360 video

The real estate industry has seen some big changes over the past few years.  New technology including real estate drone video, 3D real estate tours and most recently, 360 Interactive Video, has made the home buying process more efficient.  Today, one out of three buyers in the Unite States places an offer without even seeing the home in person.

The key to bringing real estate transactions completely online is making the production method cost effective for sellers and user-friendly for buyers.

Right now, the two leading technologies for presenting homes online are real estate 3D virtual tours and 360 video.  Please check out the examples below and cast your vote!

3D Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are produced by stitching together panoramic photos in various locations throughout the home.  The user then points and clicks to the next location and is able to explore in all directions.

360 Interactive Video

The newest method for presenting homes online is 360 interactive video which can be played as a standard video, but offers the viewer the option to interact by clicking and moving around to view the entire room.

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