Does your real estate photographer give you leads?

In today’s real estate market, top agents stand out by providing their clients with the very best in visual marketing including beautiful images, video, and real estate drone videos.  At HomeJab, our job is to make the process of producing this content as simple and easy as possible. This means providing our customers with on-demand 24/7 scheduling and a fast next day turn around.

But producing the visual assets is just the beginning.  So, how does HomeJab generate you free leads?

#1 Rank on Google

HomeJab has been shooting homes since 2013.  We’ve worked with 8,000+ agents, produced millions of photos and tens of thousands of real estate videos. In the last 5 years, we’ve shot more homes than just about any company on the planet.  And Google knows this.

Since HomeJab is a content creator and a host of original files, Google ranks us very high for the property pages we create for our customers. Just like YouTube videos rank #1 on Google, HomeJab is the same for real estate videos.  A high ranking generates a ton of free, organic traffic for our customers’ properties.

real estate photography

MLS Integration

We also want to make sure that the buyers watching HomeJab videos have access to the most updated price and property status.  This is why we integrate all of our property pages directly with MLS data. There is no need for the listing agent to edit their property on HomeJab.  As long as the right price is on the MLS, our videos will update accordingly.

By integrating our website with the MLS, we can also provide buyers access to all of the listings, not just the homes we photographed. These leads are funneled back to our customers, the listing agents that hire us for real estate photography.

HomeJab property page

Free Leads for Listing Agents

Unlike some of the other popular search portals out there, HomeJab has no ads and sends all leads directly to the listing agent for free.  There are no buyer agents advertising their services on HomeJab. We believe this makes for a cleaner, more hassle-free experience for buyers.  If they want more info on a property, buyers can simply contact the person who knows the most about it – the listing agent.

aerial real estate photo

We believe real estate is an industry ripe for disruption.  The websites that currently control a lot of the traffic have an old fashioned 1990s advertising model.  Buyer agents are allowed to advertise on listings that are not theirs and leads are distributed to numerous agents.  Corporate interests prevail while margins for local real estate agents get diminished.

Our vision for an ad-free search portal is close to coming to fruition.  We ask that you join our journey towards a new future of online real estate that empowers listing agents to sell homes more efficiently for less costs.  

Hire HomeJab as your real estate photographer to get enhanced visual assets and free leads! 

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HomeJabDoes your real estate photographer give you leads?

Decorate on the Cheap with a Partner


Congratulations on turning two homes into one. When you move in with your significant other, it’s a big step and commitment. If you’ve just purchased, then it’s an enormous financial obligation as well. One of the most daunting aspects of merging homes is combining your separate set of ideas into a cohesive and enjoyable home. That, and not wasting your life savings in the process.

The First Step

Before you hit the paint store and scour for decor inspiration, the two of you should put your heads together and agree on both a budget and an overall design scheme. Sassy Townhouse Living blog recommends that your first goal should be to decide which of your separate belongings will soon come together. Once you have your key pieces in mind, you can get to work choosing new furniture and accents that unify your individual styles.


Where to Shop

It’s easy to get carried away with ideas when looking through home magazines, but if you are on a budget it may be best to steer clear of the boutique bazaars. The big box stores have an advantage when it comes to buying power and often have additional deals. Bed, Bath & Beyond is one example of a store where you can find exceptional quality home goods for a price that won’t affect your retirement fund. A Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon code can help you take advantage of their rotating sales lineup, which changes from week to week and includes everything from coffee makers to bed linens. Not to mention, you know you have a stack of their coupons at home. Do they ever stop mailing these?

Bed, Bath & Beyond doesn’t sell much furniture, however, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for the big stuff. The Simple Dollar suggests IKEA, Target, and even Big Lots. Don’t count out yard sales and thrift stores either. Most communities have at least one secondhand store with low-priced merchandise. As an added benefit, buying used means it’s already assembled, which will save you and your partner the headache of translating an instruction manual.

Furniture Shopping

Do it Together

You may each have ideas on how you want your space to look. But, you have a long life ahead of you and this is a perfect exercise in cooperation, budgeting, and compromise. Decorating your home as a couple requires a lot of give and take. If you like light colors, and your partner prefers darker ones, you’ll have to strike a balance. Buying multi-purpose pieces, such as a reversible comforter or throw pillows with changeable covers, will help you each get what you want at least some of the time, and you won’t have the expenses of buying multiple items to change out from season to season.

