5 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Real Estate Photography

The home buying process can be a confusing and stressful time. This is especially true for first-time homebuyers. Like any major purchase or change in your life, research is important. It is always best to read and learn as much as possible prior to diving into a huge life change. The end outcome is always worth it. You will have a place to call your home.

Here are 5 helpful tips for any first-time homebuyer:

Get Organized

Buying a home is huge purchase so, of course it will involve paperwork. It is best to get as organized as possible. Get together all your financial information and organize it so you can easily find any requested paperwork. 

Besides needing to organize your personal belongings, be prepared to receive paperwork as well. Get a folder, get some sticky notes and file any and everything given to you. You don’t know when you may need to go back and reference something.  This will greatly reduce your stress. 

Organize and check all of your personal information. Do you know your credit score right now? There are plenty of completely free monitoring sites. Get yourself signed up to one before plunging into your home search.

Real Estate Photography - Office

Trust Your Broker

After getting yourself organized, you will have a clearer understanding of your bills and financial standing. Running out to the first open house isn’t necessarily the best next option. You need to have a clear understanding of how much you can spend on a home. This is when you get prequalified. Speak to a broker about your finances and they will help find a the budget you need to stay within.

Getting prequalified is the easy part. Once you are under contract with a home the mortgage process begins. This is why your broker will play one of the most important roles in your home buying process. If you go to a large bank the possibility of getting bounced around from different people and receiving unclear answers are pretty high.

If you go to a smaller local business you can personally meet your broker. They can help explain all the fees and details to you. They are there to find a mortgage that works for you, not the bank. If something feels off, it is. I felt most comfortable after finding RateJab. I knew my personal broker by first name and I received the best mortgage that I qualified for.

This may be one of the biggest loans you ever take out, why would you not want to be confident in the person helping you through this?


Be Prepared for Disappointment

When you tell others you are looking to purchase your first home, you will be greeted with a ton of “how exciting!” comments. The process can actually be disappointing in certain cases. There are an overwhelming amount of times that a contract falls through. 

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to a home. An inspection can find major and expensive structural issues. There is nothing stopping the seller from refusing to fix things and leaving you to make the emotional decision to break away from the home. This process is long and anything can happen such as a fire, natural disaster, or a reason to break the contract.

Be prepared that the first home you fall in love with may not end up being yours. The ninth home you fall in love with may not end up being yours either.

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No Large Purchases 

You are already in the process of one of the biggest purchases in your life, so keep your wallet closed. When it seems like everything will be smooth sailing, don’t run out to open that second credit card to purchase the modern sofa you saw at your local trendy furniture store. Unless the major purchase is absolutely and completely necessary in your life, just be patient and wait it out until after closing.

Your credit score will be pulled prior to closing and you run the risk of changing your debt to income ratio. This could jeopardize the home becoming yours. No large purchase is worth risking losing the home of your dreams for.

Real Estate Photography

It’s Okay to Argue

This one might sound odd, but I wish someone had told me to be more confident. Will all of your demands be met? No. Will some of them? Maybe. It is always worth trying to argue for anything you feel should be done prior to closing, the price, or contract details. Do not let the seller or seller’s agent bully you into any decision. Explain your demands to your agent, get their advice and go for it. You may have to settle on some things, but it’s always worth trying. The fact that this is your first time does not make your opinion and demands any less important.

Real Estate Photography

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HomeJab5 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

November’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

real estate photos

A perfect recipe for a home exists. It is not solely the size, the features, or the details, but a balanced mixture of them all. We love to share all the incredible homes we get the pleasure of photographing, but we love even more to see what you like most. This is a must-see list of some of the top real estate.

Here is a roundup of the 5 most liked on our social media platforms during the month of November:

#1: The Grand Entrance

This stunning 6-bedroom 5 and a half bathroom takes first place. It’s easy to fall in love with this impressive home. It screams elegance and beauty. It’s most incredible feature is the entrance into the grand foyer. With the double stairs and hardwood floors, it is fit for a queen to make their big debut. We can’t help but reminisce scenes from Titantic or The Princess Diaries. Any real estate obsessor can easily see why our social media followers were quick to like this. Located in Chadds Ford, PA.

