End of Open Houses

Real estate descriptions always say the property is “gorgeous” but when you get there, it can be disappointing.  With HomeJab’s real estate video tours, buyers are able to “visit” a home without an open house.

With quality videos like this why do we need open houses?

What about virtual tours?  There are two kinds.  The first is the animated slide show of photos.  Of course, this should be avoided at all costs.  Why would a buyer want to see the same photos they just scrolled through? Adding in stock footage of the area and computerized voice overs don’t make it any better.

The second kind of virtual tour is generated with a special $4,000 camera that rotates 360 degrees. We have seen this before as early as the 90s.  Buyers click around to different parts of the home and then spin around on an axis.  Is this really supposed to feel like you are naturally walking through a home?

The most exciting kind of digital media that does not have widespread use yet in real estate is 3D virtual technology using a headset like the Oculus Rift.  Watch the first few minutes of this video and you will see why.

Until the cost of this type of technology goes down dramatically, video tours will rule.  For more information on HomeJab’s video tour technology, please contact us or visit HomeJab.com.     

HomeJabEnd of Open Houses

Buy your Dream Home

We are on a mission to find the best homes for sale in America!  All across the country, HomeJab is partnering with your city’s top real estate agents to film the best homes for sale.  You will never have to visit another open house again!  

Our cameras are “floating” through the home to give you the best experience without having to leave your couch.  Check out our latest video in Orlando, FL…

Find your dream home today.

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HomeJabBuy your Dream Home

Finally. Home Loans, on your terms.

Get a quick quote with no hidden fees, complete your application online, and enjoy a quick close.

ProgramRatePointsAPRClosing Costs
30 Year Fixed3.750%$0.003.789%Click Here
25 Year Fixed3.750%$0.003.789%Click Here
20 Year Fixed3.625%$0.003.699%Click Here
15 Year Fixed3.125%$0.003.199%Click Here
10 Year Fixed3.000%$0.003.089%Click Here
7 Year ARM3.375%$0.003.399%Click Here
5 Year ARM3.250%$0.003.299%Click Here

Our mortgage rates are the lowest in the industry with no points and no hidden fees.  We also offer options to close your loan with no closing costs.  

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HomeJabFinally. Home Loans, on your terms.

Mortgage Rates Extremely Low Today

Mortgage rates have taken a nose dive over the past week as 30 year fixed rate mortgages drop to 3.625% and 15 year loans fall to 2.990% for the first time in the past two years. 

What is causing the drop in rates?  

Lower than expected retails sales numbers have been a contributing factor, but also recent terrorist attacks abroad are causing significant turmoil for the economy in the short term.  

In the long term, technology is playing a role in keeping rates low.  More than ever before, retail banks are competing with online mortgage brokers like HomeJab who use technology to make the process more efficient.  By bypassing the banks, consumers can close loans with fewer costs and lower interest rates.  

HomeJab allows borrowers to lock in the best mortgage deals online without having to call a bank or speak with an annoying sales person.   Mortgages are approved in less than two days and you can contact our support team 24/7.  

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HomeJabMortgage Rates Extremely Low Today

Mortgage Industry Enters a New Age

The dirty little secret in Real Estate?  Large bureaucracies and outdated labor models are responsible for large costs in homebuyers’ mortgages.

“I spent 2 years working with a bank and it was the most ridiculous, inefficient system of all time.  More than half the people working there do nothing all day.  There is a lot of waste in the mortgage industry”, says HomeJab founder, Joe Jesuele.   

The good news – it does not have to be that way.  Today, mortgages can be processed online and sold directly to the wholesale market, completely bypassing the entire retail banking industry.  All you need is a copy of your tax returns and a good internet connection.

In the old days, people would have to visit their stock broker in order to buy shares.  Today, people buy and sell stock online in minutes.  Finally, mortgage regulators are waking up and allowing online tech companies to enter the mortgage industry.  This is blowing up the entire banking system!  

Here is what the big banks do not want you to know….    

