3D Virtual Tour or 360 Interactive Video?

360 video

The real estate industry has seen some big changes over the past few years.  New technology including aerial drones, 3D virtual tours and most recently, 360 Interactive Video, has made the home buying process more efficient.  Today, one out of three buyers in the Unite States places an offer without even seeing the home in person.

The key to bringing real estate transactions completely online is making the production method cost effective for sellers and user-friendly for buyers.

Right now, the two leading technologies for presenting homes online are 3D virtual tours and 360 video.  Please check out the examples below and cast your vote!

3D Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are produced by stitching together panoramic photos in various locations throughout the home.  The user then points and clicks to the next location and is able to explore in all directions.

360 Interactive Video

The newest method for presenting homes online is 360 interactive video which can be played as a standard video, but offers the viewer the option to interact by clicking and moving around to view the entire room.

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HomeJab3D Virtual Tour or 360 Interactive Video?

HomeJab Photographers Gone Wild

Haunted House

Working as a real estate photographer can certainly lead you into some strange situations. I mean, what could possibly go wrong when walking into an unfamiliar home? We asked our HomeJab photographers for their best stories. Some stories are cringeworthy, creepy, or just plain weird. If you’re a real estate photographer, perhaps there are some you can relate to.

Powerful Enemies

“It was a really nice neighborhood with it’s own private airport. I was getting drone footage of the private airport and I had the airfield manager right next to me monitoring my flight. One of the residents of the neighborhood noticed my drone and pulled up on us in a really aggressive manner. He was driving fast straight at us, slamming on breaks right before he reaches us and revving his engine before getting out. He went straight at me after getting out of his car and his face was as red as his car. He demanded that I land the drone immediately and that’s when the airfield manager stepped up to him.

He didn’t care that it was a monitored flight and that we took all the safety precautions, he wanted me to land it anyways. The angry resident and the airfield manager were face to face noses almost touching yelling at each other. It reminded me of a weigh-in for a boxing match. Eventually the angry resident leaves and that’s when he told me “you’ve made a powerful enemy today.” I never saw him again after that.”

Maybe he is busy making more enemies?

awkward story

Bao Nguyen, Tucson AZ

Awkward Affair

“While photographing a house in which the tenants were present, the lady of the house decided to show me nude and semi-nude modeling pictures of herself on her cell phone while her husband cleaned dog poop out of the backyard.”

The dog wants it to be known he had nothing to do with it.


Mickey Newman, Philadelphia PA

The Jackhammer Fiasco

“I met up with my agent and started taking photos inside for a while and I thought I heard some construction happening outside (like a jack hammer or something). I didn’t remember seeing anyone doing construction outside as I came in, but I didn’t think much of it. I went outside for a moment and saw the agent working hard on something like hammering on something that sounded like metal. I went back inside to continue shooting photos and eventually made my way to the beautiful balcony view that the house had to offer. I began framing up my balcony shot that overlooked the touristy village and noticed a large stream of water flowing down the street way out there in front of me and it was kind of breaking my concentration.

I tilted my eye line down, followed the stream back all the way up to just below the balcony I was standing on. I saw the agent working really hard with the water as it was flowing out of the ground and he was attempting to open the a sewer lid on the side walk. To me it look like he was doing some really good important work fixing part of the house. I go back inside for more shooting and curiously look back out as two cop cars are showing up, two plumbers and a man from the local water district. Now I was really wondering what the heck was going on. So I tried to finish up quick inside and when I came out, I realized the agent was attempting to hammer the listing sign into the ground and had broken a water pipe. Can’t blame him though! How could he have known that? What a crazy situation”


David Leys, San Jose CA

Hot Pants

“I had a lady offer to sew my pants that I had just ripped loading my truck. Literally said oh just take em off. Sewing is a hobby of mine. Her husband had just relocated to North Carolina and she didn’t want to move.”

Well, at least your pants would have been fixed.


Dave Apple, Philadelphia PA

Parkour Skills 

“I was on a lockbox shoot. I was photographing one of the bedrooms when I went out on a tiny balcony to see if there were any notable shots worth taking from it, but before I realized it, the door had shut behind me…and locked. The front door key I had with me wouldn’t open the door and so I thought I was stuck. A few minutes later, along came an old man walking toward the house. I called out to him, hoping he could come through the front door and let me back in, but there was a slight language barrier. He attempted to explain from the street that it was his son’s house and proceeded to walk around the corner to the front door and out of sight. I wasn’t quite sure what he was doing, but I thought he was going to let me in.

Instead, about a minute later, he came back around the corner and told me he planned on selling his house next year and asked if I could help photograph it. I told him the company I worked for, HomeJab, and with that he continued walking before I could get his attention. At that point, I realized my best opportunity was gone and decided I would need to get down myself. Luckily, I had a background in parkour and was familiar with scaling walls and climbing, so I was able to drop down from the balcony onto the pavement with relative ease and re-enter the house through the front door to grab my camera from the balcony and continue shooting.”

Does your resume include parkour skills?

Parkour Skills

Sam Howells, Chicago IL

Less Parkour Skills

“While out on a recent shoot in which the homeowner and the agent were not present, I got trapped on the 2nd floor porch balcony when a wooden bar attached to the porch’s sliding door fell and held the door shut from inside. After speaking to the agent on the phone and learning that both she and the homeowner would not be able to assist me for at least an hour, I decided to jump off the porch. Or rather, I climbed down the side and hung onto the floor of the porch before dropping a good seven feet down onto the ground below.”

Maybe some parkour can be learned from the photographer above.


Mickey Newman, Philadelphia PA

Where’s the House?

“When I arrived at the property I had to shoot, the house was burned down. Seemed like it had been for a while, but they didn’t know.”