Listing Agent: Thomas Greer

#2: The “Buckingham Palace” on Buckingham Lane

Welcome to your home dreams come to life. This gorgeous piece of real estate is full of endless features. Besides the obvious appeal of a spacious 4-bedroom 4 bathroom home, it has a ton to offer. This North Wales, PA property features a full kitchen that includes an extra large island and tons of cabinetry. Not sold yet? This home has a fireplace, an oversized gathering area, tons of closet space, a full in law suite and even an organic garden in the backyard. I mean, what does this home not have?

Listing Agent: Pat Tranzilli

#3: The Custom Built Dream

Locating in Georgia, this home has been custom built and is located on a private lot. It features 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Imagine, each family member having their own room and bathroom! The architectural design is truly unique and enough to turn anyone into a real estate lover. The added built in bookshelves are convenient and a beautiful touch. The best feature of this stunning home is the enormous dressing room. Styled with a vanity and tons of closet space. Any clothing fanatic would be in heaven here. Last, but not least, it is impossible to be bored here. You will find a gym, a pool table room, a swimming pool and two tennis courts. Yes, we said two.

Listing Agent: Susan Myers

#4: Theater Room Romantic

Any home with a water view is automatically awesome, but what if we said this home not only has a water view but mountain view too? Drooling? So are we. With all these breathtaking views, you’d wonder why anyone would spend time inside. Well, this home includes a very great reason to be indoors. The theater room is one of the most spectacular we have seen yet. The rest of the home is equally as incredible. It competes well with the other top homes listed in when it comes to space, featuring 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Bonus points for the wine cellar, huge bar and grand windows. Located in Leesburg, Virginia.

Listing Agent: Marlene Baugh

#5: Minimalist Master

We’re so glad this one made this list. This fantastic two bedroom New Jersey home is able to accomplish that perfect home recipe, just on a smaller scale. It certainly gives the larger homes above a run for their money. It is quaint, modern and extremely desirable. With a ton of minimalistic details, this home is every modern obsessive person’s dream. This home features details such as a TV mounted onto a slate wall, mounted track lighting and step in closets. Move aside mansions, this chic home is hard to resist. Located in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Listing Agent: Brandon Budda


Don’t forget to show off your HomeJab photos by adding #homejab when posting. Maybe your listing will make the next top rankings.

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HomeJabNovember’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

Why HomeJab?

Real Estate Photography

Not all real estate photography is created equal. It takes someone who possess the talent and can understand your vision. Homejab is a group of passionate people who have perfected real estate photography. We understand the real estate world and the photography world, but what else makes HomeJab the best choice for all real estate photography and media needs?

Photographers are Local Professionals

HomeJab photographers are local professionals in your area. We do not hire anybody that simply owns a camera. All applicants are expected to send several samples, history of their work, and meet our equipment requirements. We hold all applicants and current photographers to a HomeJab standard. You can expect the highest quality from any photographer assigned to your shoot. We have already searched and found the best local photographers in your area. This helps save you the time and energy of trying to find the best local photographer. We have already found them all. This means that great local shooter your competitor is using, is probably a HomeJab shooter!

Real Estate Photography

Fast Turnaround Times

Our turnaround times are unbeatable. We send all of your media within 24 hours after your appointment is completed. If you choose virtual staging, then it is completed within 1 business day. Most edit requests are back the same or next business day. This means you receive professional media delivered straight to your inbox in no time. One entire step of listing a home is completed quickly, with ease, and professionally. Normally, quality and fast do not pair together, but HomeJab delivers both.

Quick Scheduling

Our entire scheduling system was recently overhauled and redeveloped. We created an app called JabJobs for our photographers to receive your order instantly. This was all to help make scheduling a breeze. We know how hard it can be to coordinate several different schedules and we wanted to improve this process. Now, you can get an appointment almost instantaneously.

Real Estate Photography

Small Headquarters

Though we serve nationally and have a large number of photographers, our headquarters is a small friendly office. This means more personalized help and prompt responses. Your questions, concerns, and needs are not sent down an assembly line or put on hold. We answer emails and phone calls in a timely and cheerful manner. We handle customer needs and know the importance of personal relationships.

