HomeJab, an online service that allows realtors to obtain professional quality photos and videos of real estate properties, announces its launch in northern NJ and the release of HomeJab 2.0, containing several major new features. The improvements are intended to accelerate the photo production process and facilitate the entire home-selling cycle.

Features of the new version include:

Automated post-production capabilities:  The company’s new automated post production system allows realtors and property owners to receive their finished photos the following day. Users will receive an automated email upon completion, along with a link to download the photos to either a branded or unbranded MLS property page.

HDR photos and upgraded HD video:  HomeJab 2.0 offers a new line of “luxury package” products, which include magazine-quality, HDR photos and video, along with a free virtual dusk shot of each property. HDR utilizes the most technologically advanced practices within the real estate photography industry and guarantees the ideal color and brightness throughout each photo.

High-conversion landing page:  HomeJab users now receive a free overview page for each listing, allowing them to quickly access photos and other information about their property on their mobile devices. The page is designed to be fast-loading and to present the basic facts and images for each home.

Free Internet marketing assistance:  HomeJab has added customized marketing services with each order. A marketing specialist will help users maximize their online presence using keyword optimization techniques and social media strategies.

According to company founder, Joe Jesuele, “Our goal is to help realtors and property owners get their properties on the market as soon as possible so they can be viewed and sold quickly. Our 2.0 enhancements are all geared toward facilitating the sales process, right down to creating the sales strategy that will get your listing noticed.”

About HomeJab

HomeJab, established in 2014, provides professional-quality real estate photography and video, including aerial options, to facilitate real estate viewing and sales. Users can log in to their HomeJab account to view order status, download photos, edit content and review costs, as well as to view their custom web pages advertising their properties. Since the company’s founding, HomeJab has worked with over 5,000 real estate agents and photographed 13,000 homes across the country. Now based in 17 U.S. cities, the company plans to expand throughout all 50 states by spring of 2017.

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