A perfect compliment to our walk-through tours, aerial video footage adds a beautiful cinematic touch to every real estate listing.  All HomeJab aerial videos are filmed by local professionals who adhere to strict regulations and safety standards.

Are aerial videos legal?

The FAA has not laid down any laws as of yet.  In fact, there have been a few cases that have gone to court, but were both thrown out by the judge due to the absence of legitimate legislation.  All of our videographers are trained by FAA regulated pilots and we adhere to a strict set of rules that will keep ourselves and the community safe…

  • Every HomeJab videographer has successfully passed a 4 hour training class taught by a  licensed helicopter pilot.
  • We do NOT fly in major cities, within 5 miles of an airport, mild rain, thunderstorms or wind, wooded or heavily congested areas, near utility poles or any other areas we think may be inappropriate or unsafe.
  • We do NOT fly at night.
  • We only fly up to 400 feet.  A trained professional is physically at the property at all times.  We do not fly “drones”.
  • We only film homes that are being marketed by a real estate agent with consent from the owner.  We believe in private property and we are very serious about respecting privacy rights.

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