Luxury Real Estate

HomeJab is now offering a new and unique package for those listings that are beyond basic real estate.

HomeJab is regularly identifying the newest needs and demands within the real estate marketing world. There seemed to be a lack of lifestyle and luxury conveyed within videos. Not all listings are created equal and a higher end product was needed to separate a luxe listing vs basic residential real estate. We created a way to introduce these things into your video. HomeJab proudly announces our new offering of our Elite Package.

Gain Maximum Exposure

If you are looking to gain the most exposure and create a video that not only can sell your listing faster but be the most unique out there, then this package is for you. Gain maximum exposure by going above and beyond the standard real estate video. Two completely different and difficult hurdles are trying to get noticed and stay noticed. This type of video can help accomplish and dominate both of these tasks. This is essentially a mini feature film of solely your listing. It can draw in the viewer and help them feel the excitement, fun and comfort of living there. This style of video will easily impress your viewers and make a lasting impact.

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Enhance Personal Branding

This is an excellent way to enhance your personal branding and make a statement. The video can be posted on your personal website and social media. It will become a representation of you. This is the perfect way to add a little luxe into your style and brand. This can be the step from basic to upscale. Your personal branding can make or break your success. Choose an elite package to elevate yourself above the rest. 

Luxury Real Estate

Real People, Real Help

Creating content like this needs planning, professionals and time. HomeJab has found a way to do the legwork for you. We can discuss your vision and create it, all while keeping the personal help and guidance we offer in every step. Our photographers are all professionals and understand how to deliver the highest quality media while maintaining a personal touch. Leave it to the best in the industry, sit back and relax. 

Luxury Real Estate

Stand Out

This package is far from anything standard. It is what can set you apart from basic residential real estate. Upscale listings need to play to a different kind of consumer and this is exactly the way to grab their attention. Sometimes photography and a standard walk-through video simply cannot invoke the feeling and message that certain listings require. Dominate the market with our new Elite Package.

Luxury Real Estate

Click the video below to see our new Elite Package:

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