The dirty little secret in Real Estate?  Large bureaucracies and outdated labor models are responsible for large costs in homebuyers’ mortgages.

“I spent 2 years working with a bank and it was the most ridiculous, inefficient system of all time.  More than half the people working there do nothing all day.  There is a lot of waste in the mortgage industry”, says HomeJab founder, Joe Jesuele.   

The good news – it does not have to be that way.  Today, mortgages can be processed online and sold directly to the wholesale market, completely bypassing the entire retail banking industry.  All you need is a copy of your tax returns and a good internet connection.

In the old days, people would have to visit their stock broker in order to buy shares.  Today, people buy and sell stock online in minutes.  Finally, mortgage regulators are waking up and allowing online tech companies to enter the mortgage industry.  This is blowing up the entire banking system!  

Here is what the big banks do not want you to know….    

At HomeJab, you have direct access to the wholesale mortgage market.  These are the guys that the banks sell loans to.  By cutting out the middle man, you get lower rates, lower closing costs and faster closings. The entire loan process can be done online and you are not bothered by annoying telemarketers and sales people.  

More About Us:

Founded in 2012, the HomeJab Mortgage Marketplace is an online community connecting consumers with trusted mortgage professionals. Our site provides an easy to use search engine where consumers can tap into a proven network of loan consultants to seek expert advice in choosing the right loan product.

The HomeJab Mortgage Marketplace allows home buyers instant access to finding the right lender with the lowest rates for any situation.

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