A Different Approach: Modern Mortgage Lending.

Save thousands in fees by going to the source.

Congratulations – you’ve decided to purchase a property.  And now, you need a mortgage. Without doing much research you can probably name a few places you could head to check out rates. You might walk into your local bank branch, call a mortgage broker you found on Google, or contact a mortgage lending company you’ve seen commercials on TV for.  Three destinations, but in essence, they all are the same: they represent the retail side of the mortgage lending industry.  HomeJab offers something different…modern mortgage lending for the tech-savy borrower.

Retail vs. Wholesale

Retail for mortgages is similar to retail for nearly any other product on the market.  When you walk into Best Buy, for example, you are paying retail rates for electronics. Best Buy, of course, did not manufacture the DVD player that you are buying – the retail store is buying the merchandise wholesale and re-selling the product to you, the consumer, for a profit.

The same process is true for mortgage companies, no matter if you are dealing with a bank, broker, or mortgage lender. Even if the company is considered a “direct lender,” they are upping the price of the original loan in order to make a profit before they sell your mortgage to a wholesale lender after closing.

Surprised? It’s a little known fact, but mortgage brokers, banks, and all other retail mortgage companies sell their loans to wholesale lenders and/or investors that buy mortgages. Every company that is advertising mortgage rates in today’s market is selling the loan in one way or another. You are therefore paying them a retail rate on the loan while the mortgage company is selling it for wholesale prices, and making a profit on the difference.

So just like the millions of Americans who have taken to Costco for savings, you now want to purchase your mortgage wholesale. While it’s not as simple as joining a club, choosing to pass on retail mortgage lenders and instead work with an independent licensed loan originator is your best option. Loan originators can take your application and submit it directly to the wholesale lender, helping you bypass retail mark-ups.

Do the Math

Yes, loan originators do receive a commission for submitting your application to a wholesale lender. But the difference in fees between a single loan originator (an individual) and a retail bank or mortgage company is massive. Banks and large mortgage companies charge 2-3 percent fees not only to make income, but to account for their much larger operating expenses including staff, expensive office space, and other overhead.

On a $250,000 loan, a 2.5% commission for a bank would be $6,250.  An individual loan originator making a more modest commission of 1.5%, for example, would make $3,750 commission on that same loan. That is a difference of $2,500, which is directly applied to lowering your closing costs and interest rate!

Ready for a Change?

At HomeJab, we have a different approach which we are calling “modern mortgage lending”. We are a group of individual loan originators, not a traditional retail mortgage company.  We share an office space with other businesses to cut costs, and each loan originator does his own underwriting and processing.  By significantly cutting costs, we are able to lower our commissions down to an average of 1.50%, significantly lower than every other mortgage company in the market today.  You get the same loan, the same security, and the same home, but walk away with more money in your pocket.

HomeJabA Different Approach: Modern Mortgage Lending.

Close your loan fast in 21 days or less

Handle these 4 things now and prevent a headache later.

In nearly any business when there’s a delay, the blame is placed on paperwork. Cumbersome and confusing at times, the documentation that helps you secure and eventually close your loan is paramount, and by giving it the attention it deserves you can save yourself significant time not only hunting down files, but getting into your new property.

A loan file that has all the right documents from the beginning can close in two to three weeks, while a loan without sufficient documentation can take 30-45 days or more…or never close at all! Make sure you track down the following items so you can close your loan fast!

1. Income

The first aspect of your loan that you will need to document extensively is your income. If you are a W-2 employee, make a copy of your most recent pay stub and your W-2s and filed tax returns from the past two years. Make sure to copy all pages of your federal tax returns and not just the first two pages.

If you are self-employed, two years of personal tax returns are required along with two years of your business returns.  In addition, you will need to make copies of all K-1s or 1099s that you have received.

2. Assets

The second aspect of your loan that you will need to document is assets. Make a copy of your most recent bank statement from your checking account and one other account (i.e. savings, money market, or retirement).

Common mistakes when documenting a bank statement are only copying the first page or printing out an online transaction summary – this will not work with today’s underwriters. A complete statement with all pages (even if the last page is blank) is needed.  If you do not receive paper statements in the mail, you still should be able to download a PDF version of a monthly statement from your online account.

It is also necessary to source all non-payroll deposits and/or transfers into the account. This means that you should write and sign a short explanation of where the deposit came from and show a paper trail by copying a statement from the account where the money was transferred from, or a copy of the cancelled check that was deposited. If cash was deposited, then a copy of the deposit slip should be made.  Copies of cancelled checks and deposit slips can easily be attained from the bank where the deposit was made.

3. Insurance

All borrowers should provide the contact information and policy number for their current homeowner’s insurance. Your coverage will need to be verified, and the mortgagee clause in your policy may need to be changed.

4. Other items of note

If you own a second/vacation home or an investment property, you will need to provide a copy of the most recent tax bill and the insurance declarations page for those properties. If you are a co-signer on student loans with deferred payments, contact the student loan company for a statement showing what the payment will be once the deferred period is over.