When it comes time to add art to your interior, keep it simple. Stick with pictures of the two of you and of the things you’ve done together. A simple photo montage of your relationship, starting from your first date up until the day you purchased your home, is a cost-effective and sentimental way to outfit your new digs. For art that pulls double duty, grab a paintbrush and get creative together. Companies like Painting with a Twist offer opportunities for you to unleash your inner Picasso, enjoy a date tonight together, and bring home artwork you can be proud of. You only pay for the materials you use and you can usually bring along a few snacks and drinks to make the evening more enjoyable (and economical).


Combining households is a big deal. And it can also be a big expense. If your budget isn’t as impressive as your love, you’ll have to make do with what you can afford. Fortunately, keeping an eye out for second-hand deals and visiting stores such as IKEA and  Target make it possible and you won’t have to sacrifice style or selection. Good luck decorating! 

Natalie Jones, of Homeowner Bliss, and her husband had an incredibly overwhelming experience as first-time buyers, but the learning experience laid their foundation for helping others going through the process as well.
HomeJabDecorate on the Cheap with a Partner

Real Estate Photography Dallas: Showcase Your Dream Home

Real Estate Photography Dallas

Dallas is full of people looking to buy a home. Nearly half of all households in Dallas own their own homes. On top of that, population is increasing: “Texas welcomed 400,000 new people in 2016, the largest population increase in the country…about 60,000 people moved to North Texas between 2015 and 2016.” (Forbes). All of these prospective homeowners are looking for a dream home, and each person has a different idea about what that is. HomeJab has unique packages to suite any real estate photography shoot in Dallas and attract the right buyers.

Real Estate Photography, Dallas Neighborhoods

Dallas is full of great neighborhoods, including trendy areas like Bishop Arts District and the West 7th district in Fort Worth. Many home buyers consider the neighborhood to be just as important, if not more important, than the features of a home. Neighborhood footage can show popular downtown areas likes Fair Park, Katy Trail or Highland Park Village. It can also feature walking trails and lakes in rural areas.

For suburban properties, the best aspect could be nearby family friendly parks, as shown in the Neighborhood & Listing shoot below. Regardless of where your property is located in Dallas, you should feature its surroundings with HomeJab’s Neighborhood & Listing package.

178 Balfour Dr, Royse City, TX

Luxury Living in Downtown

Downtown Dallas has recently seen an increase in luxury apartments. Real estate photography for high-rise apartments requires the very best quality. High-end finishes, modern architecture and clear views of the city are what buyers are looking for in a luxury apartment. HDR Photos are the ideal way to showcase these features. HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography balances the light inside and out to create crisp, bright photos with true-to-life colors. This advanced technique is essential on any luxury listing.

Luxury Listings in Dallas

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is growing in population and most are looking to own their own home. Home buyers are looking for their dream home, which means your real estate photography should be the very best quality. Take advantage of HomeJab’s flat rate packages and unique products today and attract the right buyers to your next listing.

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HomeJabReal Estate Photography Dallas: Showcase Your Dream Home

10 Things Vacation Rental Hosts Need to Consider Before Shooting their Homes

Airbnb Photography

On any given night, two million guests are staying in other people’s homes around the world thanks to Airbnb. Vacation rental websites like Airbnb, are responsible for connecting guests looking for a place to stay with hosts that have homes for them to stay in. Currently on Airbnb, there are more than five million active listings globally – that’s more listings than the top five hotel chains combined have rooms!

With that being the case, competition can be savage. There is no shortage of options for guests looking for a place to stay. How then do vacation rental hosts rise above the sea of competition and differentiate their listing from the thousands of alternative options available to prospective guests?

Getting booked begins with having a great listing. Whilst there are literally hundreds of levers available to hosts for improving their booking rate; having an inviting, professional and informative listing is simply a non-negotiable. And the first thing a guest looks at when reviewing a listing is its photos.