Maybe they can market it as a ‘hot’ new listing?

Burned Down


Faith in Humanity Restored

“I had my drone fly off on a shoot and it never came back. I purchased a new drone and went back to the property and re shot for the agent and all was good. About a week or two later the agent called me and said someone found my drone to give them a call. I met with the guy and he found the drone. At the time I didn’t have any contact info on the drone and didn’t know how he knew who to call. He said he downloaded the SD card and saw the footage of the house I was shooting and drove over to the house and got the agents # off the realty sign and called them. Needless to say I got the drone back and it was crashed and worthless but the GoPro and SD card were in working condition and they sat out in the rain and weather for a couple weeks. I was mad at the time I lost my drone but when I got the new drone glad it had crashed and made me upgrade because the new one is so much better.”

How could we not include this feel-good story?

Jump for Joy

Dan Dennis, Orlando FL


“This was a dilapidated old house in Morrisville that had apparently been on the market for a couple of years and gone through many different realtors. I show up to a broken lock box. I call the realtor to let them know…no answer…I leave a message. The door is open so I go in a start the shoot. As I finish up the second floor I hear a bit of commotion out front so I go and check it out. As I’m making my way down the steps half a dozen cops start screaming at me to freeze and get on the floor. I did while explaining the situation in a panic. Everything worked out”

It’s just photos, not a robbery!


Party Down

“I think it was an old house outside New Hope that got subdivided into apartments so a weird shoot to begin with. As I made my way through it just got worse and worse and worse. Trash everywhere, cat litter everywhere, dirty dishes piled in the sink, boxes of random crap blocking the stairs….the works. But the kicker was the master bedroom with a guy passed out, face down, naked in the bed and a little pile of, what I’m assuming, was cocaine on the nightstand. I didn’t take pictures of that room”

Well, maybe they just needed a nap?


Federico Ferreri, New Hope PA

Leatherface Fixer Upper

“Had a job out in the countryside in Plantersville, TX. Thinking might be a quaint country estate.. as I drive through the piney woods I arrive at a property that looks clearly abandoned.. overgrown super long grass/weeds.. vines connecting the trees.. the house was probably very nice when first built, cute style with large front porch.. but now the paint was peeling away, screen door hanging off it’s hinges, all power was cut off as it was ‘winterized’.. inside was musty, creaky stairs, mismatched peeling wall paper, BULLET HOLES IN KITCHEN WINDOWS.. and a strong sense that Leatherface was about to pop out at any minute with his handy chainsaw…”

No HomeJab photographers were harmed in the making of this photo.

leatherface house

DeAnna Villalobos, Houston TX
Have a horror story? Tell us about it in the comments!

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HomeJabHomeJab Photographers Gone Wild

February’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

real estate photography

Check out the best of the best from February! We had some seriously impressive listings this month and it would have been hard to choose ourselves. We let the likes on social media talk and here are the top listings:

1)  The French Romantic

This Clementon, New Jersey home is all about the staging. Every room is perfected to a tee to fit right into a French style decor dream. The subtle pink hues, the multiple chandeliers, the French style furniture, and the delicately placed details leaves no interior designer wanting more. This townhome has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and proves decor can go a long way. All our previous months, the top listing was a larger than life home with luxurious amenities. This is the first townhome to take the lead and we credit it’s dedication to design. This listing has an oversized kitchen and features dark espresso cabinets to suit all your cooking desires. The top floor has a master bedroom with an attached upgraded bathroom. This townhome also has a garage and plenty of room for entertaining. Lastly, there is an attached deck large enough to fit plenty of guests. It’s the townhome of our dreams.

Listing Agent: JoAnne Paxson

2) Loft Life

Lofts were created for photo shoots. They somehow are always camera ready and oh so charming. This one in Orlando Florida is especially photogenic. From it’s unbelievably large windows to the mid-century decor, this loft is not something you want to miss out on seeing. This particular unit is located on the 12th floor and is a two level 1-bedroom loft. The windows look out to Lake Eola and certainly don’t leave anything to imagine. Really, check out the size of the windows! The ceilings are an impressive 20′ high and, if for any reason, you ever need to step out of this gorgeous place a large balcony is attached. This loft also has power solar shades, a generous walk-in closet and a full bathroom with a garden tub. Additionally, this unit is made to ensure it produces minimal sound transfer. Can we change our mind from the listing above to this outrageously dreamy loft?

Listing Agent:Brad Fletcher

3) Pennsylvania Paradise

This custom built beauty can be found in Schwenksville, PA. It features 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and certainly offers a ton of space. This listing has no shortage of large window views and skylights. When you step inside this enviable listing, you are warmly greeted by a massive 2-story foyer entry. This home has a spacious study, a kitchen that has two pantry cabinets and a ton of counter space. Get this, one pantry in the kitchen is a walk-in! This listing was made for entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, there is a second level deck and a lower patio. This is perfect for warm summer nights with friends and family. The family room has a gorgeous floor to ceiling stone fireplace and is a must-see! What’s better than a fireplace? Two fireplaces. Walk down to the finished basement and you will find another fireplace. What’s better than two fireplaces? Three fireplaces. Check out the master bedroom and you will find a double sided fireplace and a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. This really is a slice of home paradise.

Listing Agent: Nicole Bauder

4) Lake Life

This New Jersey home is just steps away from Newtown Lake. That means, you can wake up every single day to a view of the lake. Enjoy the views even more outside with a cup of your morning coffee on the patio, or on the wrap around deck. This home screams ‘relaxation’. The listing features an open floor plan with a large kitchen. The kitchen has an oversized island and glass doors leading to the deck. This makes enjoying a meal outside effortless! The lower level also has a spacious pantry, powder room, and an office. Check out the upstairs and you will find a master bedroom that includes a giant walk-in closet, spa quality bathroom, and of course access to the balcony. The second level also offers two more bedrooms and another full bathroom. This is a great home for a family! Check out the pictures and see what your future lake life could look like.

