Since the release of our neighborhood packages we have received an overwhelming amount of excitement. Adding neighborhood photos and video is one of the easiest ways to completely enhance your listing, without any added stress. These packages have really taken off and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to see neighborhoods that are new to us. These shots really change the way a listing is viewed and leaves a lasting impression. Here are some of our favorite neighborhoods we have had the pleasure of learning more about thanks to you!

1) Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is home to one of the greatest shows of all time – The Wire. Admittedly, we scanned every Baltimore neighborhood shot to spot anything we recognized from the show. Instead, we ended up incredibly impressed with the neighborhood. The town is vibrant and full of energy. Through our clients, we have discovered different neighborhoods in Baltimore such as Hoes Heights and seen how relaxing the Inner Harbor can look. It’s clear why someone would want to include the neighborhood when selling a listing in the Baltimore area. It can offer the best of both worlds, a life in the city but with opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle in some calm waters.

2) Arlington, Virginia

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs. Do we need to write more? There must be a large dog parent community here because it seems a lot of the neighborhood shoots turn into puppy photo-ops and we certainly are not complaining. Arlington is easily accessible to DC, which makes it a prime location for a lot of people who work there. It seems you aren’t sacrificing anything to live outside DC when it comes to Arlington. It is full of non-stop things to do and places to eat. The area also offers outdoor activities such as parks and running trails. Arlington has seemed to find the recipe for a cozy suburb feel with the excitement of a city.

3) Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is already known as a great destination to visit and we weren’t surprised at how awesome the neighborhood photos came out. The architecture on some of the buildings is outstanding and a must-see. Really, take some time to look at these architectural beauties. We truly love how our clients mixed in the big city feel with local parks. This helps show that the area can be for anybody. They also mixed in impressive statues and funky looking restaurants. Our clients really knew how to pick locations well and exactly how to not only market the listing, but market the neighborhood too. These photos have us itching for a trip!

Keep in mind that when marketing a listing you should include everything about that home. Why leave out the desirable neighborhood? Taking the step to include these shots in your real estate listing videos not only entices a potential buyer, but impresses clients too. Interested in purchasing a neighborhood package? Click the button below.


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