Listings without professional and engaging photos simply won’t even make the shortlist of properties to be considered.

airbnb photography

Airbnb listings with professional photos tend to get booked 24% more often than listings without professional photos and earn 40% more than other listings in their area without professional photos.

Whether taking photos yourself or seeking the services of a professional photography service, there are key considerations to keep front of mind prior to taking any snaps of your place. Below we outline 10 things every vacation rental host needs to consider before shooting their homes.

1. Clean Your Home as if a Guest Were About to Arrive

You may think of your photoshoot as simply taking a few quick pics to be uploaded to your listing, but these photos represent how guests are going to be imagining your space. It’s a fair assumption that if your home were ever to look its best, now would be that time. Clean your home as if an excited guest with high expectations were about to arrive: Landscape your garden, remove dishes and cleaning products from the sink, wipe down counter-tops and table surfaces, ensure open closets are neat and tidy and make beds like they do in hotels. Don’t be left with regret upon receipt of your photos for not having done everything to show off your home in its best light.

2. De-Clutter Your Space

An offshoot (pardon the pun!) of preparing a clean and tidy home for your photoshoot is to de-clutter the space. Your photos need to illuminate your property’s personality and remain authentic to its true character. At the same time, your guests are unlikely to have an interest in that stack of magazines that have accumulated over the last few years. Make sure to de-clutter your space, remove unnecessary items from tables and countertops, and conceal any exposed electrical cabling.

3. Put Your Best Foot Forward

One of the six review criteria that a host is rated on at the conclusion of their stay is accuracy. Naturally, guests expect the place they book to look like the home they walk into shortly thereafter. This expectation should not hinder hosts from putting their best foot forward. Use little staging tricks like purchasing decorative pillows, adding beautiful flowers or displaying a bowl of fresh fruit to help prospective guests envisage a life they could otherwise be living themselves.

Interior Design

4. Highlight Unique Features

Many guests choose to book through sites like Airbnb because they are not looking for cookie-cutter accommodation options. These guests frequently seek something unique, special or memorable in a way that hotels (even a nice one!) simply are not. Make sure that your home’s personality jumps off your listing and captivates the attention of prospective guests. The easiest way of doing this will be in your photos.

5. Brighten up the Inside

Maximize the amount of natural light by shooting in the day and opening all blinds and curtains. Turn on all lights, including surface lights (like those on your stove). Make sure to replace any light globes that may have burnt out and ensure flashes do not show up as reflections on surfaces when taking any photos.

6. Capture the Outside too

Letting prospective guests know about your amazing location or the local area can be just as important as getting them excited about the stay in your actual home. Include photos of your local neighborhood and any key attractions or places of interest close by to you too. The best time to take photos outdoors will be the first and last hour of the day’s sunlight.

neighborhood photos

7. Take Photos in Landscape Orientation

Whenever possible, take photos in landscape (instead of portrait) orientation. Pictures should ideally be composed for their intended display medium, and landscape-oriented photos simply display better on Airbnb.

8. Upload One Picture Per Room

As a rule of thumb, only upload one picture per room. Unless additional photos capture additional features that should be brought to the attention of a guest, a smaller number of high-quality photos will focus prospective guests on the key visuals that support booking your place. Depending on the size of your home, 15-25 photos is considered a good number to include for your listing.

9. Use Photo Captions Effectively

Whilst a picture may tell a thousand words, your photos’ captions help to fill in the blanks. Good photo captions complement good visuals and reinforce all the great things guests can already see with their own two eyes. Use photo captions as an opportunity to explicitly communicate key selling points that may not be obvious from the pictures alone, or to paint a picture of the phenomenal experience guests are likely to have.

10. Sequence can be as Important as the Photos Themselves

As strangers who are yet to see your home, prospective guests need as much hand-holding as possible in helping them understand your space. Use your photos to create the closest thing possible to a guided tour of your home. This can be achieved by sequencing your photos in an order that makes its way logically through your home. Hosts typically start with the most captivating photo, which is commonly the lounge room or master bedroom. The first photo is also frequently the ‘showcase photo that gets featured in the booking site’s search results, so make sure it’s a winner!

airbnb photography

Previously, listings with good photos stood in contrast to listings with bad photos. The growth and professionalization of vacation rental booking sites like Airbnb have stepped-up the game and elevated the benchmark for what guests have come to expect. Great is the new good, which mean that good photos no longer even cut it. Ensure that obtaining great photos becomes a critical ingredient in your recipe for getting found more often, winning more bookings and making more money on vacation rental sites like Airbnb.