Listing Agent: Donna McHugh

5) A Diamond on Diamond Drive

The more listings we see in Arizona, the more we contemplate moving there. The views are impossible to compete with and so is the unique aesthetic of the real estate. This 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom is absolutely stunning. This listing sits on a private cul-de-sac and features mountain and city views. Seriously, wait until you see these mountain views. You will be itching to move too. When it comes to the home, we don’t even know where to start. It is wall-to-wall perfection. Actually, let’s just start with the spectacular outside. Step out into the courtyard and immediately be impressed by the artfully structured pool with heated spa, fountain, double sided fireplace, outdoor BBQ with cooking area AND an outdoor shower area. I mean, you could just live in the backyard. The inside of the home is extremely spacious and full of classic design details. Each room leaves you speechless! The master bathroom is fit for royalty and the walk-in closet is large enough to be another room. We’re not sure words do this listing any justice, so just check out these pictures!

Listing Agent: Jeannie Olsen
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HomeJabFebruary’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

Photographer Feature: Jordan Bond, Austin TX

real estate photo

Jordan Bond has been a photographer for HomeJab for over three years now and has quickly become one of our most requested. He goes beyond what is expected of him and never fails in delivering the best photos, video, and aerials possible. Our customers love him for his great demeanor, quality of work, and his strong work ethic. We dove into Jordan’s brain to see what got him into this industry, why he loves working for HomeJab, and what makes him so great!

Who is Jordan?

Jordan grew up in Arlington Texas and moved to Austin when he was freshly 18 years old. His love for Austin grew quickly and he has been there for 10 years now. For roughly 5 years Jordan has been pursuing his love and talent for photography and videography. When Jordan is not holding a camera you can find him participating in a multitude of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding or enjoying his local swimming holes. Jordan also enjoys playing music with friends and fiddling around on the guitar, drums and keyboard as music was his first passion prior to the photography field.

homejab photographer

Jordan did not plan to end up in the photography field, but quickly became a natural. He originally moved to Austin to pursue a career in music and hoped to write for movies, TV shows, and more. After a friend invited him onto a movie set, Jordan’s interest increased. He had the thought to grab a camera, make his own movies and then use his music in them. This led to taking more photos and video and Jordan realizing his passion for this new hobby. Jordan learned a lot from online tutorials and took a semester of fundamentals of photography at ACC, to nail down the basics. Jordan’s drive to learn is clear from looking at his work. He has an extreme talent and creative eye necessary for this industry.

Professional Life

Jordan works for HomeJab as well as a wedding company on the weekends. He keeps himself busy with professional work, but still makes time for personal projects. A project he enjoyed was one holiday he created a mini family documentary. He documented his whole family during the holiday experience and even set up interviews with lighting and pro audio. Can we say, jealous? We’d love to pay someone to create a lasting family memory like what Jordan created for his!

When we asked Jordan what made him unique from other people in this field, he wrote us:

“I really care about the quality of work that I deliver and I really want the client to be happy with the end product. It’s very easy to go to a real estate shoot and feel that this shoot isn’t very important, it’s just a dumb house, it’s not like it’s a million dollar blockbuster hit I’m working on.”

“I feel I try to treat all my jobs with the same amount of importance as a big time director would working on his next big hit. I think a lot of this kind of mentality comes from wanting to do everything I do well.”

real estate photo

More on what sets Jordan apart:

“Another thing that might set me apart is my attitude towards people. I really enjoy meeting new people and find most people have something important or at least interesting to offer if you are willing to interact and listen to them. I actually enjoy working with the clients and I think this helps me as a HomeJab shooter. Good customer service really goes a long way in this industry and I’ve noticed that most clients want to work with a photographer that they feel not only does a good technical job, but also creates a solid working relationship. They want to work with someone they trust and someone who makes them feel comfortable.”

Jordan is absolutely right and has proved this time and time again. His friendliness combined with his superior talent has been the perfect mixture to gain a regular and new customer base.

aerial photography

What do you like about HomeJab?

Jordan enjoys working for HomeJab because it is a workplace where he gets paid to create his passion daily.

“There is such a huge difference in working a job that you have no passion for and a job that you do have passion for.”

He continues, “The odd jobs that I used to work when I was younger would always eventually whittle me down. You get to a point where you don’t want to go in anymore, or when you do go in all you can think about is ‘how much longer do I have to be here?’ These jobs weren’t even terrible jobs, but I had no passion for them. With HomeJab I never think about how much longer is this day going to be. Each shoot is viewed as a project that I want to deliver my best work on.”

real estate photo

Jordan also enjoys working for HomeJab because he loves to meet new people and the excitement of seeing new and unique listings: “One of the other things that I really like about working for HomeJab [are] the clients. I’ve met so many great people (real estate agents and homeowners). I’ve been able to develop solid relationships with many of HomeJab’s clients, it makes doing my job so much more fun and relaxing.”

He writes, “I can’t tell you how many great conversations I’ve had with homeowners over the past few years. I meet so many interesting people. I also like being out in the field. The fact that I’m not going to the same place every single day really helps keep the job fun and interesting. I get to go to so many great places in and around Austin. I work in the suburbs, the city, and sometimes out in the middle of nowhere on a 100 acre farm house. I’ve shot cookie cutter homes, trendy downtown lofts, farm houses, mobile homes, mansions and sometimes just really bizarre places. I did a shoot the other day where the homeowner had built an entire 18 hole mini golf course in the backyard. I had never seen anything like it before.”

real estate photo

His Future?

