The Importance of Real Estate Photography

Impress. Engage. Tempt.

These are feelings most agents hope to evoke in a potential customer. How do you engage all of these feelings within seconds? According to a joint study between the National Association of Realtors and Google, 90% of home buyers searched online during their home search process. It’s clear that it’s a necessity to have a successful online presence. Otherwise, you are limiting yourself to 10% of potential homebuyers. So what makes homebuyers click your listing?

Stand out.

A picture can write the story you want someone to feel, hear and see. Your listing is a potential home and future for a lucky person(s) out there, treat it as such. Professional real estate photography is the most cost-effective and quickest way to leverage your listing. We are beyond the times of picking up a newspaper and checking the real estate section for an open house. This is the time of technology, use it as an advantage over your competition. A first impression is no longer limited to a first introduction. An online presence, an impactful presence, is needed to help the introduction become a reality. A lack of care in your listing can easily sway someone to move on to the next.


It’s easy to see how effective professional photography can be. Upon browsing HomeJab’s Facebook page one of the comments from a happy customer highlights the importance of great photos, “HomeJab did a great job for us on a condo recently. They almost did too good of a job; the shooting with some poignant music almost made me regret that we were selling it.” The photography and videography highlighted what made that specific home just so special. If the photos were able to ignite interest in the home with someone already willing to sell it, how do you imagine potential homebuyers viewed it?

Would you let a friend with an iPhone take your wedding pictures? Each listing is an investment in you. Bad photos can, quite literally, cost you money. Leave it to the experts to guarantee great quality, quick service and less of a headache for you. There is a clear difference between a trained professional’s quality of work and equipment versus a person with no training and a cellphone. Using professional photography and videography services is a great way to grasp the newest form of marketing and impress the masses.

Picture taken on a smart phone

Taken by a professional but unedited by HomeJab

Picture taken by a professional but unedited 

Picture taken by a professional and edited by HomeJab

Picture taken by a professional and edited by HomeJab

Professional media services can go a long way. Once you have purchased the professional photography, keep in mind that you are not limited as to where you use it. These are now your photos. Use them on your social media, your personal website, print flyers or brochures, email them out or any other marketing plan you come up with. Glide ahead of your competition and master the first impression with online buyers.

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HomeJabThe Importance of Real Estate Photography

2 Comments on “The Importance of Real Estate Photography”

  1. Barbera Peters

    I never thought of how important it was to have real estate photography done for your business or home. You make a really great point about how 90% of buyers searched online during the process of looking at homes. My husband is wanting to sell his warehouse out by his orchards and I think he should know about real estate photography and how helpful it is for online sale.

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