estate portals like Zillow, HomeJab does not charge for leads or placement on our website.  Therefore, the listing agent always receives the buyer leads for free.  Buyer’s agents are never advertised on the site.  This results in a new king of real estate portal where agents do not compete for advertising, but rather spend their money on producing the highest quality media content.  Zillow’s old advertising model from the early days of the internet should finally be put to rest.  Real estate agents spend $6 billion on advertising every year and most of that money can be saved.

Until today, the real estate industry has not had a good relationship with the filmmaking industry.  Professional video has been expensive, time consuming and usually used only on the most high-end of homes.  However, new technologies in the online video & aerial drone industries have made it easy and relatively inexpensive for every agent to afford to produce high quality content for their real estate listings.  Professional video tours start at only $175.

HomeJab is proud to be a leading advocate for both Realtors and short filmmakers.  Bringing these two groups together in a big way will change the way people buy real estate.

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