Jordan will continue his career in the photography world because he enjoys it so much. He still finds it to be a fun job. It has become a real passion of his and he enjoys when learning something new. He wants to participate in new technology with HomeJab and outside of it. He expands, “Just a few years ago I had never even flown a drone and now I’ve owned multiple drones and have flown them all over Texas.”

HomeJab is proud of the talent we have. We are confident in our quality of work thanks to the great people we have hired. We strive to ensure our customers are in experienced and professional hands, always.



Twilight photo shoot

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HomeJabPhotographer Feature: Jordan Bond, Austin TX

January’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

real estate photos

Another month, another round-up of our most “liked” listings! Has your listing made it to the top yet? Don’t miss out on seeing the best of the best. Some of these listings feature unbelievable water views, colossal windows, private balconies and so much more.

1) Beach House Goals

This 4-bedroom, 3 bathroom is close to the beach and bay without the nautical touch. Located in Mantoloking, NJ, it is a modern lover’s dream home near the beach,  minus standard anchor and seashell decor. We love a great shore home, but not everyone is on the same page when it comes to a nautical design. This open floor plan paired with beach and bay views has us scrambling to see more. This property is also only steps to a private beach. This new construction means brand new everything. Check out the kitchen’s sleek and modern design. The bathroom features marble detailing and a large jet tub that is perfect for soaking in after a long, sandy day at the beach. When living here,  you’ll be asking “what is stress?” in no time. The biggest WOW of this home? There is an elevator that gives access to every floor. AN ELEVATOR!

Listing Agent: Lawrence Greenberg

2) Captivating California Condo

Located in Carlsbad, California this listing tied with the beach house goals above. It’s clear why these two were so hard to choose from. This updated condo features 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. This listing has ocean views that can be seen from the master suite private balcony. That’s right, we said master suite balcony. You can roll out of bed and literally walk to your balcony and greet the morning sunrise over the ocean. Did we just describe your dreams? If that was not enough to sell you on this condo, it also features a fireplace in the living room, a walk-in closet, rooftop deck and it is located in a gated community.

Listing Agent: John Conlon

3) Presidential Home on Presidential Drive

Sitting at a whopping 4,282 square feet this Horsham, PA listing leaves nothing to be desired. Containing 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, this custom colonial greets anyone who enters with a 2-story foyer. Since there is a 2-story foyer, that means 2-story windows. This creates a ton of natural sunlight to spill into this home and fill it with bright sunshine. The large windows do not stop there. Enter into the breakfast room where you will see floor to ceiling windows and then take a peek into the family room and, that’s right, find more windows highlighting the backyard views. We have yet to even discuss the master bedroom! This master bedroom has a walk-in closet and a relaxing attached master bathroom. The bathroom contains a jetted tub, dual vanities, and even a sunlight. Basically, this listing is move-in ready for royalty.

Listing Agent: Ron and Carol Young

4) Bathroom Dreams

This Austin, Texas home has a lot to offer, but what stole the show was the incredible bathroom. Simple and elegant, but containing spa-quality luxury this bathroom has it all. It features 2 separate sinks while one has an attached vanity. The lighting above the vanity is set for a movie star. The bathroom has a spacious and inviting tub that faces a large window to peer at the beautiful sky. Let’s step outside the bathroom, if you would ever want to leave, and the home has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The kitchen possesses a ton of counter space and there is a front deck perfect for lounging around during a warm summer night and watching the sunset. This is enough for us itching to check out Austin!

Listing Agent: Ashley Stucki

5) Waterfront Oasis

Take a peek at this Jacksonville, Florida townhome and you will not be let down. That is, if you ever want to go inside. This townhome is located waterfront with an open patio overlooking Intracoastal Waterways. If this is not enough to keep you and your guests happy in the outdoors, this property also comes with a private floating dock. We aren’t too sure why you would ever have to go inside, but let’s take a peek indoors. This townhome has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. When walking in, you take your first steps into an open concept family room. The kitchen features a large island, white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. The bedrooms offer space and the bathrooms offer relaxation. This Florida townhome certainly has it all.

Listing Agent: Lindsay Della Porta
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HomeJabJanuary’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Photography

real estate photo

Introduction – What is Real Estate Photography?

Photography is incredibly essential to real estate. A good photograph will showcase the best features of a home and make it appealing to the potential buyer. If you possess the skills to capture beautiful photos of a home then your services will be in high demand with local real estate agents. If you are getting into real estate photography for the first time, what do you need to know in order to be successful?

This is the essential guide to real estate photography.

What Equipment Will You Need?

The required equipment you will need for real estate photography is a camera, lens and a tripod.

Essential specifications for a camera and lens:

The wide range you want is between 14mm – 18mm, with a 17mm or lower being ideal. A good example is a 16mm-35mm zoom lens or a 16mm-28mm. Do not purchase a fisheye lens. A wide angle lens is necessary to ensure you include the entire room within the photo.

A tripod is a requirement. This enables you to keep your camera steady while shooting. This is especially important when performing an HDR photo session.

Please Note: Flash is used at the discretion of the photographer and their personal experience level. 

When is the Best Time of Day to Take Real Estate Photos?

The time of day you choose is crucial. The timing comes down to the aspect of the property (its orientation in relation to the four cardinal directions). It is best to have the sun directly behind you. If the sun is directly behind the home, the sun will face directly into the lens and cause a glare. Though, be aware of your own shadow when taking photos. 