Written by: Evian Gutman

Evian is the Founder & CEO of Padlifter – the one-stop-shop for getting found more often, winning more bookings and making more money on Airbnb. He is the author of the best-selling book ‘The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money on Airbnb’ and is an Airbnb Superhost that has hosted over 500 guests.

HomeJab10 Things Vacation Rental Hosts Need to Consider Before Shooting their Homes

Funny Videos Made for Real Estate Agents

In our third installment of Funny Real Estate Videos, we are featuring videos that real estate agents may find particularly relatable. Real Estate can be a stressful industry. It’s good to stop once in awhile and have a good laugh. These videos feature all of the frustrations and annoyances that come with being a realtor. Here are our top picks for funny real estate videos made for and by realtors!

And the Oscar Goes to….

Leonardo DiCaprio memes capture every emotion with utter perfection. If you’re in real estate, this video of memes will give you all the feels.

Get Excited for your Open House!

This video was sent in to us by Forbes Property Group! If you have ever had to hold an open house, we think you may be able to relate.

Speaking of Open houses…

Setting up an open house is stressful. How do you host the potential buyers that attend? This real estate video perfectly captures all of the struggles and frustrations that agents go through when guiding buyers through the process.

How To Attend an Open House

Come see me this Sunday–1723 Calvert Farms, Greenwood. Here's how.

Posted by Terry Waggoner on Thursday, May 19, 2016

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HomeJabFunny Videos Made for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Photography Tampa: Innovative Products

Real Estate Photography Tampa

Tampa real estate has recently gone through a makeover. From building projects that bring the focus to Tampa’s beautiful waterfront landscape to making downtown smarter and greener, Tampa has come into its own since 2015. This effort has been rewarded in a population growth that is increasing by 50,000 people per year (Urban Land). It is currently the 3rd biggest city in Florida, with the highest average earnings growth in the state (Forbes). This emerging Florida city provides a great opportunity to real estate agents. Everyone should be taking advantage of real estate photography in Tampa. HomeJab provides traditional photography services in Tampa, along with modern products that will make a your listing stand out.

Capture Tampa in its Best Light

There is nothing more beautiful than a photo of a sunset by the bay. On HomeJab’s Instagram account, our sunset photos are some our most popular posts and generate a higher average of likes and engagement from followers. If you don’t have the time or budget to schedule a twilight shoot, HomeJab has a high-tech solution: virtual dusk. A virtual dusk image is a daytime photo edited to look as if it was taken at twilight or dusk. This product comes free with any luxury package or can be added to any package for only $40 per photo.

Tampa Real Estate Photography on the Waterfront

Tampa is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of beaches, harbors, and lakes. Though, not every property is lucky enough to be right on the water, but it is easy to capture those gorgeous water views with drone photography. Take a look at the following listings in the Tampa area that took advantage of HomeJab’s drone photography.

436 3rd Ave N, Tierra Verde

10039 62nd Ave, St. Petersburg

994 Osprey Ct, Palm Harbor

Florida’s population is rising, and it isn’t just retirees heading south for the winter. Students, professionals, and more are coming from all over and Tampa is a big part of that growth. There is so much potential for marketing your listings in the Tampa area and using the best services and products available will set you apart from the crowd.

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HomeJabReal Estate Photography Tampa: Innovative Products

How to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

real estate marketing

As a realtor, your marketing can make or break your entire business. We have gathered some of the best tips for real estate marketing to transform your business. Check them out!

