3D Virtual Tour or 360 Interactive Video?

360 video

The real estate industry has seen some big changes over the past few years.  New technology including real estate drone video, 3D real estate tours and most recently, 360 Interactive Video, has made the home buying process more efficient.  Today, one out of three buyers in the Unite States places an offer without even seeing the home in person. The … Read More

HomeJab3D Virtual Tour or 360 Interactive Video?

HomeJab Introduces Elite Package

Luxury Real Estate

HomeJab is now offering a new and unique package for those listings that are beyond basic real estate. HomeJab is regularly identifying the newest needs and demands within the real estate marketing world. There seemed to be a lack of lifestyle and luxury conveyed within videos. Not all listings are created equal and a higher end product was needed to … Read More

HomeJabHomeJab Introduces Elite Package

It’s Always Sunny at HomeJab

Blue Sky

HomeJab includes blue sky replacement on two of your exterior photos automatically. Here at HomeJab, it’s always sunny. Save Time Time is of the essence when it comes to your listings and we understand that. HomeJab is always looking for new ways to help you get your listing up faster. We have already mastered quick turnaround times, fast scheduling and … Read More

HomeJabIt’s Always Sunny at HomeJab

Is the Real Estate Industry Ready for 3D Virtual Tours?

While real estate 3D virtual tours may be “the next big thing,” it has been slow to penetrate the real estate photography industry for a number of reasons – ranging from cost to simple unfamiliarity.  Realtors with 3D views of their property are few and far between and there doesn’t seem to be much demand for it either among them … Read More

HomeJabIs the Real Estate Industry Ready for 3D Virtual Tours?

How to Market to Millennials

Market to Millennials

According to a recent survey completed by Zillow, half of today’s home buyers are under the age of 36. This means half of your entire market are millennials. The numbers are too large to ignore and your marketing and online representation need to entice and attract all potential home buyers. This poses a a larger issue: how do you attract … Read More

HomeJabHow to Market to Millennials

Virtual Staging: Home Staging of the Future

Virtual Staging

Technology is constantly evolving and advancing so the way you sell a home should be too, especially if new technology can save you up to thousands of dollars. In addition to saving a ton of money, what if changing an old method of staging your home could also save you time, energy and stress? Virtual staging is replacing the need … Read More

HomeJabVirtual Staging: Home Staging of the Future

Real Estate Video Teasers Help to Sell Homes Fast

These days, it seems like everyone has attention deficit disorder.  If your message can’t be expressed in super sonic speed, no one will pay attention.  For this reason, HomeJab offers real estate video teasers that are designed to quickly get to the point and sell the key features of the home in a short amount of time.   This type of … Read More

HomeJabReal Estate Video Teasers Help to Sell Homes Fast

Virtual Dusk Photos Increase Click-Through Rates by 300%

Last week, the photography team at HomeJab conducted an “experiment” involving two real estate photos below.  One is a regular front exterior shot of a home in Green Valley, AZ and the other is a virtual dusk photo of the same property.  Then, the team ran an online ad to the same demographic.  The results show the virtual dusk shot getting 3x more … Read More

HomeJabVirtual Dusk Photos Increase Click-Through Rates by 300%

Virtual Staging

Introducing a new product today – virtual staging!  Perfect for vacant or new construction homes.  Choose from hundreds of furniture layouts to match the style of your home. Price:  $89 per photo Please contact us for more info and to order.

HomeJabVirtual Staging