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HomeJab consistently stays on top of the newest technology available. We are always brewing up new ideas to help your listings stand out among the rest. That is why we are now offering 360 interactive videos. 360 video combines the best of both worlds. It is the baby of 3D and a standard walk-through. Our 360 videos give you the ability to click play and take the tour of the home free of interaction. Though, for those that prefer the video to be interactive and like to study each nook and cranny of the home, it provides this ability as well. Click and look around the room while the tour plays or pause it and take a peek at everything. The best part? It’s way affordable.

Multiple Viewing Choices

First, the most obvious benefit of a 360 video tour is the ability to fit multiple needs of potential homebuyers. This widens the amount of potential views and interested homebuyers. Our 360 tour can be played without any interaction whatsoever. If the viewer prefers to let a video play, then they can simply hit play and watch. No interaction is required. Though, a viewer also has the choice to stop the video at any time to pan around the room. That’s not the only time you can interact though, the viewer can pan around the room as the video plays. The 360 video is giving you two different options, but for only one price.

Watch the user experience below:

User Friendly

Since the person viewing has two choices, it makes it a lot easier for less technology inclined viewers to watch. The interaction is not required and a viewer can simply press play. This differs from tours that are made for VR or require interaction. VR can be hard for some people, as it requires a headset most of the time. Headsets are not widely used in homes yet. Additionally, if a tour is only interactive it may become confusing and overwhelming. Choosing an interactive video can please a much larger audience than only one of the counterparts and more people viewing your listing is always beneficial.

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Newest Technology

Staying on top of the newest technology out there not only gives you leverage on your competition, but helps build your brand as well. Potential clients will notice your listings and can see who stands out. This would make your name memorable and lead to more clients. Your homeowners will be impressed when they see their home in 360 views and will know they are in expert hands. Additionally, this would look great during a listing presentation. It would be something other agents have not shown them yet.

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Quick Appointment

Asking a homeowner to clear their entire schedule can be both tricky and inconvenient. The homeowner already has to find time to prep their home, so when the appointment time comes the last thing you want to do is make it long and stressful. There may be certain situations where leaving the house is close to impossible or they can only for a very short amount of time. 360 video is one of the quickest appointments you can have. A 360 scan can take minutes as opposed to a 3D scan, which takes several hours. You can have the photographer in and out with barely any bother to you and the homeowner. We understand that life is still going on when someone is selling their home, and want to make your appointment quick, professional, friendly, and of course easy.

Save Time


3D scans are based on the square footage of the listing. The larger the property, the more money you have to pay for a 3D scan. When it comes to 360 real estate videos, it is one flat price. The price never changes based on the size of the home. This can help you manage your budget and always stay on top of it. No listing will ever put you in a position where you have to choose between your wallet and listing the home properly. Don’t change the fantastic way you list because of pricing. Choosing 360 video guarantees to put your listing in the best light possible.



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