If the property faces:

  • East: in the morning light as the sun rises and hits the front of the house
  • West: try shooting during the “Golden Hour” when the glowing low-angled sun will be hitting the front of the home
  • North: late morning to early afternoon
  • South: early in the morning or right before sunset

Preparing the Day Before the Shoot

Call to Confirm and Ask Questions

When you call a day before it can help avoid last minute cancellations or a rush the day of. This can remind the agent and/or homeowner that they have an appointment tomorrow and what the exact time of arrival is. Use this phone call to gather a list of “must-have shots”. This would be a list of any key features that are not standard to take and/or obvious to a third party. Examples of these shots could be a close-up of a backsplash, a small pond in the backyard, detailing on a fireplace mantle, etc. This will also help ensure you have the right equipment for all requests.

Send a Home Prep List to the Client

The homeowners need to be prepared for the day of the shoot, so it’s important to send them a list on how to do so. Advise them to reduce clutter as much as possible and make the home photo ready. The prep list includes reminders for tasks that may not be obvious to your client. For example, it reminds them to check that all light bulbs are working. The prep list also points out how important it is to ensure the exterior is ready as well as the interior. Let the client know to move garbage cans and vehicles out from the driveway and/or front of the home.

Day of the Shoot

Call Ahead

Even though you called the day before, life happens. Always call prior to leaving. Various situations can happen such as, children getting sick, leaks starting in the home, home staging is delayed, or many other things that could result in the home no longer being ready.

Be Patient and Respectful

This can be a stressful time for the homeowner. There might be children or pets running around. The owners might be doing last minute staging and cleaning. In some cases, the homeowners may be selling due to an emotional life event (death in the family, divorce, lost job, etc). You are unaware of what the homeowner may be going through, so be patient, pleasant and approachable. Upon arrival introduce yourself in a friendly manner. Let them know your name and that they are in good hands.  

Request to Walk Through the Home

It is helpful to do a full walk-through of the home with the agent and/or homeowner prior to beginning. This enables you to discuss key features and have them point anything out. It also gives you a better idea of the home’s layout. As you walk through, you can let the agent and/or seller know about any last minute items they should move or adjust.

Turn On All of the Lights

When you turn on all of the lights it makes the rooms look warm and inviting. It can help fill all corners with light. If the room is poorly lit, either move a lamp from another room, with permission, or inform the agent and/or homeowner so they are aware.

How to Get the Best Photos

Always overshoot the home so you have extras and can choose the best shots. Additionally, customers often ask for extras. It is handy to already have them and avoid any issues that would require you to return to the property.

Tips for Shooting the Exterior:

  • Take multiple shots of the exterior of the building from varying distances and angles.
  • Avoid your reflection in windows.
  • Avoid including the For Sale sign in the photo. Remove it temporarily if possible.
  • Evaluate the weather and how it will effect the exterior photos. Slightly overcast days can be a good time to shoot exteriors. The cloudy sky acts as a diffuser, which will remove shadows and provide even lighting.
  • On cloudy/overcast days, shoot all exteriors in HDR to allow for easy blue sky replacement during post-production. Please note: Blue sky replacement can be done if you are editing yourself and have these capabilities or by sending RAW files to a post production company.
  • Use your viewfinder alignment grid to make sure that all lines are level, vertically and horizontally.
  • Be sure to capture at least 2-3 “money shots” of the front of the home.  These can be a straight on shot either from a medium distance and zoomed in on your lens, from a closer distance but zoomed out or the non garage side at about a 45 degree rotation from the front.

Framing the Entire Exterior

Don’t only take a photo of the home straight on – chances are this won’t be the most flattering angle. The driveway will appear foreshortened and it can be hard for the viewer to tell how large the home is. Instead, it’s better to frame the exterior shots from the corners of the property.

Try shooting the house from the front corners of the property and from various points in between. For example, you might want to shoot from an angle opposite the driveway. This will give you a better overall perspective on the home and will show more of the landscaping.

Also, if the home has desirable features on the exterior such as a beautiful stone walkway, a deck or a pool – make sure that you frame these within the shots. These are the type of special features that your client will need to show.

real estate photo real estate photo real estate photo

Additional Exterior Tips:

  • Walk back into the backyard and shoot a photo looking at the back of the house.
  • Get a shot looking off of any deck, as this is a great vantage point to showcase the view.
  • Offer to use a front exterior shot to create a virtual dusk. This can help improve click-through rates for the agent.

real estate photo backyard photo

Basic Tips for Shooting the Interior:

  • Make sure all cabinet doors are closed and toilet lids are down.
  • Turn all lights on and dimmable lights all the way up.
  • Move any trash out of the shot.
  • Hide personal toiletries and/or towels found in bathrooms.
  • Make sure your camera bag and gear are not in the shot.
  • Pets should not be in any shots.
  • Avoid reflections in mirrors.
  • Shooting on an angle from a corner gives the impression of a larger room.
  • The most important shot of each room is almost always facing the windows. Capture at least one angle that shows all the windows for every room, if possible.
  • Take a photo of the front entrance of the home while standing in the doorway.
  • When shooting open floor plans, focus on distinct areas for some of the photos, defining what could be considered a dining room, or a breakfast nook by taking a photo that showcases that portion of the open area. You should also take photos that show how the portions of the layout relate to one another. For Example: Take a photo in the corner of the kitchen that faces the dining area and then out to a family room.

real estate photo interior design real estate photo real estate photographer

Technical Tips for Shooting the Interior:

  • Shoot in RAW so you have maximum editing potential during post production.
  • Use exposure bracketing/blending/HDR to avoid blown out windows and get the best true to life colors.   
  • When performing HDR brackets on the tripod keep your ISO under 800. Be sure to get an exposure that is correct for just the window view, one that is bright on the inside and one in the middle. Generally, you will want to shoot a balanced exposure and then range + / – of varied exposures that work best. It is beneficial to shoot extremes on both ends, light and dark. 
  • Try to pair this function with your HDR brackets so that one push of the shutter will fire off 3 photos with varying exposures. Please note: Certain cameras will only produce a JPG when using this function. Be aware of what settings your camera allows.
  • Try to stop down your lens inside so that you are not shooting wide open. This will expand your depth of field and render more of the rooms in focus. For example: if you have a lens that goes down to F 2.8, you should be shooting at F4 or higher. Inside your shutter speed should be no slower than your focal length handheld. Since you will be generally shooting at a wide focal length, then you can push it a bit if stabilizing against a wall or stable on three points of contact.
  • Change your ISO as you go through the home as necessary. Please note: The ISO will vary depending on the camera you own. Ensure you research the capabilities and recommendations for your specific camera. Some cameras may be best when within the 400 – 1600 range, while others can be closer to 6400. Get to know your equipment.  
  • Keep in mind that since you are shooting in RAW file type, more detail can be brightened out of shadows then reduced down from highlights. If your photos look a bit dark when reviewing them on your camera, you’re probably okay.
  • Shoot with your white balance set to auto, only set it for a manual light type if the photos are looking significantly wrong.

Controlling Ambient Light and Flash to Avoid Overexposed Windows

One of the issues with photographing a room during the daylight hours is that the light inside the room can be up to three stops darker than the light outside. In this situation, if you take a photo with your camera settings adjusted to expose for the room that you are in, you will be leaving the windows looking too exposed. They will look like squares of white light and will distract from the overall photo.

To avoid this, your goal should be to balance the light coming through the windows with the light inside the room. This will allow you to see everything within the room, as well as the view outside the windows.

One strategy for this is to take three or more photos at different exposures and then blend them together with software such as Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. 

Another strategy is to use an off-camera flash. With this technique, you set your camera to expose correctly for the windows, then increase the amount of light in the room with a flash. Here is a resource on avoiding over exposed windows in interior photography to help you learn more about this.

window view real estate photographer real estate photo

Camera Height for Correct Vertical Edges

The rooms inside homes come in all shapes and sizes. Every time you enter a room you will need to think about the best perspective for that particular room. One of the most important aspects of this is the camera height.

An important rule to follow is to always make sure that your vertical edges are correct. If there are vertical lines in the photo (door frames, edges of windows, walls, etc) these need to be truly vertical. This can go awry when you use a non tilt-shift lens and you tilt the camera up and down. The vertical lines in the image can diverge or converge and not appear completely straight.

The simple solution is to level the camera. When you shoot from eye level you have a natural tendency to point the camera downwards, which will create converging verticals. Instead, try placing the camera somewhere between doorknob height or chest height.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

No matter how you are shooting, make sure that the camera does not move in between shots. This will guarantee the image alignment for multiple exposures. Remember to bring a cable release or a wireless trigger to ensure no camera movement. If you forget one, use the camera’s built in timer function.

Check your memory card before you leave a home and be sure you have a least one good photo of every room. Powder rooms, laundry rooms, and basements can be easy to forget.

A major mistake is starting a shoot without a contract. If you haven’t agreed on the terms, a short shoot can turn into a large project that includes staging and/or cleaning. Make sure that all parties agree on what the shoot will consist of to ensure you are compensated fairly. This will also ensure the agent knows what they will be receiving, in terms of the media.

Additionally, don’t start work as a real estate photographer without having standard liability insurance. If you accidently break something, it is best to be covered by your insurance.

You should also make sure that you are providing your clients with high resolution photos and low resolution versions. If you can give a client a finished product that they can upload straight to their website or print immediately, then they are more likely to walk away a happy client. This may help you gain a regular client. 

These are the most important basics to know when you are starting out with real estate photography. With practice and creativity you can become a master of real estate photography and make an income helping agents and homeowners showcase their properties.

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HomeJabThe Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Photography

December’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

It’s that time again! We have gathered the listings most liked on our social media platforms. These are listings that contain a special mix of unique features, impressive details and enviable decor. Ensuring your listing is photo-ready before a shoot is essential to creating the best real estate photos. Even these luxurious homes were prepped to perfection!

Did your listing make it this month? Here are the 5 most popular listings the month of December:

1) Modern Sanctuary

This listing is Located in Downington, PA and it hits all the necessities when it comes to a modern and sleek home. From the simple decor with a splash of color to the carefully chosen lighting, all aspects of a modern home are included and perfected. The master bedroom features relaxing green walls and large windows. The tufted headboard and mirror nightstands are enviable. The kitchen and dining area is where this home thrives. Kitchen islands are highly in demand and this one features two beautiful Edison bulbs paired with trendy light pendants hanging above. The dining room faces large patio doors and check out those window views! Millennial homebuyers look no further.

Listing Agent: Caitlin Yaro

2) Aerial View Perfection

Aerials are always an impressive addition to your listing. It shows a perspective no other type of photography can capture. This home feels like it was made for aerial views. The perfect symmetry of the home features, pool and rolling green lawn is a sight to see. This home is a classic Georgian style created by an Atlanta based architectural firm. You can see the creativeness and craftsmanship that was put into this stunning residence. This home features 5 bedrooms ands 5 bathrooms with grand attention to detail.  This listing is made of home goal dreams. Find this palace in Longwood, Florida.