Real Estate Photography

On-site Editing Team

We have a team right in our office that can help enhance your photos. We offer virtual staging, blue sky replacement, custom branding, virtual dusk shots, and so much more. This enables us to speak directly to you regarding your desired edits and understand them to their fullest. Our editing team is professionally trained and more than qualified.

Real Estate Photography

HomeJab is much more than quality real estate photography. We are real people who understand the business. Our team has an eye for talent and a mind for real estate. You can always trust HomeJab to get the job done with quality, talent, and ease. Let us be there for your next listing.

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HomeJabWhy HomeJab?

HomeJab Introduces Elite Package

Luxury Real Estate

HomeJab is now offering a new and unique package for those listings that are beyond basic real estate.

HomeJab is regularly identifying the newest needs and demands within the real estate marketing world. There seemed to be a lack of lifestyle and luxury conveyed within videos. Not all listings are created equal and a higher end product was needed to separate a luxe listing vs basic residential real estate. We created a way to introduce these things into your video. HomeJab proudly announces our new offering of our Elite Package.

Gain Maximum Exposure

If you are looking to gain the most exposure and create a video that not only can sell your listing faster but be the most unique out there, then this package is for you. Gain maximum exposure by going above and beyond the standard real estate video. Two completely different and difficult hurdles are trying to get noticed and stay noticed. This type of video can help accomplish and dominate both of these tasks. This is essentially a mini feature film of solely your listing. It can draw in the viewer and help them feel the excitement, fun and comfort of living there. This style of video will easily impress your viewers and make a lasting impact.

Real Estate Commercial

Enhance Personal Branding

This is an excellent way to enhance your personal branding and make a statement. The video can be posted on your personal website and social media. It will become a representation of you. This is the perfect way to add a little luxe into your style and brand. This can be the step from basic to upscale. Your personal branding can make or break your success. Choose an elite package to elevate yourself above the rest. 

Luxury Real Estate

Real People, Real Help

Creating content like this needs planning, professionals and time. HomeJab has found a way to do the legwork for you. We can discuss your vision and create it, all while keeping the personal help and guidance we offer in every step. Our photographers are all professionals and understand how to deliver the highest quality media while maintaining a personal touch. Leave it to the best in the industry, sit back and relax. 

Luxury Real Estate

Stand Out

This package is far from anything standard. It is what can set you apart from basic residential real estate. Upscale listings need to play to a different kind of consumer and this is exactly the way to grab their attention. Sometimes photography and a standard walk-through video simply cannot invoke the feeling and message that certain listings require. Dominate the market with our new Elite Package.

Luxury Real Estate

Click the video below to see our new Elite Package:

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HomeJabHomeJab Introduces Elite Package

It’s Always Sunny at HomeJab

Blue Sky

HomeJab includes blue sky replacement on two of your exterior photos automatically. Here at HomeJab, it’s always sunny.

Save Time

Time is of the essence when it comes to your listings and we understand that. HomeJab is always looking for new ways to help you get your listing up faster. We have already mastered quick turnaround times, fast scheduling and an on-site editing team. There was only one nature driven roadblock that stood in our way: the weather. Therefore, we offer blue sky replacement to solve this problem. This ensures you can keep your appointment regardless of the gray sky and get all your media faster. You eliminate the hassle of rescheduling and the headache of waiting. 

Blue Sky Replacement Before

Blue Sky Replacement

Impress your Clients

If the whole week looks gloomy, don’t fret. Impress your clients with blue skies on a gray day. You are already making the best decision possible for your listing by choosing professional photography and we want to ensure we always deliver the highest quality. Save time worrying about the weather and put it into prepping the home for its close-up. Your client will be not only amazed at the professional photography you are presenting, but at the initiative you took on choosing a company that can ensure you keeping your appointment and still getting a perfect exterior photo for marketing.

Blue Sky Replacement Before

Blue Sky Replacement

No Extra Cost

A little known fact about every shoot you order through HomeJab is that we will automatically replace the gray sky in two of your photos with a blue sky. This is at no extra cost to you. We always make certain that you have that perfect money shot. Sometimes waiting for a sunnier day is not an option. You can’t force the sun to come out, but we sure can make it look like you did. Be the ultimate agent by using HomeJab and WOW your clients with some HomeJab magic! 