Hire a Professional Photographer

Today, it is extremely hard to grab, and keep, people’s attention. If you are not already using professional real estate photography, then this change needs to be made. It’s close to impossible to compete in a visual market with less than perfect photos. With websites like Bad MLS Photos, don’t let your listing become the butt of a joke. You need to make a good impression to be noticed and to ensure you brand yourself properly. Besides attracting possible homebuyers, potential sellers will see your past listings. Potential sellers want someone who will hire a professional real estate photographer to make their home look the best it can. Selling a home can be an emotional process already, so putting their home in a bad light can cause a negative reaction from your seller. People react more to visuals than words. Using sexy and flashy wording to describe your listing is not as effective as showing it off. If you are not currently using professional photography, you are missing out on an enormous advantage.

real estate photography

Unique Real Estate Videos

As a realtor, you want to stand out rather than blend in.  Real estate video is becoming a more popular necessity to have of all your listings. How can you make your video different from the rest? Our list of the best videos of 2017 show some of the most creative examples we’ve seen out there. It is definitely great to stay on top of creative video ideas, but it is just as important to stay on top of emerging technology. The latest technology available has allowed HomeJab to create 360 interactive videos. These videos are a more affordable, but an extremely impressive way to view a property. Currently, 360 interactive video is the newest technology available and should highly be considered to impress your clients and attract potential homebuyers. Additionally, it helps those who cannot attend your open house. You are bringing the open house to them.

Market to Millennials

According to a NAR survey, millennials were the largest group of homebuyers for the fourth consecutive year. If you aren’t already searching for ways to attract millennial buyers, then it is best to start immediately. Doing so can increase your business drastically. Check out our list of suggested ways to target your marketing to millennial homebuyers and sellers. Millennials are making a huge impact in real estate and statistics like this are what should be prompting you to change your standard marketing.

real estate photography

Use Property Pages

With every package purchased, HomeJab also provides a free property page. These are very valuable to use. You can edit all of the listing information, add your contact information and picture, and track analytics. This means, you can track visitors, how long they stay on your page, where they are looking from and more. An updated property page can be used to post on all your social media platforms. It will appear as a user friendly link with previews to your photos. The property page can help you look more professional and invested in your listings. This is something that comes free with any HomeJab package, why not use it to your advantage?

realtor property page

Post on Social Media

We live in an age where social media has taken over. Keeping up with social media helps your branding and exposure. Who wants to hire someone who seems out of touch with current trends and isn’t advertising on the right platforms? Additionally, how are you going to get your listing in front of potential homebuyers? A great idea for social media is a teaser video. This is when you have a quick, less than 1 minute, video highlighting the best features of the home. It leaves the viewer wanting to see more and with a feeling of excitement. Additionally, all of HomeJab’s photos can be easily uploaded to all social media platforms. Ensure you are flooding your pages with your newest listing. You want to keep your listing on their mind and in front of their face.

real estate marketing

Neighborhood Tours

When you show off the neighborhood this helps you in multiple different ways. First, the neighborhood being showed off with the listing makes the home even more desirable and can stir excitement in a potential buyer. Second, this can help your personal branding. Using the local, friendly, neighborhood realtor is something people search for. A referral is still one of the biggest ways to gain leads. If the whole neighborhood knows you as the best, then your name will be recommended a countless amount of times. Third, if your listing is in a desirable neighborhood, then you are not fully listing the home without it. Take advantage of all major features of the home. Check out our neighborhood packages to help boost your listings.

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HomeJabHow to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

9 Real Estate Photography Tips for Experienced Photographers

real estate photography tips

The industry is swamped with real estate photographers these days. It seems as though everyone with a camera is jumping on board. This rise in real estate photography has caused a large flood of work in the market, resulting in what only can be a tough spot for a photographer. To overcome this tough position and separate yourself from other photographers, we recommend you read this article which will inspire you to take better real estate images. Remember, the more work you put into your craft, the better the outcome.  So without further ado, here are nine real estate photography tips to help you rise above the competition.

Tip 1: Use a tilt-shift lens

Photographing real estate or commercial architecture requires special equipment in the form of a tilt-shift lens. A tilt-shift lens corrects any distortion ensuring any vertical lines remain vertical. The lens is capable of correction as it can move off axis independently from the camera. You could use your standard wide angle lens, but unfortunately, you will have to do quite a lot of distortion and perspective control in post-production, which when you think about how many photos you will take can become a time waster. Purchasing or renting a tilt-shift lens can make all the difference to your photography.  Please check out The Best Lens for Real Estate Photography to learn more.

