End of Open Houses

Real estate descriptions always say the property is “gorgeous” but when you get there, it can be disappointing.  With HomeJab’s real estate video tours, buyers are able to “visit” a home without an open house.

With quality videos like this why do we need open houses?

What about virtual tours?  There are two kinds.  The first is the animated slide show of photos.  Of course, this should be avoided at all costs.  Why would a buyer want to see the same photos they just scrolled through? Adding in stock footage of the area and computerized voice overs don’t make it any better.

The second kind of virtual tour is generated with a special $4,000 camera that rotates 360 degrees. We have seen this before as early as the 90s.  Buyers click around to different parts of the home and then spin around on an axis.  Is this really supposed to feel like you are naturally walking through a home?

The most exciting kind of digital media that does not have widespread use yet in real estate is 3D virtual technology using a headset like the Oculus Rift.  Watch the first few minutes of this video and you will see why.

Until the cost of this type of technology goes down dramatically, video tours will rule.  For more information on HomeJab’s video tour technology, please contact us or visit HomeJab.com.     

HomeJabEnd of Open Houses