Blue Sky Replacement Before

Blue Sky Replacement

Professional Editing

Our HomeJab team members are professionally trained. You can expect to have photos that not only look real, but are impossible to distinguish from real or edited.

Blue Sky Drawing

I mean, can you even tell this is fake? Just kidding of course, see the real result below:

Blue Sky Replacement

Order your shoot today and leave the rest up to us. Your listing is in good hands.

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HomeJabIt’s Always Sunny at HomeJab

Is the Real Estate Industry Ready for 3D Virtual Tours?

While 3D virtual tours may be “the next big thing,” it has been slow to penetrate the real estate photography industry for a number of reasons – ranging from cost to simple unfamiliarity.  Realtors with 3D views of their property are few and far between and there doesn’t seem to be much demand for it either among them or the clients they represent.

Of course, photography itself has never been more in style when it comes to real estate, and for good reason.  Nothing tells a property’s story better than photographs, and consumers have come to expect high-quality ones at that.  In fact, real estate photography is becoming more sophisticated all the time; aerial drone and walk-through videos have enjoyed huge increases in demand, as has professional photography.  But demand for 3D photography, in contrast, has pretty much gone nowhere.

Real Estate Video Preferred Over 3D

As a clearinghouse for professional photographers in the real estate industry, HomeJab talks to hundreds of photographers and thousands of real estate agents each year.  Just through this ongoing exposure, we can confirm first-hand that the demand for 3D technology for real estate photography is practically non-existent – only about two percent of our contacts even raise 3D as a possibility.

One primary reason is cost; 3D photography is expensive and like any other service provider, realtors are always thinking of their bottom line.  A shoot using this technology is much higher-priced than a conventional shoot because the equipment is more expensive, and hosting fees increase costs even further.  In addition, most home buyers do not own expensive VR headsets, which would allow them to easily view listings in 3D.

When buyers are searching for a home, they universally turn to the Internet to view pictures of each property.  More and more often, they are conducting these searches on their mobile phones, which do not lend themselves to 3D viewing.  Even video is a less attractive alternative than still photography when buyers are trying to assess a property quickly.  Flipping through snapshots of a home online is still the gold standard for real estate photography – but only if it is done professionally!

Professional Real Estate Photos Still Reign Supreme

Despite the limitations of 3D, it would be short-sighted to write off this technology entirely.  Homes are 3D spaces so it makes sense that at some point in the future – perhaps when costs decline – it will gain momentum.   In fact, online real estate leader, Zillow, just announced its plans to launch a free mobile app next year to capture spaces in 3D.  But, many are skeptical about the overall quality of Zillow’s product and how it would be different than old-fashioned 360 tours that were rejected by the industry years ago.

If advances in 3D capture eventually lower the cost of production enough, 3D may become a more mainstream alternative.  Once the number of 3D home tours online increase, customers will begin to expect to see 3D and feel much more comfortable with the technology.

Example of 3D Virtual Tour

As true technology geeks, we at HomeJab are always researching the latest product introductions and trends in the photography industry.  Keep tuning in and we will let you know when it comes time to take 3D more seriously.

HomeJabIs the Real Estate Industry Ready for 3D Virtual Tours?

How to Market to Millennials

Market to Millennials

According to a recent survey completed by Zillow, half of today’s home buyers are under the age of 36. This means half of your entire market are millennials. The numbers are too large to ignore and your marketing and online representation need to entice and attract all potential home buyers. This poses a a larger issue: how do you attract millennial home buyers differently than other generations?

1. Professional Photography

Millennials are more online than ever. When it comes to professional photography, you just can’t skip it. This is one of the only guaranteed ways to attract more traffic to your listing. Long gone are the days of newspaper advertising and here are the days of gorgeous, vivid and storytelling photographs. These photos will not only grab attention, but keep it as well. 

Real Estate Photography

How HomeJab Can Help:

This is the easy one. We have found the top professional photographers in your area and make it easy and fast to schedule an appointment with them. Each HomeJab photographer has to be approved personally by our team. We guarantee the best real estate photography on the planet.