Tip 2: Spend time with minor staging

When first arriving at a new listing, rather than taking out your camera and shooting lots of photos, put your camera away. Instead, focus on cleaning the place up. At this stage, think of yourself as a set dresser rather than a photographer. The time you put into making the area look amazing is the time you will save in post-production. Things to do include turning on all the lights, turning off any television screens, and moving loose objects so it compliments your shot and the overall flow of the space. Once you have done all these things, then pick up your camera and take the photos. If the home is completely vacant, you may want to suggest to the real estate agent that they consider virtual staging.

real estate photography tips

Tip 3: Outsource your editing workflow

When taking lots of photos, the editing workflow can become a time-intensive process. In many cases, photographers refer to this stage as a nightmare. Many successful photographers outsource their editing so they can free up time to do more jobs. There are many companies offering cloud solutions for real estate photographers. However, if you are looking to outsource editing as well as all of the other administrative tasks like sales, scheduling & customer service, you may want to consider working with HomeJab.

Tip 4: Build strong relationships with real estate agents

Many professional photographers seem to overlook this key tip. Without a great client relationship, there is no work. So, before you pick up a camera, build an excellent relationship with your real estate partner. Talk to them and understand what they require, meet their every need, arrive at the shoot on-time and always keep a positive attitude. Do this right, and you will never run out of work again.

Tip  5: Use a tripod with rubber feet

Many new houses have wooden floors. When you enter a home, the last thing you want to do is cause any damage. Make sure you have a well-maintained tripod that is free of spiked feet. Opt for a tripod with sturdy rubber feet instead. Otherwise, you will leave scratch marks all over, and you will end up having to pay for repairs. This sounds like a simple thing, but it happens to many photographers who don’t maintain their equipment.

Tip 6: Avoid reflections

When photographing rooms with large windows, you can minimize your reflections by shooting during times where the light is evenly balanced. Typically, these times are dawn and dusk. Choose a right angle where reflections don’t show. If you find you can’t avoid reflections, turn off half the lights, and add them in Photoshop during post-production using the Render Light functionality.

real estate photography tips

Tip 7: Obtain your UAV license for aerial images

This tip may take time to master, but when you get your license to shoot real estate drone videos, your business will expand significantly. Real estate photographers who obtain their license are always in high demand as many of their clients opt for aerial photos of a residential or commercial property. These photos give their clients a perspective and an idea of the location they usually wouldn’t be able to see. Combine these aerial images with your high-end interior shots, and together they will complement each other ensuring the work is always coming in the door.

real estate photography tips

Tip 8: Use a camera that has a high ISO capability

Sometimes as a real estate photographer, you may find yourself in a dimly lit room, like a wine cellar or garage. Using a camera that has an excellent signal to noise ratio is essential to retain all the details in these situations. Some of the Sony A series and Canon series of cameras perform exceptionally well at higher ISOs. We encourage you to read our recent article Best Camera for Real Estate Photography for more details.

Tip 9: Use an off-camera flash to light dimly lit rooms.

Another way of lighting a room apart from bumping up your ISO is to take multiple exposures using an off-camera flash. All that’s required here is to set your camera on a tripod then sync a wireless trigger to the camera and on the flash head. Once you have everything working together, then take a few photos without moving the camera and fire the flash in different areas of the room to ensure you obtain a correct exposure. Then, in post processing, combine all the images and mask out any areas where you may see the flash. The result will be a beautifully lit photograph.

Hopefully, when combining all these real estate photography tips, you can lock in some extra work and stand out from the crowd as a real estate photographer. The climb will be hard to gain more clients, but at the end of the day, your bank account will thank you.

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HomeJab9 Real Estate Photography Tips for Experienced Photographers

Funny Real Estate Shoots – Animals in the Spotlight

Last month, we shared the Top Funny Real Estate Videos on the internet. It was so much fun we decided to do it again- HomeJab edition! We have our own share of funny real estate photos and videos. Our photographers have seen it all, from extravagant interior design to spooky encounters.

On occasion, local HomeJab photographers have come in contact with animals, too. These animals are sweet in nature. They don’t approach photographers because they are interested in real estate photography, though. They only care about one thing: making their internet debut!

Birds of a Feather

Can you Spot the Napping Cats?