As you go through these many documents, ensure that every copy is the full page with no sections cut off.  It may sound crazy, but if there are even a few letters cut off on one side of the page, your underwriter will not accept it.

We all lead busy lives and do not have time to waste, so it is absolutely essential to put the time in upfront and gather all the right documents in the beginning of the loan process. In turn you will save yourself a lot of frustration and time, and close your loan more efficiently.

HomeJabClose your loan fast in 21 days or less

Hiring Filmmakers for Real Estate Videos

Austin real estate aerial videos
Earn $3,000-$6,000 per month PT/FT

Demand for online video is exploding and there are unlimited jobs available!  HomeJab is offering jobs to talented filmmakers & photographers to work on real estate projects.  Realtors are taking to video in a big way and we need your help to keep up with demand!

Film the best homes while earning money with the real estate industry…


Make your own schedule

Most shoots are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm with weekends optional.  You choose how often you work and when.  Most HomeJab filmmakers shoot 5-10 homes per week.

HomeJab uses a mobile app to instantly send you available jobs in your area.  You simply accept or decline each job.  Think of us as the “Uber for Real Estate”!

Free training session

Experienced HomeJab filmmakers will teach you exactly how to film a home so you’re done in 60 minutes or less!  Time is money in real estate and in professional photography.

We can teach you how to film a home in the most efficient way and edit videos in less time.  In other words, you can shoot more homes and make more money!

Equipment requirements:

All HomeJab filmmakers are required to own a full-frame DSLR camera w/ a wide angle lens.  We film videos using a “walk- through” style, so proficiency with a steadicam is required.  Drone equipment is also a plus since aerial cinematography is the fastest growing sector of the real estate video market.

If you currently do not have all necessary equipment, HomeJab can offer 0% APR financing for qualified applicants.

Email us for more details…

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HomeJabHiring Filmmakers for Real Estate Videos

Virginia Real Estate Videos & Photography

We are proud to announce our recent launch in state of Virginia!  At HomeJab, we are committed to producing the highest quality Virginia real estate videos and photography services.

For all locations within 40 miles of downtown Wash DC, we can schedule your shoot in 48 hours or less.  Our local production team includes some of the most talented filmmakers and photographers in the northern VA area specializing in walk-through video tours, photography and aerial footage.

13028 Dunhill Drive Fairfax, VA

2945 American Eagle Blvd. Woodbridge, VA

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HomeJabVirginia Real Estate Videos & Photography

Home Refinancing Made Easy


Closings in 21 days or less.

Banks move slowly and don’t make your refinance a very pleasant experience.  With HomeJab, you’ll close your loan fast and easy.  

You understand every cost and fee.

Most banks will hide the amount of closing costs and offer you “teaser rates” that cannot be locked in.  HomeJab provides you with a detailed breakdown of every term of your loan so that you understand the costs and benefits associated with your refinance. 

The entire process can be done online.

Traditional lenders hire thousands of sales people to call you day and night. HomeJab puts the entire process online so you are in control. You can request updated quotes, access our secure online application and lock in your rate when you are ready.  If you need help, contact our friendly lending team.

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HomeJabHome Refinancing Made Easy

Texas Real Estate Videos and Photography

We are proud to announce our recent launch in the state of Texas!  At HomeJab, we are committed to producing the highest quality Texas real estate videos and photography services.

For all locations within 40 miles of downtown Austin & Dallas, we can schedule your shoot in 48 hours or less.  Our local production team includes some of the most talented filmmakers and photographers in the TX area specializing in walk-through video tours, photography and aerial footage.

18409 Lakepoint Cove, Lago Vista, TX

2210 Mountain View Road, Austin, TX

2904 St Federico Way, Round Rock, TX

2801 University Club Dr, Austin, TX

19015 Falcon Pointe Blvd, Pflugerville, TX

2801 Bluffstone, Round Rock, TX

4401 Sunset Cliff Rd, Burnet, TX

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HomeJabTexas Real Estate Videos and Photography

Searching for Real Estate Loan Expert

Real estate tech start-up HomeJab.com is currently hiring for a Sr. loan originator. Our mortgage platform generates thousands of leads and we are looking for an ambitious, entrepreneurial A+ player to lead our loan department and grow this side of our business to $1+ million per month.

The perfect candidate would be a strong leader and self-starter who sets aggressive goals and can demonstrate a proven track record in financial and/or real estate sales.  We can offer a competitive salary ($96,000) with cash bonuses and shares in our company.

Please email your resume to info@homejab.com.

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HomeJabSearching for Real Estate Loan Expert

Maryland Real Estate Videos & Photography

We are proud to announce our recent launch in state of Maryland!  At HomeJab, we are committed to producing the highest quality Maryland real estate videos and photography services.

For all locations within 40 miles of downtown Baltimore & Wash DC, we can schedule your shoot in 48 hours or less.  Our local production team includes some of the most talented filmmakers and photographers in the MD area specializing in walk-through video tours, photography and aerial footage.

12440 Foreman Blvd. Clarksburg, MD

15312 Merrifields Court, Silver Spring, MD

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HomeJabMaryland Real Estate Videos & Photography