2. Online Presence

Do we need to mention again how millennials are more online than ever? This cannot be emphasized enough. You must have your listing online or your listing will be long forgotten. Get those photos and videos on every social media platform you have. Ensure your listing is easily found when searched.

Property Page

How HomeJab Can Help:

Every single one of our packages comes with a free property page. Use this to your advantage. You can add your photo, contact and detailed home information. This will come up in Google searches and you can use this link to flood your personal social media platforms. Additionally, we make it easy to use an embed link to upload anywhere you desire. 

3. 3D Virtual Reality

3D is making waves in the technology world, but not all agents are using this yet. That is exactly why you should. The difference with 3D virtual tour and a video tour is the interactive ability. The user gets to control what room and where they go next in the home.


How HomeJab Can Help:

We can produce 3D tours and we keep the process as easy as any of our other orders. They can be scheduled as quickly and sent directly to you upon completion. Our 3D tours can be viewed on a VR headset (featured in the above photo) as well. Think: anyone in the world can walk through your listing.

Check out more information here: https://www.homejab.com/3D

4. Aerial Photography and Video

Aerials can show a totally different view of the home that otherwise would not be captured. Drone photography and video is still fairly new, but quickly becoming a necessity in real estate marketing. Aerial views can aide in making your listing stand out and differ among a million others. Not to mention, how cool is this?

Aerial Photography

How HomeJab Can Help:

HomeJab has received 333 exemption from FAA to fly drones commercially for the real estate industry. In lesser words, we have taken care of all the necessary procedures in order to get aerial photography and video done. There are no special steps to take, simply purchase a package that includes aerials.

5. Make Your Listing Sexy

No, you can’t ask the home to pose provocatively, but there is a huge difference between a desirable looking home versus an undesirable home. If the listing features large windows, do not skimp on the photography. Opt for HDR photos to ensure the windows are clear. Also, look for real estate photography packages that offer things such as a virtual dusk. Is your listing naked? Add virtual staging! There are tons of options out there to make your listing its sexiest. 

Real Estate Photography

How HomeJab Can Help:

There are several ways to spice up your listings with our services. One way is ordering a luxury package. These packages not only contain HDR photography, but each package comes with a virtual dusk. Another great way to gain attraction to your listing is with the use of virtual staging. Staging has proved to increase the amount of interested home buyers and is a fantastic way to take a vacant room from bland to WOW.

These are just a few key suggestions on how to get your listing noticed by millennials. Why would you only want to market to half of potential home buyers? Click here to order now.

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HomeJabHow to Market to Millennials

5 Ways to Prep for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

So, you just confirmed your order for professional real estate photography. What now? Ensuring your home is perfect for a photo shoot is critical. The photos will not only represent your home but help potential buyers see it as a future home. Opting for professional photography is the only way to guarantee receiving the best photos possible, but it does not come bundled with a cleaning service (are we on to something here? cleanjab? no?).

Below are some great tips and tricks to keep in mind when prepping for your HomeJab photographer’s arrival. 

1. Remove all vehicles from the driveway and front of the home.

This one is easy to forget. You are wrapped up in cleaning the interior and ensuring it’s spotless, that you forget to check outside. A car in front of your home can keep a photographer from getting that perfect exterior money shot.

Cars in the driveway - real estate photo Are you looking at the home or this giant mini van?

2. Declutter, declutter, declutter!

We cannot emphasize this enough. A ton of clutter can not only ward off potential buyers, but can make rooms appear much smaller. Less is more! 

clutter in room - real estate photo Does this make you want to tour the home?

3. Make sure all the light bulbs work.

This may seem obvious, but sometimes you overlook a bulb or two that have been out for a while. Lighting can be key when taking photos. If the electricity is on, then all the bulbs should be too.

lights do not work - real estate photo There was so much potential for this sunshine painted bathroom.

4. Hide any evidence of pets.

Hey, we love animals too but not everyone out there is too keen on them. This could ward off potential buyers.

pets in real estate photo Can you spot our furry friend in this video?

