How to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

real estate marketing

As a realtor, your marketing can make or break your entire business. We have gathered some of the best tips for real estate marketing to transform your business. Check them out! Hire a Professional Photographer Today, it is extremely hard to grab, and keep, people’s attention. If you are not already using professional photography, then this change needs to be … Read More

HomeJabHow to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

Listing Exposure with HomeJab and Waze

homejab and waze

Who doesn’t want more exposure for their listing? We recently ran a survey to agents not currently using our services to inquire about what they are looking for most in a company. We also have done several past surveys with our current HomeJab customers to gauge what they truly need. It was consistent that listing exposure was on everyone’s mind. … Read More

HomeJabListing Exposure with HomeJab and Waze

Want to Stage a Vacant Home with Zero Effort? Try Virtual Staging!

virtual staging

Technology has opened thousands of new doors to help people save money, time, and energy. A lot of new technology has helped improve real estate marketing greatly. Take virtual staging as an example. Read on to learn more about this fabulous technology for realtors! Staging Vacant Homes: Are the Benefits Worth the Cost? As a real estate agent you already … Read More

HomeJabWant to Stage a Vacant Home with Zero Effort? Try Virtual Staging!

Fixer-Upper Before and After Photos

fixer upper

Here at HomeJab we love viewing the listings we get the pleasure to photograph. We really enjoy seeing the hard work our customers put into each listing, especially when the home is a fixer-upper. We cannot stress enough what an eye for style most of our customers have and we have the photographic evidence! Check out some of our absolute … Read More

HomeJabFixer-Upper Before and After Photos

Introducing: Virtual Dusk Interior

Here at HomeJab we have always included a free exterior virtual dusk into all our luxury packages. This is for being a great customer, but also because we believe in the appeal of using a virtual dusk photo for your advertising. We even conducted a test to measure the difference a virtual dusk can make when marketing your listing. When … Read More

HomeJabIntroducing: Virtual Dusk Interior

HomeJab Introduces Neighborhood Packages

neighborhood photo

HomeJab is proud to announce new packages that help real estate professionals highlight the listing’s neighborhood. In an NAR survey, 78% of people responded that neighborhood quality was more important than the size of the home. Additionally, in a survey completed by Trulia, 84% of millennials are willing to forgo key home features to live in their ideal neighborhood. It became … Read More

HomeJabHomeJab Introduces Neighborhood Packages

Why 360 Interactive Video?

360 video

HomeJab consistently stays on top of the newest technology available. We are always brewing up new ideas to help your listings stand out among the rest. That is why we are now offering 360 interactive videos. 360 video combines the best of both worlds. It is the baby of 3D and a standard walk-through. Our 360 videos give you the … Read More

HomeJabWhy 360 Interactive Video?

3D Virtual Tour or 360 Interactive Video?

360 video

The real estate industry has seen some big changes over the past few years.  New technology including aerial drones, 3D virtual tours and most recently, 360 Interactive Video, has made the home buying process more efficient.  Today, one out of three buyers in the Unite States places an offer without even seeing the home in person. The key to bringing … Read More

HomeJab3D Virtual Tour or 360 Interactive Video?

HomeJab Introduces Elite Package

Luxury Real Estate

HomeJab is now offering a new and unique package for those listings that are beyond basic real estate. HomeJab is regularly identifying the newest needs and demands within the real estate marketing world. There seemed to be a lack of lifestyle and luxury conveyed within videos. Not all listings are created equal and a higher end product was needed to … Read More

HomeJabHomeJab Introduces Elite Package

It’s Always Sunny at HomeJab

Blue Sky

HomeJab includes blue sky replacement on two of your exterior photos automatically. Here at HomeJab, it’s always sunny. Save Time Time is of the essence when it comes to your listings and we understand that. HomeJab is always looking for new ways to help you get your listing up faster. We have already mastered quick turnaround times, fast scheduling and … Read More

HomeJabIt’s Always Sunny at HomeJab