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3 Steps for Successful Real Estate Video Campaigns

Promoting videos on social networks like Facebook has proven to be a great investment for real estate agents looking to stand out.  Realtors that use videos in their marketing have seen better name recognition from consumers on a local level as well as better SEO online.

The best part of video marketing – it’s cheap and easy!  Real estate agents can post videos on Facebook and receive a great ROI for just $5 per day.  Here is how you can do it…

1. Upload Your Video File

When you order a real estate video with HomeJab, we provide you with a link to download the video file.  This can be saved to your computer and uploaded as a post on Facebook.

Within the last six months, Facebook has made drastic changes to how their videos play in your News Feed.  If a post contains a video uploaded to Facebook, the post will start to play automatically as people scroll through their News Feed (on desktop, tablet or mobile) significantly increasing the click-through rate of your post while reducing the cost per view.

2. Run a Targeted Campaign

Running a successful promotion on Facebook is all about having a very targeted advertisement.  In other words, you should be promoting your posts to audiences of less than 10,000.  Choose specific age groups, demographics, interests and income levels to only send your marketing message to the people most likely to be buying or selling real estate now.

The following video ad runs only to women living within a 25 mile radius of Austin, TX that have indicated online that they are “Likely to move” within the next 3-6 months.

targeted ads

3. Test at $5 per Day

There is no need to spend a lot of money in the beginning.  You can test out a video ad on Facebook for an investment of only $5 per day.  Over the course of several weeks, a study conducted by HomeJab indicated that video views can be achieved for as low as $0.03.  With these numbers, real estate agents can promote themselves without having to break the bank.  For example, an ad spend of only $30 will typically generate 1,000 views!

Here are the actual results on Facebook of a real estate video ad that received almost 3,000 views for a total investment of only $80!

facebook results

Hire HomeJab For Free

For those that are not too tech savvy, the folks at HomeJab can manage your video promotion for free.  We will upload your HomeJab video to Facebook and manage the campaign for you.  We will then send you a weekly report showing the results of your ad spend with suggestions on how to improve.  The minimum cost is only $5 per day and you can end the campaign at any time.   Or, increase your daily ad spend to scale your business FAST today!

Click here to contact us with any questions or get started today by purchasing a professional real estate video from HomeJab for only $175 per property.

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