5. Make sure all furniture is neat and in the correct spot.

A dining table in the bedroom or a mattress in the kitchen can mess with someone’s bearings on the layout of the home. It could easily result in a buyer moving on to look at the next listing. 

furniture in real estate photo So, is this the living room or the kitchen? Living Kitchen?

These are just some of the top things to do off of a full prep list we offer. Please click here to view. Real estate photography is one of the most important parts in marketing your home. How you prepare will make a huge difference. 

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HomeJab5 Ways to Prep for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

Virtual Staging: Home Staging of the Future

Virtual Staging

Technology is constantly evolving and advancing so the way you sell a home should be too, especially if new technology can save you up to thousands of dollars. In addition to saving a ton of money, what if changing an old method of staging your home could also save you time, energy and stress? Virtual staging is replacing the need for home staging and for great reasons.

No design consultation or consultation fee, no moving of furniture, no hidden costs and no appointments need to be made when you choose virtual staging. You simply pick what photo and which template you like. These easy steps can be done from the comfort of your couch or while in your office when you have only a few moments to spare. Send over your choices to HomeJab and the next day you will receive a fully staged room.

Virtual Staging

Furthermore, with virtual staging you can move pieces around. If you hate the layout – change it! This gives you full freedom of designing the perfect room to showcase your listing. Did you know some home staging requires a 30-day contract? Virtual staging requires no contract or commitment. You can stage 1 photo or 10. The choice is entirely yours.

The National Association of Realtors recently found that 77% of buyers’ agents stated that the staged homes helped their clients visualize it as a future home. If you could attract more interested clients, why wouldn’t you? Additionally, agents have reported to spending a minimum of 1% of the listing price to be spent on home staging. You can spend a fraction of this with virtual staging and have the same effects. This is a massive difference that should not go unnoticed.

Next, the amount of time, energy and stress spent on staging is severely cut down. See the difference:

Steps for Home Staging:

  1. Request services and wait
  2. Schedule a consultation/on-site visit
  3. Wait for prep plan and quote
  4. Schedule a date to move in the furniture
  5. Coordinate date with photography services
  6. Schedule a destaging appointment

Steps for Virtual Staging:

  1. Schedule your photography services
  2. Choose photos & virtual staging templates after delivered
  3. Send choices to HomeJab and in 24 hours received your completed photos

The difference and benefits are clear.  Click here to try virtual staging today or simply contact sales@homejab.com to get started.

Virtual Staging

Pricing for home staging begins at $79 per photo.

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HomeJabVirtual Staging: Home Staging of the Future

Hook Up with a Digital Artist in Your Area – Fast

Real estate photography scheduling

Here at HomeJab, we have been busy designing a new app to instantly connect you with our HomeJab talent. Our solution to ensuring a fast scheduling process led us to the successful development of JabJobs. This app is for all of our talented photographers to use to instantly connect with you – the agent.

First and foremost, what does this mean for you? You do not have to change a thing and can order as normal with HomeJab. The difference now is HomeJab connects and confirms you faster and easier.Scheduling app for real estate photography

You can order online at any time of the day. For instance, this means you can order in the middle of the night and know you have an appointment before the sun rises. Let HomeJab confirm your appointment while stuck in traffic or a meeting. HomeJab is constantly seeking new ways to limit the time you have to spend marketing your listing. As always, our media is delivered within 24 hours after your appointment. We also include a free property page with every package.

In other words, HomeJab is here for all your real estate media needs. Get photography, aerials, virtual tours, 3D tours, and so much more, for your listing without the headache of an inconvenient scheduling process. We search for the artists in your area for you. Our professionals are experienced, talented and meet our required HomeJab ability.

Gail Nyman, one of the top 100 Remax agents in the US, describes the convenience:

“I can get photos, videos, aerial views and even 3D tours all in one place at affordable prices. Superior quality and usually one day turnaround is impressive. I used to have to hire 4 different venders to do what HomeJab does for me!”

Make your life easier and get back your valuable time. Schedule with HomeJab and ditch the headaches. Order your shoot today and see how HomeJab can help. https://www.homejab.com/


1307_Beach_Terrace__Longport__NJ 3702_Henson_Ave__Annapolis__MD_21403


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HomeJabHook Up with a Digital Artist in Your Area – Fast