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First, let’s be clear:  the virtual tours we are referring to are not slideshows of photos (i.e. TourFactory, Obeo, Circlepix, etc.).  Those should obviously never be used. The virtual tours we are referring to are the ones shot with a panoramic “3D” camera like this:

Today’s virtual tours show off some cool technology, but they tend to feel clunky and the viewer is forced to spin in a circle to view, what is essentially, just panoramic photos.  Most consumers, if given the choice, would prefer to watch streaming videos than have to click through a 3D rendering.   This way, they can just sit back and not have to do anything.  If filmed properly, walk-through video footage is the most realistic presentation of a home.  Video tours are produced by real filmmakers that provide an artistic touch and a more “real-life” feel to the viewer.

Virtual tours are also hard to distribute while the demand for online video is exploding.  Consumers are very comfortable streaming video on all devices using trusted brands like Facebook and YouTube or watching embedded videos in blogs just like this…

Two more reasons why videos are better than virtual tours are price and time.  Virtual tour cameras are more expensive and the shoot takes a lot more time.  It can take 30 minutes or more to properly shoot 1 room for a virtual tour.  On the other hand, an entire video tour for a single family home can be filmed in 45 minutes or less.

The last reason videos are better – aerial footage.  Is there a better way to show off the area than a video like this?

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