To sell your house during the coronavirus pandemic, you need to adapt to the world of virtual real estate. Don’t panic! Buyers are already tuned into online real estate: Eighty-four percent of home buyers used the internet to search for homes in 2019, according to the National Association of Realtors. Now, HomeJab can help you list your home on the market and get qualified buyers quickly! Here are 5 insider tips for selling your home during the coronavirus pandemic:

1. Digitize Your Home Tours With Virtual Showings

Virtual home tours are a perfect example of the possibilities of real estate tech with social distancing in mind. For example, HomeJab uses telecommunication apps like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Skype  to show your house without risking anyone’s health.  Buyers can now use these applications to experience HomeJab 3D virtual walkthroughs. 

With screen sharing apps, we can see what the buyer sees from their home computer and answer any questions that they have in real time. Of course, the added benefit to this is that only truly interested buyers will need to physically tour your home, which is a win for social distancing.

2. Sky’s the Limit: Use Aerial Videos to Tour the Neighborhood

More than 40 percent of all home buyers want to see more information about the neighborhood from individual online home listings, according to the National Association of Realtors. Take your tour to the next level with a bird’s-eye view of the house and neighborhood in a convenient HomeJab video package. We know that interior 3D views can be impressive, but they don’t speak to the nuances of the neighborhood and surroundings.

Our drone technology is a safe, stunning, and effortless way to show how the home fits into the big picture of the neighborhood. With HomeJab’s aerial video equipment, we can shoot video footage in high definition, soaring 100 to 400 feet above the property.

3. The Quality of Your Visuals Should Be Good, Not Too Good to Be True

Anyone can use photo editing tricks to make online home listings look better than they actually do, with greener grass and cleaner carpets, but that won’t get you the sale you need. Not only does over-editing lead to mistrust in real estate, it attracts misguided buyers who have high hopes for the too-good-to-be-true listing, not what you are actually showing.   HomeJab keeps unnecesasry editing to a minimum.  We focus on making the natural features of your property stand out. This is one reason we use HDR photography at HomeJab: It’s a true-to-life take on real estate photography.

4. Physical Inspection Tips: Better Safe Than Sorry

There are some parts of the home buying and selling processes that must be done in person, so this is where you will need to take extra physical precaution. Providing a safe and clean space for home inspectors, appraisers, and photographers is not just a smart precaution— It’s a moral obligation during these unprecedented times!  HomeJab uses this list of guidelines from the CDC on cleaning and disinfecting your home before any scheduled assessments, and for any meetings that must be handled in person.

5. E-Seal the Deal With Virtual Closings

Internet communication is one size fits most, with the majority of homeowners and potential buyers looking for homes online. Every property listing will be unique, but the majority of documents required for selling homes can be transferred online, from the title, to mortgage documents, and closing agreements. We can even help you safely wire transfer funds to you from your lucky buyer! Physical checks aren’t necessary.

Sell Your Home with No Real Estate Commissions

The best part is that everything we offer is free to homeowners.  HomeJab charges no real estate commissions.  Please click below to get more info on our free home selling process. 

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