New Business Model to Revolutionize Local Philly Market and Help Home Buyers in PA & NJ

The dirty little secret in Real Estate?  Large bureaucracies and outdated labor models are responsible for large costs in homebuyers’ mortgages.

The founders of HomeJab discovered this hidden truth first-hand while working for large mortgage and real estate companies. “At the time, our mortgage team consisted of a loan processor, receptionist, a vice president of sales and the head of the department who reported to the CEO of the bank.  To this day, I do not know what these 4 people did for our department and why they needed to be there,” said co-founder, Joe Jesuele.

Fed up with an inefficient system and the fleecing of homebuyers, the HomeJab Mortgage Marketplace is founded on sound business principles that the industry has long forgotten:

  • Utilize Technology:  HomeJab uses the most advanced technology to search through hundreds of lenders allowing consumers to instantly find the best mortgage deals available in their local area.
  • Focus on Customer Service:  HomeJab only works on 15 to 20 loans per month guaranteeing that each client receives the personalized customer care they deserve.
  • Keeping Overhead Low:  By streamlining expenses, HomeJab is able to provide customers with lower costs compared to competitors.

The HomeJab team specializes in underwriting and processing all of their loans which cuts out the need for managers and administrative overhead resulting in thousands of dollars in cost savings for homebuyers.

“The truth is: inefficiency and mismanagement lead to high prices.  There is no way around it,” Jesuele concluded.

For an online mortgage quote, please visit or call (610) 945-2004.

About HomeJab:
For people who are buying and selling homes, Philadelphia based HomeJab is a real estate website that provides instant access to the best local real estate professionals and media providers.  Unlike traditional real estate search engines, HomeJab provides a combination of extraordinary technology and convenience for the modern real estate consumer.

Watch our 2 minute video and take a trip “Back to the Future”…