Funny Real Estate Videos

There is an entire community out there that seeks to find the humor in the fast paced world of real estate. Online, you can find viral real estate listing videos, gags, parodies and so much more, all in the spirit of spreading laughter. Some are genius, some are lame, and some are accidentally hilarious. We have gathered the best funny real estate videos we could find for your entertainment!

Top Funny Real Estate Videos

Parody Classic

Old Spice is known for its iconic and absurd commercials. Check out this realtor who parodies Old Spice and creates commercial gold.

Top Notch Advertising

Ellen DeGeneres has made her mark in the real estate industry by flipping multi-million dollar homes and producing the popular television show Ellen’s Design Challenge on HGTV. She shares this passion on The Ellen show in a segment called Really Real Real Estate. Out of all of Ellen’s Real Estate segments, this is definitely her best one yet. No BUTTS about it!

Rinata, the Not Real Realtor!

Do you remember the old reality TV series Candid Camera? Unknowing participants were put in ridiculous situations, and at the end of the stunt the hidden cameras were revealed, much to the relief of the prank victims. The Ellen Show set up a candid camera stunt of its own at an open house with unsuspecting buyers.

Real Estate Video Tour Magic

HomeJab’s number one choice for funny real estate videos may not have hundreds of thousands of views and may not be fancy, but it is absolute magic. Many realtors use comedy to make their video tours go viral and get more views for their property. The Terreri Team created a video tour in an attempt to do just that. It is impossible to describe. Just see for yourself.

There are too many funny real estate videos to choose from, we could easily go on forever. Comment below if you find a funny real estate ad, video tour, meme or prank. We would be happy to share it and continue spreading the laughter!

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