Instagram Celebrity

The Dog Walk

I’m ready for my close-up

Window Dog


Caught on Camera

We always enjoy seeing these adorable and ridiculous animals pop up in real estate shoots. If you’re looking for more laughs, check out the original Funny Real Estate Videos post.

Do you have any funny real estate photos or videos? We would love to see them! Comment below if you find a funny real estate ad, video tour, meme or prank.

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HomeJabFunny Real Estate Shoots – Animals in the Spotlight

Listing Exposure with HomeJab and Waze

homejab and waze

Who doesn’t want more exposure for their listing? We recently ran a survey to agents not currently using our services to inquire about what they are looking for most in a company. We also have done several past surveys with our current HomeJab customers to gauge what they truly need. It was consistent that listing exposure was on everyone’s mind. We want to make your life easier, so we came up with a solution: advertising with Waze Local.

What is Waze?

Waze is a free mobile GPS driving app and is used by 100 million people monthly. It allows users to update their driving experience with current information such as road delays, traffic, accidents, and more. This has aided in users saying the app is more reliable than Google maps. The average user spends an average of 11 hours per month on the app. This is more engagement than Snapchat and comparable to Instagram.

advertise with homejab

What is HomeJab Doing?

For a limited time we are offering free advertising with Waze to new customers. How do you get this? Just sign-up! You don’t need a listing upon sign-up. There is no commitment and the advertising can be used when you are ready. Once you have a listing that you’d like the extra exposure for, simply purchase any package through HomeJab. Once you have purchased a package with us, that listing will be promoted as a gift from us to you. This means 15,000 views in a two week period. That’s 30,000 eyeballs on your listing! We will create the ad and link it back to your HomeJab property page for potential buyers to view.

listing promotion

Who is Targeted?

Waze is owned by Google. This is an extremely important detail in the role of who is seeing your ad. Waze uses data pulled from the user’s Google searches and analytics, which forms accurate suggestions to the user based on their personal preference and behaviors. This means, anyone searching for a home will have your listing shown to them. The right target audience can make all the difference. Advertising homes to the wrong audience is ineffective and a waste of your time and money.

real estate advertising

What is Seen?

There are several ways someone can spot your listing and several bits of important information we will have on your ad.

  • Your listing is always a ‘pinned ad’, so if someone is just browsing their route without driving or searching the area, your listing will have a small marker where it is located that will show it is a home for sale. The viewer can click this pin for more information. You can see our HomeJab logo pinned below.

waze real estate

  • When driving, the ad will appear during any red light or stop sign as a banner ad. This banner ad shows your listing address,that the home is for sale, who is selling it, and the property price. They can quickly click this and drive to straight to the home. This banner ad also appears if they click the pin.

waze advertising

  • Both the pinned ad and the banner ad have a button for more info where you can list even more information such as the property page, contact information, and more.

real estate marketing

Waze Advertising Tips

  • Your open house

Waze advertising is more than a standard advertisement because with a quick tap on your phone you can have immediate and accurate directions to the location. This makes advertising an open house incredibly easy and beneficial. If someone is driving in the area, then your open house will appear on their screen with directions. This is a real buyer looking for a home being informed that at that exact moment, they can tour the listing. An advertisement that brings a buyer right in the door. How can you beat that?

  • Coming Soon

Want to get a jump start on getting your listing out there? Get your upcoming listing to garner some excitement among potential buyers and have a waiting list of tours when your listing goes live. Imagine a potential buyer leaving their preferred neighborhood after seeing a home they hated. They put Waze on to head home and a pin pops up showing them a new listing is about to hit the market and they better act fast!

  • Your listing

You don’t need an open house scheduled to use Waze advertising to its fullest potential. Your listing alone is worth this extra advertising. The Google analytics that are being used to target exactly who you want to see your listing is exactly why you want to get yours on here. This enables someone in the market for a home to have your listing pop up on their screen. They can immediately drive by it and see the perfect exterior, the nearby park, the attached garage, or whatever makes your listing have curb appeal. They will be quick to contact their realtor to schedule a tour.

Waze advertisers stated that they saw “20.4 percent more monthly navigations when they started advertising with Waze Local”. You can receive 20% more business simply for trying HomeJab out. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of before it’s gone.

No extra work. No extra cost. Just more business.

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