In the real estate business, a battle is ongoing.

written by Joe Jesuele on September 5, 2020

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In this battle, the fight is about taking control of the currency of real estate in today’s modern age: data!
If you were not aware, data is the new oil of the real estate industry.
Are YOU in total control of your data?
When I say “your data,” I am referring to your real estate marketing assets like your:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • 3D virtual tours
  • Digital floor plans
  • Drone shots

Do you have full rights and control over your content?
If the answer is no, then read on to learn more about how to take control of your data.
Large corporations like Zillow and Matterport will allow you to create real estate content with their apps. These apps do not allow you to download the content afterwards. Instead, the only choice is to host these media files on their platforms and pay a monthly fee. Or, in the case of Zillow’s free 3D Home app, your listing will appear with ads and leads get sold to other real estate agents. These arrangements do not allow you to take full control of your content.
It’s important to you and your business to extricate yourself from these messy arrangements. It’s both not too late and easy to do so.
The easy way to do it?
It’s by creating all your content in a way that allows you to get 100% ownership and control of your content. You can pay content creators to produce all your content and hand over full ownership and control to you. That way, you can host your content on your own site and anywhere else you want.
To find a media content creator:
You can hire a professional real estate media team that will produce high-quality and impressive content that also belongs to you.
If this option sounds interesting to you, feel to check us out to have a peek into some of the amazing things HomeJab can do for you.

Joe Jesuele

I am the founder and CEO of HomeJab.com, the easiest and most affordable way to hire a great real estate photographer.    

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