Listing Agent: Brad Fletcher

3) Window Heaven

Windows, windows, windows, windows! If you’re a sun child and love natural sunlight spilling through, then this home was created for you. First, the best feature of this room is the large living area filled with windows which makes it more than perfect for entertaining or lounging around with your family. Let’s try and move past the fantastic amount of sizable windows. This listing features 3.6 acres of land and solar panels. These solar panels keep electric to roughly $100 yearly! Unbeatable. This listing includes a 3 car garage and a 3,000 square foot basement. The possibilities of what to do with all that space are endless. Located in Laytonsville, Maryland.

Listing Agent: Rocky Bowers

4) Spa Life

This Texas home evokes a life of luxury! The Malviaiz builders of Texas are the builders of this home and it is clear that not one detail went unnoticed. Step through a grand entrance into a breathtaking foyer featuring high ceilings and Cantera columns. The luxurious bathroom is what made a splash on social media. The bathroom feels like you stepped into a palace. The architectural characteristics are a sight for sore eyes. This is truly an architecture lover’s happy place! Leander, Texas is where you can find this listing.

Listing Agent: Megan Turnipseed

5) Private Peninsula Paradise

Florida is filled with endless waterfront properties. We never get tired of seeing beautiful homes with stunning views, who could? This home is unique as it is located on a private peninsula and offers panoramic lake views. Seriously, how can you beat that? It certainly doesn’t hurt that the home is stunning! This 6,000 square foot home features stone columns, a spa bathroom, a huge game room with an attached balcony and so much more. This Orlando home really has it all! If that all wasn’t enough, this listing comes with a private walkway to your own pavilion and boat dock.

Listing Agent: Brad Fletcher

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HomeJabDecember’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

The Best Real Estate Videos of 2017

Real Estate Video

We have produced thousands of real estate videos in 2017 and it was a tough decision, but we have curated the best of the year. Real estate videos are becoming an essential part of marketing your listing. It is the best way to help a potential home buyer get a true sense of walking through the home, meet your team or gain the maximum exposure. Now is the time to impress on the internet, it is no longer optional. HomeJab pairs our videos with a great selection of royalty free music and always guarantee the best quality. We have an on-site editing team that can help bring your ideas to life.

Here we present our best real estate videos of 2017. Did yours make the winning list?

1) Lifestyle Video

Our lifestyle video was produced to showcase our newest package. This video is an example of what we can produce for our Elite Package. We designed the Elite Package to cater to those luxury listings.  Some listings require more than a standard walk-through and this package is your solution. We love this video for the uniqueness, the actor and actress, the beautiful loft we showcase and the overall excitement of it. This video was able to capture the feeling within the loft and leave you wanting to see more.

2) Team Commercial

We have the pleasure of working side by side with some of the top agents in the nation. We are always excited when our clients request a team commercial. This is not only a great choice to highlight your team, but to get your names out there as well. It helps potential clients see another side of the business and get to know the team on a personal level. We especially love how this one came out because it shows how dedicated Jason Townsend and the entire Capital Community Property group of the DC area are. The personal interviews with each member of the group paired with the gorgeous shots of DC all while our popular music “Seeing the Future” makes this team commercial perfect. A commercial like this is an essential part of marketing. It can be used regularly and posted on your personal website. Take the time to view this one, you won’t regret it.

Agent: Jason Townsend Capital Community Properties

3) The Most Interesting Home

HomeJab’s team is filled with creative minds, but we love hearing our customer’s ideas too! This one was brought to us by agent Marilyn O’Donoghue, member of the RJ Soens Group at Long & Foster Avalon NJ. Marilyn approached HomeJab with an imaginative idea. This real estate video is a take on The Most Interesting Man commercials that we all have come to know. Marilyn decided to take that general idea and create The Most Interesting House! In this video, we combined our virtual staging with a carefully scripted voiceover. Our editing team also added in written captions. The grand finale ends with The Most Interesting House’s selling agent: Marilyn wearing shades and delivering a solid one-liner. This real estate video is enviable and we bet Marilyn’s phone has been ringing off the hook!

Agent: Marilyn O’Donoghue

4) Before and After

Not all homes are ready to be listed right away. A lot of homes are in need of full rehabs. One of our favorite things is when our agents request a before and after video. The renovations and changes are often hard to believe. We love to see the real transformations that our customers create. This one is especially incredible. This home was rehabbed by listing agent Takeisha Jones of Austin, and surrounding areas, Texas. She is often transforming homes and we always look forward to her before and afters. Check out the shocking transformation.

Agent: Takeisha Jones

5) Perfect Teaser

What we love about this one is the ability to pack in the best part of the two home models in a short amount of time. We often recommend our short teaser videos. They are perfect for all social media platforms and still show off the best parts of your listing. By adding in their logo and the names of the model homes, this teaser becomes an ideal marketing tool. This teaser was created for the Schaeffer Family Homes, New Jersey home builders. Our editing team added in voiceover, which helps the viewer learn even more about the models in a short period of time. Essentially this teaser was able to pack in everything needed and necessary. This one was a huge success.

Builders: Schaeffer Family Homes

Have an idea? Contact us to discuss!

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HomeJabThe Best Real Estate Videos of 2017

5 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Real Estate Photography

The home buying process can be a confusing and stressful time. This is especially true for first-time homebuyers. Like any major purchase or change in your life, research is important. It is always best to read and learn as much as possible prior to diving into a huge life change. The end outcome is always worth it. You will have a place to call your home.

Here are 5 helpful tips for any first-time homebuyer:

Get Organized

Buying a home is huge purchase so, of course it will involve paperwork. It is best to get as organized as possible. Get together all your financial information and organize it so you can easily find any requested paperwork. 

Besides needing to organize your personal belongings, be prepared to receive paperwork as well. Get a folder, get some sticky notes and file any and everything given to you. You don’t know when you may need to go back and reference something.  This will greatly reduce your stress. 