At HomeJab, you have direct access to the wholesale mortgage market.  These are the guys that the banks sell loans to.  By cutting out the middle man, you get lower rates, lower closing costs and faster closings. The entire loan process can be done online and you are not bothered by annoying telemarketers and sales people.  

More About Us:

Founded in 2012, the HomeJab Mortgage Marketplace is an online community connecting consumers with trusted mortgage professionals. Our site provides an easy to use search engine where consumers can tap into a proven network of loan consultants to seek expert advice in choosing the right loan product.

The HomeJab Mortgage Marketplace allows home buyers instant access to finding the right lender with the lowest rates for any situation.

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HomeJabMortgage Industry Enters a New Age

Refinance Online in 3 Easy Steps


Choose your rate

Start by choosing the best interest rate. Enter your information and receive a custom online quote with your new rate and payment.  

Complete your application

Use HomeJab’s online application and receive your approval within 24 hours.  You can now lock your rate and schedule your appraisal. 

Close your loan.

HomeJab will process your loan and set up the closing in 3 weeks or less.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your new, lower payments! 


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HomeJabRefinance Online in 3 Easy Steps

Advantages of Buying a Home

Advantages of Buying a Home

For many, owning a home is the American dream.  It can also be the largest financial transaction of your life and, if you do it right, there are many advantages.  Here are the big ones:

Building Equity Over Time

Unlike renters, homeowners build equity over time. On most mortgages, a portion of each monthly payment goes toward the loan’s interest. The remainder pays down its principal. (Your lender’s amortization schedule shows the exact proportions, which change over time, for each month’s payment.) Every dollar you put toward your loan’s principal represents a dollar of equity – actual ownership of the property. Once you reach 20% equity, or 80% LTV, you can tap that equity through a home equity loan or refinance your mortgage to secure a lower interest rate or longer repayment window.

You can also boost your home’s value, and thus lower your LTV, through judicious investments in home improvement. For instance, the home my wife and I recently purchased has only a rutted dirt driveway with a small shed at the end. Paving the driveway and building a proper detached garage in place of the shed would substantially increase the property’s functionality and curb appeal, potentially boosting its value by an amount greater than the project’s total cost.

Tax Benefits

Several tax benefits cater exclusively to homeowners, though not all homeowners qualify for all benefits. These are the most notable:

  • Homestead Exemption. Many states exempt owner-occupied homes (homesteads) from a portion of the property tax burden that would normally accrue. For instance, Louisiana exempts the first $75,000 of a home’s value from property tax assessments, so a $200,000 home in New Orleans is taxed as if it were worth $125,000.
  • Federal Tax Deductions. If you itemize your federal income taxes, you can deduct your property taxes and the interest paid on your mortgage, reducing your overall income tax burden (often substantially). This particularly benefits those in higher tax brackets.

These benefits aren’t available to renters.

Potential for Rental Income

Even if you don’t initially think of your home as an investment property, you can turn it into a source of income. This can partially or totally offset your mortgage, tax, and insurance payments on it.

The easiest way to do this is by renting out part or all of the property, provided you follow all local rental property laws. You might rent out a basement bedroom to a friend, live in one unit of a duplex and rent out the other to strangers, or purchase and move into a second home, leaving your entire property free to rent. You can also plunge into the sharing economy and take in short-term renters via Airbnb, VRBO, or another house-sharing platform.

More Creative Freedom

As a homeowner, your decorating, DIY project, and home improvement choices answer to no one, provided they don’t break local building codes or violate homeowners’ association rules. You can paint walls, add new bathroom fixtures, update your kitchen, finish your basement, or build a patio or deck to your heart’s content.

Radically changing your living environment to suit your whims is a fun, and even cathartic aspect of homeownership – and generally, it’s not available to renters.

Sense of Belonging and Community

Since homeowners tend to stay in their homes for longer than renters, they’re more likely to put down roots in their communities. This manifests in many ways. You might join a local neighborhood association, sponsor block parties or National Nights Out, volunteer at a nearby community center, join a school group, or align with a business improvement district. As a renter, you might not do any of those things, particularly if you know you may be moving in a year or two.

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HomeJabAdvantages of Buying a Home