Organize and check all of your personal information. Do you know your credit score right now? There are plenty of completely free monitoring sites. Get yourself signed up to one before plunging into your home search.

Real Estate Photography - Office

Trust Your Broker

After getting yourself organized, you will have a clearer understanding of your bills and financial standing. Running out to the first open house isn’t necessarily the best next option. You need to have a clear understanding of how much you can spend on a home. This is when you get prequalified. Speak to a broker about your finances and they will help find a the budget you need to stay within.

Getting prequalified is the easy part. Once you are under contract with a home the mortgage process begins. This is why your broker will play one of the most important roles in your home buying process. If you go to a large bank the possibility of getting bounced around from different people and receiving unclear answers are pretty high.

If you go to a smaller local business you can personally meet your broker. They can help explain all the fees and details to you. They are there to find a mortgage that works for you, not the bank. If something feels off, it is. I felt most comfortable after finding RateJab. I knew my personal broker by first name and I received the best mortgage that I qualified for.

This may be one of the biggest loans you ever take out, why would you not want to be confident in the person helping you through this?


Be Prepared for Disappointment

When you tell others you are looking to purchase your first home, you will be greeted with a ton of “how exciting!” comments. The process can actually be disappointing in certain cases. There are an overwhelming amount of times that a contract falls through. 

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to a home. An inspection can find major and expensive structural issues. There is nothing stopping the seller from refusing to fix things and leaving you to make the emotional decision to break away from the home. This process is long and anything can happen such as a fire, natural disaster, or a reason to break the contract.

Be prepared that the first home you fall in love with may not end up being yours. The ninth home you fall in love with may not end up being yours either.

Real Estate Photography

No Large Purchases 

You are already in the process of one of the biggest purchases in your life, so keep your wallet closed. When it seems like everything will be smooth sailing, don’t run out to open that second credit card to purchase the modern sofa you saw at your local trendy furniture store. Unless the major purchase is absolutely and completely necessary in your life, just be patient and wait it out until after closing.

Your credit score will be pulled prior to closing and you run the risk of changing your debt to income ratio. This could jeopardize the home becoming yours. No large purchase is worth risking losing the home of your dreams for.

Real Estate Photography

It’s Okay to Argue

This one might sound odd, but I wish someone had told me to be more confident. Will all of your demands be met? No. Will some of them? Maybe. It is always worth trying to argue for anything you feel should be done prior to closing, the price, or contract details. Do not let the seller or seller’s agent bully you into any decision. Explain your demands to your agent, get their advice and go for it. You may have to settle on some things, but it’s always worth trying. The fact that this is your first time does not make your opinion and demands any less important.

Real Estate Photography

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HomeJab5 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

November’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes

real estate photos

A perfect recipe for a home exists. It is not solely the size, the features, or the details, but a balanced mixture of them all. We love to share all the incredible homes we get the pleasure of photographing, but we love even more to see what you like most. This is a must-see list of some of the top real estate.

Here is a roundup of the 5 most liked on our social media platforms during the month of November:

#1: The Grand Entrance

This stunning 6-bedroom 5 and a half bathroom takes first place. It’s easy to fall in love with this impressive home. It screams elegance and beauty. It’s most incredible feature is the entrance into the grand foyer. With the double stairs and hardwood floors, it is fit for a queen to make their big debut. We can’t help but reminisce scenes from Titantic or The Princess Diaries. Any real estate obsessor can easily see why our social media followers were quick to like this. Located in Chadds Ford, PA.

Listing Agent: Thomas Greer

#2: The “Buckingham Palace” on Buckingham Lane

Welcome to your home dreams come to life. This gorgeous piece of real estate is full of endless features. Besides the obvious appeal of a spacious 4-bedroom 4 bathroom home, it has a ton to offer. This North Wales, PA property features a full kitchen that includes an extra large island and tons of cabinetry. Not sold yet? This home has a fireplace, an oversized gathering area, tons of closet space, a full in law suite and even an organic garden in the backyard. I mean, what does this home not have?

Listing Agent: Pat Tranzilli

#3: The Custom Built Dream

Locating in Georgia, this home has been custom built and is located on a private lot. It features 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Imagine, each family member having their own room and bathroom! The architectural design is truly unique and enough to turn anyone into a real estate lover. The added built in bookshelves are convenient and a beautiful touch. The best feature of this stunning home is the enormous dressing room. Styled with a vanity and tons of closet space. Any clothing fanatic would be in heaven here. Last, but not least, it is impossible to be bored here. You will find a gym, a pool table room, a swimming pool and two tennis courts. Yes, we said two.

Listing Agent: Susan Myers

#4: Theater Room Romantic

Any home with a water view is automatically awesome, but what if we said this home not only has a water view but mountain view too? Drooling? So are we. With all these breathtaking views, you’d wonder why anyone would spend time inside. Well, this home includes a very great reason to be indoors. The theater room is one of the most spectacular we have seen yet. The rest of the home is equally as incredible. It competes well with the other top homes listed in when it comes to space, featuring 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Bonus points for the wine cellar, huge bar and grand windows. Located in Leesburg, Virginia.

Listing Agent: Marlene Baugh

#5: Minimalist Master

We’re so glad this one made this list. This fantastic two bedroom New Jersey home is able to accomplish that perfect home recipe, just on a smaller scale. It certainly gives the larger homes above a run for their money. It is quaint, modern and extremely desirable. With a ton of minimalistic details, this home is every modern obsessive person’s dream. This home features details such as a TV mounted onto a slate wall, mounted track lighting and step in closets. Move aside mansions, this chic home is hard to resist. Located in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Listing Agent: Brandon Budda


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HomeJabNovember’s Most ‘Liked’ Homes